Darker Than Black Timeline

Piecing all the anime series and manga history in chronological order.

Darker than Black: The Black Contractor

We are introduced to the world of contractors and Hei. This series ends with Hei and Yin on the run from the Syndicate.

Darker than Black: Jet Black Flower

This manga probably fits in here. We are brought on an investigation into the mysterious jet black flowers found in the gate. Hei and Yin are still in Japan.

Darker than Black: The Black Contractor Side Stories

The ongoing OVA series Darker than Black Gaiden continues where the first series left off to fill us in on what happened between Hei and Yin after the first season. Hei and Yin have escaped from Japan but are still on the run from the Syndicate. Yin’s powers begin to awaken.

Darker than Black: Ryusei no Gemini

This is the most ‘recent’ end of the timeline where Hei meets Suou. Yin is separated from Hei for most of the series.

4 Responses

  1. Frac says:

    The first manga has nothing to do with the anime. It was a totally different story that was based on the tv series. Key word in that sentence is "based". It has no place in the story line but it was just something for DTB fans to keep them from losing interest in the Franchise. It was a good manga though, but it was a adaptation.
    As for the second one, it takes place about one year after the first anime and leads right into the OVAs. That manga was great. I really wish they would make more OVAs to fill the void for fans who do not know that the manga is a continuation. One can only hope.

  2. is there any place where i can go to read the manga? i'd have a better idea then because all i have now are descriptions of the manga's story revolving around shino kana which feels like none of the major events in the main story line has occurred yet.

  3. I'd say the first manga darker than black: the black contractor asuka version probably fits in the timeline at the beginning before the first tv anime.

    but officially, that manga does not seem to be part of the main storyline.

  4. Sanin says:

    You forgot the first manga, which doesn't seem to fit in anywhere to be honest. Hoped you had figured it out, but meh.

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