Skyforge Slayer PvE Guide

Skyforge Slayer PvE Guide by Twrkteamcapt Ofaelion


Hey guys, a brief introduction, the name’s CJ, I decided to main a slayer before I even started playing Skyforge, which I started playing on July 16th, OBT. I was able to unlock the class on the first day. I am very familiar with MMORPGS, playing competitively in games such as; WOW, GW2, AoC, and a lot of free mmos. I used to be a hardcore pvper (arena in WOW, GVG in gw2) but since I really love the PVE aspects of Skyforge I’ve decided to dedicate my time to it.

People keep talking about how slayer is great in the PVP environment, but no one seems to talk about how well a slayer can be on the PvE side of the game, which motivated me to make this guide. Please note that this guide will be for PvE content because that is what I am most comfortable writing about. If you have any questions, or anything looks wrong, feel free to provide criticisms where necessary; as long as it’s constructive, I don’t mind being told I totally messed something up, as I’d rather fix it than be wrong eternally forever :P.

The slayer has very high single target damage potential but lacks any sort of AoE Damage, well, with this build at least.



  • File:Remove.pngShadow Cloaking“Makes the Slayer invisible. Protects from all incoming damage and makes them immune to control effects. It also increases the movement speed and unlocks unique abilities for 9 seconds. Enemies hit in the Shadow Cloaking state will attack the Slayer once the effect ends.”
  • Recommended use: PvE
  • Note: The longer stealth allows the use of Twilight Scourage, the hardest hitting ability the Slayer has.
  • File:Completecloaking.pngComplete Cloaking“Makes the Slayer invisible. Protects from all incoming damage and unlocks unique abilities for the next 6.5 seconds. Increases the movement speed. If Slayer’s health drops to zero, they shift into the Shadow Cloaking state for 6 seconds which removes all negative effects. The effect can be used only once every minute. Enemies hit in the Shadow Cloaking state will attack the Slayer once the effect ends.”
  • Recommended use: PvP
  • Note: Due to the passive allowing the Slayer to cheat death, it is very effective in PvP
  • File:WildStrike.pngSwinging Chains“Deals several strikes in a coneshaped area in front of the Slayer, inflicting 2.97x base damage in total. The longer you hold down the button, the more strikes will be dealt. Makes the enemies 50% more vulnerable to Backstab. the effect stacks up to 3 times.”
  • Recommended use:PvE
  • Note: A nice buff to allow backstab to hit harder.
  • File:DoomThrust.pngBlood Harvest – “Inflicts 3.35x base damage to the enemy for 10 seconds. If the target has less than 50% health after that, the effect renews for another 10 seconds until the enemy is killed, restores their health or Blood Harvest renews 2 times.”
  • Recommended use:PvE/PvP
  • Note: A dot that does a good amount of damage while allowing the Slayer freedom to do other rotations.
  • File:Drill.pngFlight Of the Shadow“Slayer quickly moves 20 yards, inflicting 0.22x base damage to nearby enemies every 0.3 seconds. Pressing the key again will stop the movement. Each subsequent Flight of the Shadow will inflict 20% more damage for 10 seconds. Move your camera to adjust the direction of movement.”
  • Recommended use:PvP
  • Note: A good skill that allows the Slayer to retreat to another location. Not Recommended for damage.
  • File:NinjaShadow.pngShadow“A shadow appears next to the enemy and attacks it, inflicting 1.10x base damage. Slayer can trade places with the shadow. The ability can be used both to move quickly to the enemy and to get away (if the shadow is summoned far from the Slayer).”
  • Recommended use:PvP/PvE
  • Note: Allows the Slayer to kite more effectively whether they’re NPC or player.
  • File:Bait.pngBait“A shadow appears next to the selected target. It takes 65% of damage intended for the Slayer and makes all enemies attack it.”
  • Recommended use:PvE
  • Note:Best for Solo Content.
  • File:DeadlyLink.pngTwilight Shackles“Reduces movement speed of the target and 7 enemies around it. If one of the targets moves more than 10 yards away from the spot, the effect is removed, and the target takes 4.70x base damage instead. Available in the Shadow Cloaking mode.”
  • Recommended use:PvP
  • Note: The reduced movement allows for kiting, also does a fair amount of damage when paired up with it’s talent.
  • File:ShadyDeal01.pngAegis of Night – “Hold down the key to accumulate the energy of darkness which can be used to activate Aegis of Night. Aegis of Night mmakes the Slayer immune to all damage, and Dash does not consume charges and removes all negative effects.”
  • Recommended use:PvE/PvP
  • Note: Allows more survivability.
  • File:SmokeBomb.pngSmoke Grenade“Throws a Smoke Grenade at the target. Dexterity regenerates faster in the area of effect, and the Slayer becomes immune to attacks from more than 5 yards.”
  • Recommended use: PvE/PvP
  • Note: When paired with the talent disorients the enemy for 3 seconds. A good utility for both PvE and PVP.
  • File:RealmOfDarkness.pngShadowland“Slayer throws the enemy into the shadow realm for 6 seconds. In this state the enemy does not see anyone (and allies do not see the exile), while the Slayer can see the actions of the enemy. You can use the attack against the same enemy no more than once every 46 seconds.”
  • Recommended use: PvP
  • Note:A nice skill to CC enemy players.
  • File:Sneakattack.pngSneak Attack“Backstab inflicts more damage. The effect is activated when combat ends and when using Shadow Cloaking / Complete Cloaking.”
  • Recommended use:PvE/PvP
  • Note:Backstab already hits hard. This skill will make it hit even harder.
  • File:Backstab.pngKilling Proficency: Backstab“Backstab has a 25% that will make the next Blood Harvest, Swinging Chains and Backflip free, and they will inflict 100% and 30% more damage respectively.”
  • Recommended use: PvE/PvP
  • Note: A nice boost to some hard hitting skills.


  • File:SlashingSomersault.pngCutthroat Fervor – “Full basic combo attack increases the damage of Backflip by 300% instead of 40%.”
  • Recommended use: PvE/PvP
  • File:Ambush.pngCold-Blooded Killer – Each Backstab reduces the cooldown of Shadow Cloaking by 1 second.
  • Recommended use:PvE Any build
  • File:SpunStrikes.pngJagged Blades – “If an enemy dies from Blade Vortex or Killing, the critical hit chance is increased by 2%. The effect stacks up to 6 times.”
  • Recommended use:PvE Any build
  • File:ShurikenToss.pngDeadly Accuracy“Each successful Dance of Blades increases the critical hit chance of Steel Star by 25% and its critical damage by 40%. Bonus stacks up to 4 times.”
  • Recommended use:PvE/PvP
  • File:Drag.pngThirst for Vengeance – “If the Slayer takes damage from an enemy at a distance of more than 7 yards, they have a certain chance to use Grapevine without spending dexterity.”
  • Recommended use:PvP
  • File:Minefield.pngChain Reaction – “First mine explosion makes the enemy more vulnerable to next explosions, increasing damage by 52%.”
  • Recommended use:PvE/PvP
  • File:Remove.pngSurprise Effect – “First strikes out of Shadow Cloaking inflict 80% damage for 6 seconds. If the enemy dies from these attacks, the bonus lasts longer.”
  • Recommended use:PvE/Pvp
  • Note:Allows for more burst out of stealth, Also works with Complete Cloaking
  • File:UltimateAttack.pngMajor Hatred“Damage inflicted to strong enemies speeds up the Flurry of Blows recovery.”
  • Recommended use:PvE/PvP
  • Note:Allows more ultimates
  • File:SmokeBomb.pngChoking Smoke“Enemies affected by Smoke Grenade are disoriented for 3 seconds.”
  • Recommended use:PvE/PvP
  • Note:More Utility
  • File:Drill.pngBlooded Marks“Restores 2 points of dexterity for each strike at the enemy affected by Flight of the Shadow.”
  • Recommended use:PvE
  • File:ShadyDeal01.pngShadow Blessing – “Increases the activation speed of Aegis of Night by 40%.”
  • Recommended use:PvP
  • Note:Every second counts in PVP
  • File:ShurikenToss.pngPain Spot Expert – “Each Shuriken Attack and Blade Vortex increase their damage by 5 and 10% respectively. The effect stacks up to 3 times. Steel Star immobilizes the enemy for 3 seconds. The same target can be immobilized once every 15 seconds.”
  • Recommended use:PvE/PvP
  • File:WildStrike.pngStigma “Enemy characters affected by Swinging Chains have 21% more chance to take critical damage.”
  • Recommended use:PvP
  • Note:Only works on enemy players not against NPC
  • File:DoomThrust.pngChain Murders – “If an enemy dies while under the effect of Blood Harvest, it restores 60% of Slayer’s dexterity in the next 5 seconds.”
  • Recommended use:PvE/PvP
  • File:LurkingAttack.pngBiting Whips – “Third successful Twilight Scourge inflicts critical damage.”
  • Recommended use:PvE/Pvp
  • Note: Also increases critical damage by 100%
  • File:DeadlyLink.pngTight Shackles “Enemies bound by Twilight Shackles lose 5% of their max. health every second. Lasts 10 seconds and can be stacked up to 7 times. Does not work against bosses.”
  • Recommended use:PvP
  • File:ChainOfBlinks.pngFresh Scars“Player characters affected by Carnage receive 22.5% more damage for the next 10 seconds.
  • Recommended use:PvP
  • File:NinjaShadow.pngVeiled Transition“After trading places with the Shadow, Slayer takes 45% less damage for 3 seconds.”
  • Recommended use:PvE/PVP
  • File:Bait.pngThorny Shadow“Enemies that attack Bait in close combat receive 60% of the damage inflicted to it.”
  • Recommended use:Solo content
  • File:RealmOfDarkness.pngAbduction“Shadowland knocks the enemy back 25 yards and reduces their movement speed by 70% for 8 seconds.”
  • Recommended use:PVP


  • Maximum Recoil – “Critical damage is increased by 10% for each level of this symbol.”
  • Recommended use: PvE/PvP
  • Ultimate Strength – “The effect of Strength on your base damage is increased by 10% for each level of this symbol.”
  • Recommended use: PvE/PvP
  • Lacerated Wound – “Critical damage applies an effect to the enemy that inflicts damage over time. Total damage is equal to the character’s luck”
  • Recommended use: PvE/Pvp
  • Under Cover of Darkness – “Critical hit chance is increased by 7% if the character has not been the direct target of any hostile spells for 5 seconds.
  • Recommended use: PvE


  • MELEE: Blood File:DoomThrust.pngHarvest Dot>Back File:Backstab.pngStab>Double File:BasicAttack01.pngStrike>BackflipFile:SlashingSomersault.png
  • RANGED: Blood File:DoomThrust.pngHarvest dot> File:ShurikenToss.pngShuriken x3 or x4 > Steel Star File:ShurikenToss.png
  • BOSS UNDER 50% : For every 2 File:Backstab.png(backstabs)——cast blood File:DoomThrust.pngharvest because it renews itself twice
  • File:LurkingAttack.png > Dodge >File:LurkingAttack.png > Dodge > File:LurkingAttack.png > Dodge > File:LurkingAttack.png (full animation) > File:LurkingAttack.png > Dodge > File:LurkingAttack.png (full animation)
  • BE CAREFUL OF DODGE POSITIONING once you do the 6th TS you’re very vulnerable to mechanics, THE CAST ANIMATION IS VERY LONG
  • Also, you don’t need to have all 3 dodges up, just have at least 2 up, the 3rd dodge should be up by the time you need it because of the downtime between the TS’s and the dodges.
  • Surprise Effect- “First strikes out of Shadow Cloaking inflict 80% damage for 6 seconds. If the enemy dies from these attacks, the bonus lasts longer.”
  • Sneak File:Sneakattack.pngAttack – “Backstab inflicts more damage. The effect is activated when combat ends and when using Shadow Cloaking / Complete Cloaking.”

V.Gameplay —-MSM 2 Last Boss-

  • Note: I chose this fight just because you can see a lot of ways you can be effective as a slayer. The slayer can be both played as a ranged character spamming shurikens or as a melee character doing melee rotations. The damage between both isn’t that big of a difference but due to the fact that the survivability as a ranged far surpassed that of a melee, I recommend using the ranged rotation if you’re unfamiliar with the mechanics of a boss you encountered for the first time. Also, use your pull in order to allow your DPS to aoe everything down and allow the tank to hold aggro a lot easier when mobs are clumped up
  • Also:I will have a MSM *3 or a DF *2 video up asap. Finding decent groups are hard to come by at higher prestige levels.


VII.Primary Stats

  • Might – Increases base damage
  • Stamina – Increases your maximum health
  • Strength – Increases minimum base damage
  • Valor – Increases bonus damage
  • Luck – Increases critical damage
  • Spirit – Increases impulse damage

Base Damage

Your character’s basic skill damage. This displays a min / max damage amount which can be influenced by increasing the secondary stat Accuracy. Accuracy will increase the minimum damage amount, bringing it closer to the maximum, thus helping increase your potential DPS.

Bonus Damage

Bonus skill damage proportional to the opponent’s current health. The more health they have, the higher the damage inflicted. This can be increased by the secondary stat Temper which also increases the change that the ability will inflict maximum bonus damage regardless of the target’s health.

Critical Damage

This is bonus damage that’s added when your character lands a critical hit.

Impulse Damage

This total displays the bonus damage inflicted by skills that use Impulse Charge.

Primary Stat Priorities

Luck>Strength>Might>Stamina Avoid all other stats like the plague

VIII.Secondary Stats

  • Critical Chance – Directly influences your critical hit chance
  • Discharge Recovery – Increases the frequency of Impulse Charge and the amount of impulse damage
  • Accuracy – This brings the minimum base damage closer to the maximum (increasing DPS potential) and also increases your Strength’s influence on base damage
  • Temper – Increases bonus damage and the chance that the ability will inflict maximum bonus damage regardless of the target’s health.
  • Crushing Blow – Has a certain chance to increase base damage two times
  • Violence – If you have less than 50% health, your damage will be increased by a certain percent
  • SolidityIncreases Might by a certain percent of your Stamina
  • Ranged DamageIncreases the damage inflicted to enemies at a distance of more than 20 yards
  • VigorIncreases your damage when chasing an enemy
  • Health Bonus – Increases maximum health
  • Shield Power – Increases the effectiveness of damage absorption effects
  • EnduranceReduces incoming damage if it exceeds 10% of your maximum health
  • Regeneration Restores part of the health lost in combat if take no damage for 4 seconds
  • Block Occasionally decreases the incoming damage by a certain percent of your Stamina
  • Adaptation – Incoming damage is temporarily reduced if you take consistent hits
  • Dash Activation – Reduces activation time for the Dash ability

Secondary Stat Priorities

Accuracy=Defensive Penetration>Critical Chance

The other secondary stats that I didn’t cross out aren’t bad choices either. They’re all situational, for the majority of them

IX.Helpful Tips

Upgrade RINGS because they give luck + str boosting your crit damage significantly

Sell spark replicators for 170 argents. I used these argents to upgrade my ether slots

For AoE, Use shuriken rotation, watch positioning to pierce as many units as possible


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  2. the mostly nice skiled is the blood harvest .. and cloaking i can get 89k damage criti… at the boss my prestage is 16k… aand character i can hit 53k to the witch,,, and 49k damage to the knight THNKZ of this guide,,,,,,,,, it help full verry well

  3. Nice guide, I found it really helpful (especially the TS animation cancelling). BTW another AoE rotation that I find useful is minefield> blade vortex

  4. If the C slot isn’t going to be used anyways wouldn’t aegis of night be a good choice?if combine with cloak you could keep dashing during twilight scourge spam. Haven’t unlocked most of my atlas so I can’t try.

  5. @Vinh Def pens stand for Defense penetration, a state you can only have on chapels I believe.

  6. @jorvet Yeah tested it myself, the tooltip is kinda strange. Anyway, way too much randomness to be as good as the other one.
    Also, for dash cancelling, if you have a kinetic and he use the talent that allow you to have free dash in his bubble, it’s literally amazing the number of strike you can pull off, I did like 3 full cycle I think.

  7. This is a great guide but would aegis of night be good if combined with cloak? Instead of six scourge , using unlimited dash on aegis couldn’t we cram another 7-8 scourge?

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  10. @TemporalMoras You are wrong. Killing efficiency : backstab has not 100% chance to proc i checked it. I don’t know if it’s 25% but it looks like it – it’s actually very low.

  11. Nice guide man! Thanks for sharing!
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  12. Hey ! Thank you for that amazing guide but I think you are wrong with “Killing efficiency : backstab” I mean, in the tooltip it doesn’t say 25% so I suppose it’s 100% chance to proc, with every backstab

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