MH4U Heavy Bow Gun Hame Guide

MH4U Heavy Bow Gun Hame Guide by kurrptsenate

What is hame? It’s basically stun-locking a monster so he cannot act while you and your party beat on him until he dies, basically. Some people call it “cheese mode” or some other euphemism but it boils down to speed running missions that could take more than five times as long if executed properly. This is mostly used for guild quests up the 140 range. Hame can be done a number of ways but for this tutorial I’ll just be discussing the Heavy Bow Gun (HBG) and how it relates to the status gunner (LBG).

To be more specific, an LBG will status-lock a monster while 3 HBGs lay down a constant barrage of pierce bullets in siege mode (X+A).

  • Gear You’ll need to have the proper gear, and most importantly, the proper skills for your armor set. If you’re like I was, your familiarity with gunning in general is small to non-existent like in my case. You’ll also need the proper Heavy Bow Gun (HBG).
  • Farming your Hame set Armor: A nice starter set for Hame is the Amagi Amagi Kaiser Amagi Amagi set. Here’s the full the full set as referenced,2856,2697,2858,2859

You’ll first be required to unlock the specific trade at the wycoon.

The armor is pretty easy to farm at this point except for the boots which require an Earth Dragonsphire. You’ll get that from this mission unless

you have someone to host the Japanese DLC mission.

Granted this is just a starter-armor. As long as you have the following skills, feel free to put together any set you’d like. You will need the following:

  • Pierce/Pierce Up
  • Peak Performance
  • Ruthlessness
  • Recoil Down +1
  • Attack Up S/M/L/XL (medium is recommended but S can manage depending on the group)

Feel free to put those skills into Athena’s ASS and make whatever set your talisman allows. Here’s a link to that download

Heavy Bow Gun: You really only need one gun for this specific role and that’s the Gravios Gigacannon. This shows the full tree to obtain the Gigacannon. It’s quite a few upgrades but you can actually craft the Ner Bustergun and upgrade from there. It really isn’t that bad besides the B. Gravios Pallium. Just hope RNGesus is kind and you’ll get it in 2 runs like me (YMMV). You will also need to hone this weapon for attack and put on the barrel attachment for more damage.

Alright, you have your gear. You’re ready right? Not really. You’ll need to understand your role as one of the Heavy Bow Gunners and some of the nuances as well as items you’ll need in your item set to complete your task.

Item set

You’ll be using pierce shots. Pierce 3 shots are generally required for longer/larger monsters like Stygian Zinogre or Brachydios while pierce 2 shots will be used on monsters like Rajang. Hame runs and generally ran as a two monster mission with Rajang somewhere in the mix. This is due to his second highest tier status which means better rewards.

With a two monster mission, each monster will have reduced health and you’ll receive more rewards (more relics) when the mission is completed. You’ll also need might seeds. This will increase your attack slightly. This slight increase might seem negligible but if you’re firing 40 bullets per monster times 3 players shooting 40 bullets each…

Well, I was never great at MH math but let’s just say it equals extra-more-DAMAGEZ

You’ll also need barrel bombs Ls and materials for making more (barrel bombs and gunpowder which is fire herb + nitroshroom). We’ll go into why later. You’re going to need both Wystones (specifically for GQs 136 or higher). If you haven’t farmed those two wystones you’re not ready for Hame. Basically once you unlock the first stone, theres 1 G1 mission, 2 G2 missions, and a G3 mission you’ll need to do so it shouldn’t be too long. You’re also going to want all 5 combo books. You want to make sure any combination that might be required stay at 100%. You don’t want your rely to be reliant on RNG. So far we have the following:

  • Pierce 2
  • Pierce 3
  • Might Seeds
  • Barrel Bomb L
  • Large Barrels
  • Gunpowder
  • Both wystones (Drive and Force)
  • 5 combo books
  • Power Charm
  • Power Talon
  • Flash bombs (if the run goes south)
  • Traps of Pit and shock variety (for the same reason as above)
  • some type of healing implement to reactivate Perk Performance (Max, Ancient, Mega, etc)

Break down of a Hame run (step by step)

First you’ll need to eat for pyro (Meat+Alcohol/drink). This is to increase your Barrel Bombs and their damage. When you enter the starting area you need to eat one of the might seeds. You’ll then wait while your status gunner enters the next area first. Rule number #1 of Hame is you do not go in front of the status gunner. This is so your LBGer can sleep the monster and have proper placement of the beast to allow the run to go smoothly. Last thing you want to have happen is the monster chase your ass around while he’s trying to land precious sleeps shots and everyone wipes. Just don’t do it alright.

Once the monster is put to sleep by the status gunner everyone in the party will place bombs around the monsters head during sleepy-time. Remember sleep only lasts a fixed amount of time so trying to be fast about it is always recommended. The HBG will roll 3 rolls away from the monster to insure critical distance when firing shots. You want to maintain a straight line to the monsters head and so the shots travel through the monster. The HBGs will group up making sure there’s no friendly fire (not too close now). You will enter siege mode by pressing X+A after your weapon is unsheathed then press R to zoom. Make sure you are aiming at the monsters head (weak point). It goes along with your skills. The LBG will generally lay a small barrel bomb S to detonate the group of 8 bombs. The HBGs will fire 20 bullets maintaining proper accuracy. If you’re having issues with accuracy, you could always try the variable zoom scope. It’s pretty fun to stare up a Rajangs nostril as you watch your bullet path but is in no way a requirement.

The LBG will normally do a chain of sleep, then bomb, followed by shock trap, then para proc, then pitfall trap, then tranq. You can hold the A button to shoot, and shoot some more. The important thing to learn is that when you are out of bullets your gun will say “RELOAD”. This is proper timing of the B button to cancel out of siege mode. If done properly you can just press X+A again to enter siege mode which will automatically reload your 20 bullets. If done at the improper time, there’s an animation that must play out where your character will inspect the gun like there’s something wrong with it. You can spam X+A to enter siege mode again after the recovery animation is complete. Once the monster is dead, you’re free to run to the next area if it’s a double monster GQ.

If you’re fighting Rajang at level 136 or greater he will always be Apex. This is where your wystones come in. You’ll need to break that apex with your wystones (Drive and Force) so you can properly defeat him in the amount of time stun locking allows. Pierce 2 will be used for Rajang. It’s a good idea for bringing your own traps for when the run goes south, which will happen. You’ll need some kind of potion item in the event you get hit. Since you are using Peak Performance you get a bonus to attack when your health is full. Try to maintain that.

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