Translation: Hatsune Miku – COLOR

初音ミク – COLOR
Hatsune Miku – COLOR

Also performed by Aika Kobayashi for the anime Freezing’s (フリージング) Opening Theme (OP1)

Correction: This song was actually performed by MARiA for Freezing’s OP. Aika Kobayashi performed the ending theme Kimi wo Mamoritai


「覚えていて欲しい 独りじゃないこと」
ふりきれない思いを 誰かが
かまわない 伝えたい まっすぐに君へ
if stopping here would be unforgivable
i will keep on walking this way
“i want to be able to remember, that i am not alone”
unable to break free from the thought, even if someone
laughs at me saying that’s “weakness”
i don’t care, i want to say it, straight to you

keep the faith 向かい風の中
keep the faith in the blowing wind
the fact is you are still alive
because i made a promise

oh, true color
oh, true color
oh, true color
a perfectly clear sky
as though it is painting a picture of freedom
oh, true color
it isn’t a scene seen everyday
even in the days of happiness
please don’t ever forget

「覚えていて欲しい 独りじゃないこと」
信じたい 届けたい まっすぐに君へ
even if in a street far away that i know not of
without anyone noticing it had been dyed a different color
“i want to be able to remember, that i am not alone”
because the tears that i cannot resist
they are turning into “strength”
i want to believe, i want to go there, straight to you

trust myself 突然の雨に
かき消されてた あの詩(うた)
trust myself in the sudden rain
the song that got drowned out
now finally gets released

oh, true color
oh, true color
oh, true color
the shade of blue
that seems to burn itself into my heart
oh, true color
my true self
i will keep chasing it forever, i want to hold it close

oh, true color
the mix of colors
will someday melt together
and the monochrome’s time will thus begin
oh, true color
a fixed scene is no longer needed
even in the days that never change
please don’t ever forget
please don’t ever forget


tomaru koto wo yurusarenai nara
kono mama aruki tsuzukeyou
“oboete ite hoshii hitori janai koto”
furikirenai omoi wo dareka ga
“yowasa” to waratta to shite mo
kamawanai tsutaetai massugu ni kimi he

keep the faith mukai kaze no naka
ari no mama (ni) ikiru koto
yakusoku shita kara

oh, true color
sumiwataru sora
jiyuu ni iro wo nurikaeru you ni
oh, true color
tashika na keshiki nante nai
shiawase na mainichi demo
wasurenai de ite

tooku hanareta shiranai machi ni
itsunomanika somerarete mo
“oboete ite hoshii hitori janai koto”
korae kirenai namida wa itsumo
“tsuyosa” ni kawatte yuku kara
shinjitai todoketai massugu ni kimi he

trust myself totsuzen no ame ni
kakikesareteta ano uta
ima toki hanatsu yo

oh, true color
ao no aosa wo
kokoro ni iro wo yaki tsukeru you ni
oh, true color
hontou no jibun
itsumade mo oikakete dakishimetai

mazari au color
itsuka toke atte
MONOKURO no jikan ga ugokidasu yo
oh, true color
tashika na keshiki wa mou hitsuyou nai
kawaranai mainichi demo
wasurenai de ite
wasurenai de ite

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