Skyforge Sparks and Atlas Guide

Skyforge Sparks and Atlas Guide by Merkhen

1. Understanding sparks

1.1 Basic Sparks

You have 3 basic kind of sparks, these spark are used to unlock nodes on your ascension atlas and the first part of your class atlas.

These Sparks can be obtained by completing adventures (instances or missions on open world areas, these count towards your weekly cap) and from the ether capsule (these doesn’t count toward your weekly cap)

  • Spark of Destruction:
  • Spark of Creation:
  • Spark of Balance:

1.2 Secondary sparks

There are also other kind of sparks:

  • Spark replicators:
    These are used to increase the amount of sparks earned by a maximum of 50%
  • Sparks of Transformation:
    These are used to unlock new classes and to reset you symbols, talents and abilities.
  • Class sparks: (some will say that these are basic sparks too, but only for the purpose of this guide, will be consider as secondary sparks)
    You earn these sparks after unlocking the “path” node from you class atlas.
  • Spark of evolution:
    You earn these sparks from bags in PvP, from mobs in dungeons (if you mastered a class, or you are playing with a class that you don’t have or you still don’t unlock his “path” node.

2. Understanding your Atlas.

2.1 Class atlas:

Your first atlas will be your class atlas ( link to classes ), every class have their own atlas and you have to complete each one to master that class. (mastering a class means that you have to unlock every ability and talent from your class atlas, this gives you an special costume of your class)

2.1.1 Advancing through your Class Atlas
When you advance in your class atlas you’ll find a node called “path of <class>”, this node gives you the ability to earn class sparks (each class has their own class sparks).

Class sparks are used after unlocking your Class Path node, you can use your class sparks, or your sparks of evolution .

2.2 Ascension atlas:

You gain access to your ascension atlas when you unlock any Class Path Node

This is the ascension atlas, here you will unlock symbols, classes, ether cores, and eventually the “gods form”.

No matter what class you choose (the 3 basic classes or the special packs ones), you’ll start from the same spot (one of the 3 basic nodes)

2.2.1 Advancing through your Ascension Atlas.

You advance through this atlas spending your 3 primary sparks (destruction, creation and balance), Making your own way to:

  • Unlock new classes:
    You unlock classes by reaching the class node, and spending the required amount of sparks of transformation
  • Unlock useful symbols/talents:You unlock symbols/talents By reaching the node and spending the required amount of sparks .

2.3 Pink nodes and god’s form

when you seek paths in your atlas you’ll find some special nodes, that require another kind of item or sparks:

  • Pink nodes :

These requires a spark that you obtain after hitting 30k prestige.

  • God’s form

The same Works for your god’s form, that require a special item that you obtain after 30k prestige:

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