FFXIV Aetherial Reduction Guide

FFXIV Aetherial Reduction Guide by PopotoSoup

Hello everyone. I’ve seen many short lived threads about Aetherial Reduction and seen that people have many questions about it. Here I’d like to share my experiments and hear from yours. But before that I would like to explain how Aetherial Reduction works.

Let Get This Party Started! Aetherial Reduction action acts similar to Desynthesis action of DoH. But unlike Desynthesis, you can NOT reduce any item you want to its core. For DoL to use Aetherial Reduction item should meet 2 conditions

Condition 1: Item should be gathered as collectible by using Collector’s Glove action.

Condition 2: This is the part where people gets confused the most. We gatherers who are level 50-60 all know that we can use Unspoiled Nodes to get collectible items that can be exchange with scripts. But you won’t be able to use Aetherial Reduction action on these items. To use this action Gatherers must first find an Ephemeral Node. These are new kind of nodes that behaves just like Unspoiled Nodes. They’re on timer,you can only get it between certain hours. After exhausting the node for the first time, they can be mine several times in the same timeline again by touching other 2 Mineral/Mining Deposits till Ephemeral Node appears. And caution, you will get less gathering attempts on these nodes, which is 4 attempt in total.(Based on my experience)

For people who are curious of the locations of Ephemeral Node, you can find it here

Alright, We’ve downed the part about where to go and which node to mine to get our collectible item. Now I will share some of my recent experiments.

Item Name: Lightning Moraine

Collectible Value: 459

Aetherial Reduction used at: 8.50 pm Eorzea time

Results:28 lightning crystals are obtained. A handful of duskborne aethersand is obtained.

From this particular result, i came to this assumption that the time of the day effects the variety of Aethersand acquired via Aetherial Reduction. To get Dawnborne Aethersand.. well you get the idea.(based on my assumption, feel free to correct it)

Item Name: Lightning Moraine

Collectible Value: 287

Aetherial Reduction used at: 9.00 pm Eorzea time

Results:14 lightning crystals are obtained.

This example here shows that lower collectible value results in less rarity and the amount of the items acquired.

Item Name: Fire Moraine

Collectible Value: 459

Aetherial Reduction used at: Unknown

Results:13 fire crystals are obtained. 7 fire clusters are obtained.

Again value effects the item, this one gave clusters with 459 value

Rotato used to acquire collectables:

Also wanted to add this here. With 601 gp on my miner:

WARNING:Should be only used (fully) on Unhidden nodes. This rotato included 5 gathering attempt.

Use one attempt to find hidden node>(Collector’s Glove if not on)>Discerning Eye> Utmost Caution> Methodical Appraisal>Discerning Eye> Utmost Caution> Methodical Appraisal (At this point you’re up to 10 weariness and no gp)> 2x Methodical Appraisal> Collect.

For Ephemeral Nodes, Utmost Caution can be traded with an extra Discerning Eye action.

In this case your rotato should be following actions: ( Discerning Eye> Methodical Appraisal) x 3 > Collect.

Hope i managed to clear some of the questions in your minds with this thread. Please share your experiments with me o/

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