Brawl Stars Destruction Guide

Brawl Stars Destruction Guide by OkapiLips

What is Destruction?

Destruction in this game refers to the ability of some supers to remove walls and bushes temporarily from the game. These objects provide cover and safety both for your team and the enemy team, allowing you to stay protected, or advance unseen. Eventually these objects will respawn on the map, but their presence on the map often are a crucial factor to the results of the game. (If someone knows the exact timing on respawning bushes and walls, please let me know down in the comments, thanks.)

Who can Destroy things?

Currently, about half the brawlers have the ability to destroy walls. (Bold for those who do it the best)

Shelly – Colt – Brock – Dynamike – El Primo – Bull – Bo

What to Destroy?

First let’s talk about the main focus of destruction: the flanks and their cover.
The flanks in SnG and Bounty are the bushes that are located on the sides of the map. In Heist, these are the side routes to reach the safe. The flanks allows your team to get behind enemy lines, but also allows the enemy team to get behind you. Therefore in any game, you have to balance your need to use the flanks with your need to keep them from using them.
The cover is the little areas of walls and bushes that can be used to hide behind to regenerate health. Most cover in this game is set up in a way that can be used for either team, making it incredibly important to gain ground to a point of good cover.
Determining which structures to destroy to make it harder for the enemy team without inconveniencing your team can be tricky. It often depends most critically on situational awareness. I’ve determined 3 factors that should be taken into account.

  1. Enemy team composition If the enemy team has a lot of brawlers that rely on flanking, like high DPS, close range units, like Primo or Shelly, you should focus on destroying the flanks. If the enemy team is instead composed of more ranged and support brawlers, like Colt or Poco, destroying enemy cover can allow you to quickly deal with those threats.
  2. Your team composition The reverse of the above is true for your team. If your team has a lot of brawlers that rely on flanking, you would rather preserve your flanks, and if your team also relies on cover, you may consider trying to use the enemy cover, rather than destroying it.
  3. Are you attacking or defending? Offense and defense are not just concepts for Heist mode. In SnG and Bounty, your team is dynamically pushed into periods of offensive play and periods of defensive play, as you try to gain control of key points (like the mine or the center area of most Bounty maps) and recover or keep the win condition (gems or stars).
    If both you and the other team rely on the same areas to flank or both need to use cover, this is the most crucial factor. If your team needs to be on the offensive then you should be focused on destroying their cover and using the flanks to overwhelm them. If your team is on the defensive, the best thing you can do is to destroy the flanks, denying the enemy team the chance to surprise you. Then, you can occasionally advance to their cover in order to push the fight further away from the objective.


So I hope that this guide has helped you to think about using your supers more effectively. Rather than just using them to score a kill, supers can be used to completely alter the map to give your team an advantage. Determining what structures your team and the enemy team needs to function on offense and defense is critical. Next time you have that Flying Elbow Drop or Big Barrel o’ Boom, you may want to consider saving it to destroy their cover, which may cripple their team for far longer than a single kill.

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