Translation: Jyukai – Anata ga Ita Mori

This song has special meaning to me because it was the VERY FIRST song i ever tried to translate, and precisely because it was the first song, my translation was kinda crappy so i didn’t dare show it to anyone XD
Now i try again (doesn’t matter that there are already plenty of translations out there), i really love this song and have listened to it a thousand times, i only hope i can share this feeling with you.

あなたがいた森 – 樹海
Anata ga Ita Mori – Jyukai

作詩:渡辺愛未 作曲:出羽良彰
Lyrics: Manami Watanabe Composition: Yoshiaki Dewa


深い深い森の中 ほのか香る 愛しい
日々の面影 探してみれば ふいにあなたが笑う
deep in the thick forest, the faint fragrance is dear to me
when i tried to find traces of the days past, you laughed suddenly

触れてみたくて 手を伸ばしても 儚く宙を舞ったのです
i wanted to try touching it, but even as i reached out it just fluttered fleetingly in the air

あなたに会いたくてずっと 会いたくてずっと 想う
あなたが残した 光と影の中に 包まれて泣いている
i always wanted to meet you, i always wanted to, i knew
i went through such sleepless nights
now i cry surrounded in the lights and shadows that you left behind

ダメなあたしを 焦がし沈む夕日と
裸足のまま愛の残骸を踏んで 滲んだ 赤
the hopeless me and scorching sinking evening sun were,
as i walked barefoot on the broken pieces of love, both oozing red

触れてみようと 手をかざしたら あなたの声がしたの
if i held out my hands and tried to touch you, would i hear your voice

『愛してる。』 いまさら届かぬ 唄は風にさらわれ
砂時計空高く 飛ばしてみても何も あの日の音は響かず
“i love you.” now it can no longer reach you, my song was swept away in the wind.
it has vanished so far away.
the hourglass of time is high in the sky, it doesn’t matter if i try to fly up or anything else, the notes of that day have stopped resounding

*musical interlude*

さらさら 流れ出して
the scenery that i won’t get to touch ever again
rustling, they are pouring out…

『消せない。』 増えすぎた空気 重ねすぎた記憶と その手もその髪も
あなたが残した 光と影はあまりにも 大きすぎるのでした。
“inerasable.” the overly heavy air and the pile of memories, of that hand and that hair
the lights and shadows that you left behind were just too numerous

in the thick thick forest…


fukai fukai mori no naka honoka kaoru itoshii
hibi no omokage sagashitemireba fui ni anata ga warau

furete mitakute te wo nobashitemo hakanaku chuu wo matta no desu

anata ni aitakute zutto aitakute zutto omou
nemurenu yoru wo watari
anata ga nokoshita hikari to kage no naka ni tsutsumarete naiteiru

DAME na atashi wo kogashi shizumu yuuhi to
hadashi no mama ai no zangai wo funde nijinda aka

furete miyou to te wo kazashitara anata no koe ga shita no

“aishiteru.” imasara todokanu uta wa kaze ni saraware
haruka kiete itta yo
suna tokei sora takaku tobashite mite mo nani mo ano hi no ne wa hibikazu

nido to wa sawarenai keshiki tachi ga
sarasara nagaredashite

“kesenai.” fue sugita kuuki kasane sugita kioku to sono te mo sono kami mo
anata ga nokoshita hikari to kage wa amari ni mo ookisugiru no deshita.

fukai fukai mori no naka de…

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