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Three Kingdoms Online (TKO) Specific Information about Constructions by sunnycheering

The level of a Library directly impact on your science and technology upgrading speed, the higher Library the less time required to complete the same scientific and technological research (such as attack, defense, etc.).
Technologies in Library were to improve the transport speed, carrying capacity , and different from other countries. technology of national characteristics need to research one time. Carrying amount can be upgraded to a maximum of level 20. The higher level science and technology, the higher carrying capacity. Research time in Library is linked with Library level. When Library broken down, the technology researched exist but other researching time has no saving any more.

Command Center
You can check your military information in the Command Center, and all the military actions are ordered from here. When upgraded to level 10, you can choose a building except City Wall and Hidden Warehouse for direct attack.

Market can be used in exchange for resources.Players can exchange resourses with others. Players can also use 19 gold to get help from Black Market which can ensure total amount of resources unchanged, change in the specific amount of resources of each according to your needs. Players can also set restrictions on the transportation through which the setting can prevent someone malicious to your transportation resources, etc. And the system won’t mistakenly believe that you violate the rules of the game.

Career Center
Career Center is a place where players recruiting heros. to upgrade Career Center can increase the maximum of the number of oases you can take, but also can improve the city’s general hero limit. (Epic hero not affected by this limit).
Career House can refresh 2 heros every 24 hours, using Basic search refresh 2 heros and Advanced search refresh 10.

Governor’s House
It’s the place for dealing with city affairs and heroes of this city can be appointed as governor. You can also view the city construction, using orders, Inspect the city, Impose tax and so on. Governor’s House could upgraded to a maximum five.

Hidden Warehouse
Hidden Warehouse in Wei and Shu has a maximum capacity 1000 at level 10 each, while in Wu the amount is 2000. But Emperor’s Order and Bronze Shovel can make it 5 times more.

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