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Hi Newb, before you spam the forum with similar questions, you better read some FAQ below written by another newb. I’ve been playing this game for a month, now a level 29 Assasination at Capricorn, with descent equipment. I’ve been through the pain so I wrote this faq/guide so you newb won’t experience the same failure as I did . Now listen carefully!

Heroes of kungfu is a very well-thought, well-built game that makes leveling up very balance, steady, not boring and not wasting your ‘must-be-doing-homework’ time. There is no such thing as PowerLVL here, so stop asking. The only way to level up here is:

1. Quest/Task: This is the task you’ll get by talking to NPC around the world of HOKF. Note: you can still do kill monster for quest WITHOUT ENERGY. So make sure to finish all of your energy through PRACTICING before doing quest/task.

2. Daily Task: the tasks you can get in your capital at TASK building. They give very small amount of exp/coins, but new 4 tasks are available every 2 hours. So if you are really skipping sleep, you can get like up to 48,000 Exp (on lvl 20-30) and 100k coins. ALWAYS ‘auto’ them!

3. Practicing: a very nice feature of the game. Apparently the developer of HOKF hates grinding!. So when you have energy, always waste them to do practicing. Always practice at a monster 3 level above you for maximum EXP gain. Equip any item that has ‘opportunity to get advance items %’ before practicing. Eat MONKEY BRAIN for bonus exp (I have a guide for this. Keep reading)

4. Training: Have no energy? No quest/task? Do Training!. The feature is available at Lobby of your capital. I like to set on training before going to sleep. Training costs coin, so be wise, you can stop your training and gain some exp but your money will not be partially returned.

5. Slavery: on lvl 20, you can beat someone at arena and enslave them. By having slaves, they’ll work for you and produce exp overtime. When you enslave someone, always torture them (for 500exp), and comfort them (for 2000exp). You have 5 chance to enslave every day, when you still have this chance remaining, free your current slave, enslave another, torture&comfort;, and so on. By Doing this, you can get up to 20k exp a day.

6. Honor: you’ll get through fighting at arena. Honor can be exchanged to ‘clear mind’ that gives some exp. Remember: ALWAYS FIGHT THOSE ONE RANK ABOVE YOU. Some newbs are too big headed that they think they are uber strong so they fight those 5-6 rank higher. The point is, the faster you jump up at the arena, the tougher your enemy is, the harder to win, the lesser honor you get. Make sure you always take 15 chances at arena a day.

7. NEVER EVER NEVER GRINDING: grinding is a term used on online game in where you are required to kill same monster hundreds or thousands item so you’ll get exp and items. This old-fashioned way doesn’t work at HOKF. Don’t skip your school, abandon your girlfriend for grinding at the game. The 5 way of level up above is more then enough to level you up pretty fast without having bored.

You’ll get monkey brain through monster drops (very rarely), event bonus, mentorship, apprenticeship or buy using point. The monkey brain gives you 30% exp for 3 hours. Now, how to effectively use the infamous monkey brain through PRACTICING?

1. locate the monster you are going to practice with (remember, has to be 3 level higher!)
2. Equip your item that has ‘opportunity to get advance item %’

3. Right click to activate monkey brain effect

4. Click on practice, set to 24. Your practice will be finished in 1 hour 12 minutes.

5. Meanwhile, do your homework, take a nap or whatever but return after 1 hour 12 minutes

6. Done practicing? Quickly check your item, appraise them, sell craps.

7. Again, do another 24 energy practice. Another 1 hour 12 minutes

8. by doing so, you have spent about 2 hour 30 minutes, you still have 30 minutes monkey brain effect

9. Do another practice, this time set to only amount of energy, that will only spend 25 minutes of practice

10. Having done above, you’ll probably left with 2-3 minutes of monkey brain effect. Now, do another 24 energy practice, your monkey brain effect will wear off but the exp gain will remain the same. Nice huh?

11. By doing that, you’ll spend about 80 energy a day with maximum effect of monkey brain.

Are those equipment that gives:

1. either one of +4 agility, +4 strength, +4 constitution (max bonus for lvl 15-30 item)

2. For dagger user, its necessary to get those item that gives extra attack + 3

3. For spear/sword user, its necessary to get those item that gives extra attack + 4%

4. A good combination of bonus. For example: +4 agility, 1% dodge.

5. A purple item with crappy bonus are craps: For example 1% dodge, +1 agility, +1 strength. A blue item with +4 agility, 1% dodge is better in this case. However, keep the crappy purple item, and refresh those bonus using purple jade if you have some.


Just check them every one hour when you get a chance. They sometime sell items with descent bonus! I got my lvl 29 belt with +4 constitution, +3 extra attack through ARMOR Store.

Above FAQ might be incomplete but I’ll update sometimes when I get knowledge into the game. Cheers!


When you see blinking gift box on top menu of the game, that means there is a bonus gift for ya!. Always receive them, they’ll not be expired but I guess no one should leave those fancy bonus unreceived right? My friend left like 8 bonus pack unreceived until he reach lvl 20ish haha

Inflamez’s Ultimate Newbie Guide lvl 1-30

 Yep. This is the ultimate newbie guide.

Class Choice.
Best to read about it first before you decide what you want. You can play around with the stats and at level 10, you’ll be given a free re-stat. Make sure you read about the different classes at http://hokf.wiki-site.com/index.php/Guide_to_character_creation

Weapon and Armor Set Choice
Up to level 30, you’ll see many Grey, Green, Blue and Purple equipment. The unique ones would be

Orange but screw that first.

  • Gray – no bonus stat
  • Green – 1 bonus stat
  • Blue – 2 bonus stat
  • Purple – 3 bonus stat

In your armor set, try to look for minimum Green Eq with HP stat. If you can get Blue or Purple eq good.

You’ll read a whole load of crap in this forum telling you to get this and that. It matters not about the various stats. You only need 2 stats for low level equipment.

1) HP (10 and above)
2) Extra Attack

  • You will find Green/Blue/Purple 2 socket equipments along the way, or you can try checking at the shops for the equipment (no purple in shops)
  • Along the way you’ll pick up various junk like +2 agi +2 con +2 str and so on. These u can refine into the equipment at the workshop. Don’t keep as it is useless just use it straight away.
  • So basically 1 socket to insert in the random +2 items you pick up, and the 2nd socket, you can buy the 10 def stone from the material shop and insert it in. That’s it. Your armor set is done.

As for weapon, look for Green/Blue/Purple weapon. Doesn’t really matter much as long as one of the stat has Extra attack. Most importantly, look for a weapon with min 2 sockets. You can add in
1) Extra attack stone
2) +2 agi/str/con whatever else stone.

Everyone will received a uber level 25 weapon so don’t bother much about weapon choice.

Beginning Tutorial
When you start the game, follow the tutorial closely. Seriously if you can’t do it, Quit the game. I didn’t do only one of the tutorial. To use the 30% monkey brain. My spider sense told me to keep it. I saved that for later on.
So i don’t know the reward you get if u used it. Anyway i would appreciate if someone can update me on that part.

The rest of the guide will assume you went through the newbie tutorial quests implemented in the game.


Find a mentor. You’ll get 100 points(to be explained later) if u become an apprentice within 3 hrs of starting the game.
Move your mouse to the bottom left of the screen and click on the icon that reads “Sociality”, and then click on the “Mentorship” to open the “Mentorship” page.  You may then choose a mentor and apply for mentorship in order to gain guidance throughout the game, you will also receive rich prizes as well.

You need energy to train. You can store max 200 energy. Everyday at 8am server time, you’ll get 90 energy. So make sure you don’t have more than 110 energy left. Under level 20, do not waste any 15/30% exp monkey brain. Save it.

Quests can wait. Make sure your energy is fully used up first.

Routine to use energy.
1) Practice with mobs 3 levels higher than you all the time. One full practice will eat up 24 energy. Always check your temporary pocket to see what items you received while practicing. Always appraise unappraised items. You might get lucky.
2) Use 80 energy on practice
3) Save 10 energy for mount hangu (MH) challenge (you’ll understand this later)
4) Once you have 0 energy, start doing quests .

Learning /Teaching
Stuff to do before you go sleep. Nothing much to say here really.

Quests and Tasks
You’ll receive quests to do at every level. Make sure to complete these after your energy is 0. If you don’t waste your energy doing quests, you’ll always level up at least 1x a day.
As for tasks, the only task that won’t waste your energy is the Dialogue task. As for the other tasks, Fight & Collection, when you accept the quest, click auto to “Entrust” to get it done automatically for you. This way you don’t have to do it yourself and you don’t waste energy. Every “Entrust” takes 30 mins to complete. You can do 20 max tasks in a day, 4 every 2 hrs, so try to do more Fight type tasks to get more exp. Tasks refreshes every 2 hrs so there’s more than enough time to complete it all.

Go ahead play with it. From level 1-19 you cannot become slave so do not be afraid of losing. The important thing here is to get honor points. Winning and losing will give you honor points so don’t waste it. You can do arena 15 times a day. If you don’t wanna rank up in the arena but still want your honor points, just make sure you lose 15 times a day.
When you reach level 20, then you do your arena beating one enemy at a time. Make sure the players around you are players at your level or lower. If you rank up too fast in the arena, you’ll end up being surrounded by players stronger than you are and if they are within 5 levels higher than you, they will enslave you easily.
There’s a bug in this game where players more than 5 levels above you can whip you easily. Yea even if you have maximised your refine level you will lose. So make sure you challenge players maximum 4 levels above you.

Beauty Cards you should aim to get early

We start as Vigilante, and as we gain reputation we upgrade to Lead Cap and then Warrior and E.Warrior and so on. It is important you do not gain reputation to upgrade beyond Warrior..
Every position has its own arena. So warriors will only fight others with warrior rank and e.warriors will only fight others with e.warrior rank.

Most of you have no idea what Beauty Cards are at this stage. Neither did i too but i had awesome guild members who guided me well. These cards have different type of bonuses you can activate once you have collected the full set.
There’s a full guide for it here : http://forum.webmmo.com/viewthre … &extra;=page%3D1.

Why you should not level up your reputation fast is because of one of the card’s requirement.

+Gorgeus = After activation, you can initiate 2 more challenges in Arena today. The number of battles today in the arena will be reduced by 2 times.
-{Village Girl} Raven = Arena consecutive win reaches:10
-{Village Girl} Haley = Arena consecutive win reaches:30
-{Village Girl} Hammi = Arena consecutive win reaches:50
-{Village Girl} Yuki = Arena consecutive win reaches:100

-{Palace Girl} Darcy = Arena total win reaches:500
-{Palace Girl} Jules = Arena total win reaches:1,000

Logically speaking, if you’re new and you’re joining a server where there’s so many stronger players, how are you gonna get 10,30,50,100 consecutive wins in the arena ? The only way to do this is by keeping your reputation low and fight it out with other newbies in the lower ranked arenas.

Since we’re talking about card requirements, when you reach level 20, you must get this card too. It is easy to achieve and you can activate it everyday when you need to practice. 15% exp is a lot. WARNING : 15%/30% MONKEY BRAIN DOES NOT STACK WITH THIS CARD.

+Dainty = The experience gained by killing NPC will be increased by 15% within 3 hours after activation.
-{Village Girl} Kammy = First win in arena
-{Village Girl} Susan = First time to complete a daily task
-{Village Girl} Chun Li = Level reaches 20
-{Village Girl} Diane = Position reaches Warrior
-{Village Girl} Jane = Reach the top floor in Mount Hangu
-{Palace Girl} Becky = First time to capture a slave

As long as you meet the requirement, you will get the card automatically.

Mount Hangu (MH) quest
This will probably be your hardest quest to complete at this stage because you need ppl to help you tank the mobs and the boss. The server resets tasks, instances (to do MH and others), arena battles at 12 midnight server time everyday). Everyday you can only do 2 instances only. The first instance requires 10 energy while the 2nd instance requires 10 energy and 10 gold (most ppl don’t do it). Which is why the best time to ask for MH team is right after server refresh. That’s the best time to ask for help.

MH is actually part of a long list of dungeon challenges at Hangu Pass. As you level up, you’ll be asked to do Bandit’s Hideout(BH), SK, and so on.

This is the place you hunt for Orange items, or Gold set items. Refer to the below link.
http://hokf.wiki-site.com/index.php/Recipe – Orange item requirements
http://hokf.wiki-site.com/index.php/Armor_set – Gold sets available to be hunted.

Honor Points from winning/losing in arena
Use the honor points to exchange for exp. 2k honor pts = 6k exp.
Another use is to buy the stones to complete the Orange Equipment recipe (if you can’t wait to collect them from doing many hangu pass dungeon runs).

Seriously, there’s no need to use points at all from 1-30 so just keep it.

15/30% exp monkey brain
Honestly, you don’t need to use it from 1-30. Keep it for later on. Once you get the 15% exp card, you only need to use it daily. The exp gains from 1-30 using 30% monkey brain and 15% exp card is so little. Better to just rely on the 15% exp card instead.

Monthly Events
Make sure you check out the montly events. This is the best place to win stuff especially points, 30% exp monkey brain, purple jade to refresh stats on purple eq and so on. Many things to win.

Daily Trivia
I assume there’s a daily trivia around 2-3pm server time because the few times i stayed up late 2-3am(my time) i managed to participate and win in the trivia event.

At level 20, fight players lvl 20 and the closest above you as possible. Complete your arena 15 rounds. If you win 15 times, you’ll have 15 players ready to be your slave. At warrior position you can have max 2 slaves. You can capture slaves 5 times a day. Do this routine to gain exp:
1) capture slave A
2) comfort slave by giving dress and you’ll earn 2k exp
3) if you have a guild already, torture slave to build def
4) release slave
5) capture slave B and repeat above process
6) only keep slave D and E since you want them to work for you for 3 days, so get them to do steps 1-4 only.

If your slaves gets stolen, good. Don’t bother to get them back. Find new slaves, repeat the above process since everyday you can capture 5 slaves. If the slaves don’t get stolen, everyday comfort them, and torture them and wait for 3 days to collect full exp from them.

Don’t wait for a guild to recruit you. As soon as you can, click at Guild and start applying to whichever guild available. Guild mates can teach you many things and they can help you too.

Once you have completed the 100 consecutive wins to obtain the card, then proceed to upgrade your reputation to achieve the e.warrior position.
You can start doing martial hall frequently now to get rep to upgrade to e.warrior and so on.

Notes on nation

What effect does nation have on you? there seems to be some misconceptions. So here is a listing of all the nation related material.

1. You will recieve stat bonus based on position according to your nation
2. You may only join a guild built by a player of your nation.
3. You level limit is capped at the national power, which is increasable via the king paying for a raise.  This cap will be always below the abosulute cap(which is 90 atm I believe, but that hardly matters)  Note that the fee per lvl increases as lvl get higher AND as there are  more players in that nation(there are less ppl to contribute fund so it’s even, see part 4)
4. You are subject to a tax in the income from national martial arena up to 30% based on the decision of ur king. This fund is mostly used for part 3.
5. You will be able to get assassination tasks for daily task if your nation have an enemy.
6. Your crime rating will be increased at different rate when you kill players from specific nation. In order, the largetst to smallest increase is: your nation, ally nation, neutral nation, enemy nation(0) Note that killing a player who have 70+ crime points will not increase your own crime regardless of whatever(It’s around 70… give it +/- 10, the title of the crime rate will change somewhere around that… i think it’s 72… not sure…)
7. voting for king, you may only vote for(and can only be eligeble to be elected under certain requirements) in your own nation.

1. grouping, you may group in instances or guild battles with whatever nation you want.
2. You can even attack a guild of same nation as you.  Guild relations are completely removed from nation system in this way.
3. You can add whoever you want as friends and trade with whoever you want.
Basically everything else.  If anyone have any questions about any functions etc, I will add it to the list.

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