Dell XPS 24×7 Phone Technical Support for Singapore

This is only applicable to Dell systems purchased in Singapore

This incredibly elusive 24 hour phone support was what I purchased with my laptop but the phone number is not reflected anywhere on the invoice or user manual so, i’m just going to put it here along with a few other important phone numbers.

System Sales, you can also order ink for your printer over the phone: 1800-394-7486
Standard Phone support: 1800-394-7430
XPS 24×7 Phone support: 1800-394-7464

The automated voice will require you to key in your express service code located on the bottom of your laptop or behind your desktop tower before connecting you to a service personnel. The 24×7 phone support will thus only be available to people who have paid for the service.

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10 Responses

  1. the xps number is awesome. if you met with the business hours tone, it means you called the number above, not below.

    also, awesome english instead of the heavily accented kind where the speaker doesn't take english as his first language. so i'm pretty impressed.

    also, i called like 4~5am in the morning and he was able to give me a yay-able and okay-able answer. so yay me. yay!

  2. that's great, i too am very satisfied with their on site service warranty =] thanks for sharing your experience~

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a 2+ years old XPS M1330 that is still under warranty and I believe the graphics card just broke down. I'm in Singapore and it's 955pm here at tme moment and I just got off the phone with an excellent customer service rep at the XPS hotline (1800-394-7464).

    They are sending an engineer to my place tomorrow morning to replace the graphics card. They made me do some diagnostics on the phone and they could confirm that the LCD is working and that the mainboard is most likely OK and the computer boots into windows. But the graphics is all garbled.

    On a side note, I have another XMS M1330 that had it's mainboard replaced *twice* during the first year, I think they have a QA issue but it's only a minor annoyance since they fix the problem pretty fast.

    All in all I'm pretty satisfied with Dell and their 24×7 phone support and they on-site repair, which I have used quite a few times.

  4. Anonymous says:

    dell is an ass! why would u use a 1800- number if you are in singapore?? how about having an actual store in jakarta indonesia that can actually fix their product for support rather than having it to send to singapore, and is not user friendly of where to bring! and what is their contact number. its like they are doing this on purpose. bringing you to multiple pages of their stupid website where i just wanted the contact number and address. what an ass! this is my last time buying their stupid lame laptop.

  5. that's quite strange because i did manage to contact them in the middle of the night once, i'm not sure why you received that message. maybe you can try again. thank you for your comment!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the post. I own an XPS studio 13, and just tried callilng the number above for service on a saturday, but was greeted by a voice message saying to call back on "standard business hours". I find this "24×7" claim from Dell dissapointingly misleading…
    Saturday, 10 October 2009

  7. i have personally used the xps service twice to great satisfaction, maybe you’d like to try calling them again? i had my laptop serviced at my home which was really convenient.

  8. Irwin says:

    Wow, it’s damn difficult to get support on this XPS. Email online not valid, live chat cannot use, cannot find phone number, call customer service the tell me to contact technical. Now that I tried the XPS phone support, it says that the system is down due to technical difficulties. This is so bad it’s funny. Ridiculous.

    Thanks for the info.

  9. glad i could help =]

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the info.. was looking for it all over..

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