FFXIV Hullbreaker Isle Tips and Boss Guide

FFXIV Hullbreaker Isle Tips and Boss Guide by Sreyb

This is by far and away the easiest dungeon introduced this patch. Very quick and easy.

Boss 1 – This ape wants his bananas! In all seriousness, this gorilla isn’t too tough. He has an AoE called Stool Pelt that does around 1500-2000 damage to a random party member every so often. Soon, adds appear and the boss gets angry and hungry. He beats his chest and every time he does so, the party gets another stack of Vulnerability Up. What the party has to do is interact with one of the trees on the sides to drop bananas for the boss to eat. However, the adds that are summoned will steal the bananas if they’re still alive. If they’re dead the boss will run over, eat the bananas, and the Vulnerability Up debuff will fall off.

DPS kill the adds and party drop a banana. I’d highly recommend having only one person drop the bananas. The boss gains a stack of Damage Up for every banana eaten. Not too much of a problem for geared parties, but still.

Boss 2 – The easiest boss of the dungeon. The boss will randomly summon Water Orbs around them. If a party member gets too close, they’ll be sucked up in a move called Watery Grave for about 10 seconds. When the move finishes, the person is dropped for minuscule damage. These orbs will always come out in 2 except in one circumstance. When 4 orbs are summoned, you know the boss will perform his signature move, Whirlpool, soon. The four orbs will appear, the boss spends about 15 seconds doing his bossy thing, and then he digs underground. A large blue watery pulse emanates from the center of the room. Each person in the party must get to a bubble and let Watery Grave lift them up. Otherwise, the boss will do about 1700 damage and pull you into the center of the arena. In all seriousness though, don’t worry if you mistime the Whirlpool. This fight is ridiculously easy.

Boss 3 – The first thing you’ll notice is that there are multiple platforms. Your task is to kill 10 tentacles and arms total. Tentacles have much more health than arms. What the party should do is stay on one platform at a time, burning one of the tentacles.

Periodically, the boss will put a green indicator over a party members head. After a short amount of time, a tornado will appear where that party member is standing and after about ten seconds detonate dealing damage to everyone on that platform for around 3000 damage and putting a stack of Vulnerability Up on them. What’s recommended is that the person who has the green dot use the jetstream to move over to an unoccupied platform and as soon as the tornado drops, come back to the first one.

The boss will perform a move called Ink that deals damage over time. If you have Ink on you, you will not have it refreshed, even if the boss targets you again. It can be removed by riding a jetstream.

Try to stay in a group. The damage from the tentacles goes up when there are fewer people on the platform.

Every time you use the jetstream, you get the Ifrit EX debuff where your max health goes down and the damage you take goes up. It’s not too terrible, but it’s there so people don’t just spend the entire fight jumping around.

The boss will also pick up a random person and send them to the platform that has the tornado. They have to jump back to the group to avoid eating that damage


  • The add with the purple bumps on its back uses a move called Hatch. I’m not sure what it does because my group stunned it every time it came up.
  • You need to kill the Treasure Chest Mimics to progress. I recommend opening one at a time for quick management. Open all of them if you’re going man mode.
  • Focus on the Hornet adds in any pull. They have Final Sting from Sunken Temple of Qarn

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