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Game strategy – Mine Wars by Taeyeon

Every summer at 1300 – 1400, there will be mine war. Everyone should join in this as it allows you to earn alot of silver. The higher city hall you upgrade, the more silver you extract from mine.

Where to go in?

Go to world > on the top left there is something look like a cave.

Which camp do i belong to?

Wei – Black Flag which is located at the top
Shu – Red Flag which is located on the bottom-left
Wu – Blue Flag which is located on the bottom-right

Function on the top-left?

On the top-left box, it will allow you to use boost, to get reserve refill, defensive victories, extract cooldown and action cooldown.

Boost – you can click to get boost and it cost you Battle Point.
Reserve refill – allow you to get troops from grains
Defensive Victories – It show you how many people fought with you and each win u get 1. At the first mine war, i experience going back to camp when certain victories reach (6 victories).
Extract Cooldown – It show how much time left for the next extraction.
Action Cooldown – It show how much time left for the next action.

How the game work?

Move from one mines to another mines – 15s cooldown
Extraction – 4 mins cooldown
Fight and win – Minus 1 min from the extraction
Fight and lose – Minus 30s to your extraction.
Enemy fight and win – You go back to camp.
Enemy fight and lose – get 1 defensive victories. (Not sure defensive victories does it add anything or not)

Card show on beside the chatbox

征(green) – This meant refill your reserve
扰(yellow) – Increase the extraction by 60s to the enemies at the mines
袭(red) – It allow you to attack any enemy mines.
馳 – Allow you to move any of your own kingdom


Before the mines war, it better to refill your reserve to full and have some grains on your hand. Take note of the card that shown  征 which allow you to refill your reserve to full, only use it when your reserve is low or zero.

The percentage of the mines is very important, it calculate as (city hall X percentage of the mines). Example: L50 under 100% extraction, you get 5000 silver. When 50% extraction, you get 2500 silver. Of course it better to go for higher percentage mines to extract so when fall back only require 15s but allow you to get more silver.

It no point when you camp in one of the mines and wait for cooldown, better go to the frontline and fight.

At the mines you located, if you see the members at the mines slowly reduce. It is wise to fall back as there are some strong enemies fighting your mines.

ShadowJ – Game Strategy – Mine Wars – How to get 200k Silver

My name is ShadowJ, League Leader of WuWarriors Legion (~Wu is our banner) in
Dynasty Saga’s Server 1 – Eastern Tempest.

What you will find is that I will not take your fun away from you, I won’t tell you what to do so in most of my Guides you will find genuine suggestions, explanations and I shall leave the fun gaming part to yourself for you to explore!

Mine Wars – How to get 200k Silver
Here I will share some of the Strategy of how I got 200k Silver in the Mine Wars that just finished.

1.As soon as even starts, you run towards the middle. The otter mines only hold 4players and once they are full, you get less silver.

2.You need to look closely at the count down clock on the shovel and your move/ attack cool down timer. You can move between mines but another 15 secs cool down time. If you hit an enemy and win your CD will be reduced so you can shovel more silver. But do not hit enemy if your shovel CD less than 1 min, it’ll be a waste, just check other mines to see if it’s crowded.

3.Avoid been ‘bullied’, use hit and run tack-tic. Often if you hit someone back to their home base and if they got a ‘bully card’ what do people do? They throw that card at the mine where they just got hit from – normally, back at you. If you got ‘bullied’ then your shovel CD extends 1 min. So again, after you hit someone home then… do a runner, run to another mine.

4.Hit around the centre mine when your Kingdom are winning, hit around the sidelines when you feel your Kingdom will not gain much tonight. Mine War is all about team work and checking constantly whether or not the mine you’re on is ‘crowded’ or ‘normal’ or ‘surplus’ give can give like 2.5k silver, 4k silver, 7200 silver and 9k silver.

5.Less chat more work, the more u chat the less time you can move your mouse on to the shovel to get more silver. Last few times I was chatting and what happened was 2 more secs just about to extract a ‘surplus’ mine = 9k silver and because I chatted to answer where I was located, someone ‘bullied’ me so I couldn’t do a ‘dig and run’ so my CD was extended by 1 min. It makes a huge difference when 1 hr is over.

Conclusion, always keep your eyes open, mine war is team work however you don’t want ‘crowded’ team work, you want to hit and swing to side to dodge the ‘bully’ card and make more room for others to dig as well~ sharing is caring right?
I wish all of you can earn more than 200k silver per mine war and have lots of fun!

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