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Three Kingdoms Online Frequently Asked Questions by wang.3127844

  • Q:Why am I unable to build a new city,as the error message states I have 1 pioneer when I have 3??

A:You can check your bunker,They are probably in the bunker based on previous experience.(If you can see the soldier in Garrison list,but you can’t use them.Check this.)

  • Q:Sent three pioneers to build a city in an empty space and now they have disapeared.Why??

A:The 3 poineer will disappear after they built a new city.

  • Q:Why does my building time show wrong??

A:You can see the building process in Governor’s House.That shows the right time.

  • Q:how do i get vouchers? an how do i check if i have them??

A:The gift voucher is awarded in some activities.You can see it in Mall–>Free trial.

  • Q:my friend push an “exile” menu in local hero, and now both of my heroes are disappear.How can i call them back ?

A:You can’t call them back,just recruit new heroes.

  • Q:Wanted to donate my 400 silk (it asked for 388) and then system demanded 12 gold to complete the quest.Why???

A:In the donate materials page, click the “Donate” button, not the “Tribute” button which will demand you 12 gold.

  • Q:my hero has already been challenged 16 times.Why??

A:The hero may be challenged more than 10 times.But only the first 10challenges started by the opponent affect hero’s reputation.

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