Neverwinter Companion Active Bonuses Data

Neverwinter Companion Active Bonuses Data by Kaelac

So many of us have been wondering whether companions and their expensive upgrades justify the cost.  Then there’s a question of which one and how much.

Here’s some info based on ACT parse- bear in mind sample size is low, take the damage and % damage with a grain of salt because it is dependent on how often your crit/or are critted against.  Pets doing same damage on a low DPS class will seem more powerful than a high DPS one of course.  Feel free to add your experiences below.  I’ll try to add some screenshots later.


  • Companion must be in active slot for you to gain bonus.  Idle slot pets give nothing.
  • You cannot have 2 of the same companion in active slots, nor will their stat bonuses stack eg 2 [Sellswords] cannot stack for 600 power and you can’t place 2 of the same type in active slots.
  • If bonus says “affects companion” the bonus will apply to the currently summoned companion only (not you).  They do not transfer via augment pets
  • 2 different companion giving the same type of stat will stack eg [Skeletal dog] (lifesteal) will stack with [Renegade Illusionist] (lifesteal and deflect)

Cost of upgrading companions:

  • White (lv 15) to green (lv 20): 300k
  • Green to Blue (lv 25): 500k
  • Blue to purple (lv 30: 750k

All upgrades are progressive, companions must reach their highest level before the quality can be upgraded.

For reference, every 1000 points in power adds around 3% to your damage (based on DC, haven’t check on other classes).  It’s your call to go for a stat boosting pet over another one depending on what you need.

[Cantankerous Mage]

15% blue 25% purple control bonus

  • Freeze, stun durations increased, stack with Will-o-Wisp and Orb of Imposition

Variable Proc Damage companions:

[Lightfoot thief] (Bloodthirst)

On critical hit: foes nearby target will bleed for level based damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

  • At blue this seems to be a fixed 68.2 damage per second.  Damage not changed by mitigation/debuffs.  Purple is doubled to 113.7 per second, ticks 10 times
  • No apparent target cap (seen it proc on 14 mobs at once), dependent on AoE.
  • Seems like target can suffer from multiple bleeds over time
  • GWF Deep Gash bleeds counts as crits and seem to proc this per tick.
  • No consistent internal cooldown (need to recheck)
  • In combat heavy dungeons it can do 1-2% of a GWF’s damage

High DPS GWF damage over 5 FH runs


[Wererat thief] (Poison)

3% (blue) / 5% (purple) chance to poison target

  • Bleeds seemed to be about 140-160 per sec up to 7s
  • AoE, target cap seems to be 5
  • Very insignificant damage over a dungeon, like 8k-40k.

[Aranea] (Zaaaaap)

3% chance to have lightning strike target, people have said the damage is based on weapon damage.

  • Does not seem to have a consistent internal cooldown (have seen multiple procs within a min), but also seen a 3 min cooldown
  • Damage ranges from 1-5k depending on mitigation and debuffs.  However overall proc rate is  quite low
  • Adds around 100-150k damage in FH (0.5% GWF damage output)

[Renegade Evoker] (Bloodfire)

When suffering a critical hit, does fire damage to nearby enemies.

  • Damage is 568.4 per proc at green, doubles at blue (1136.9) , triples at purple (1705)
  • Target limit seems to be 7
  • Damage is not affected by mitigation/debuffs
  • Dependent on how often you are hit.  Tanking/kiting a lot of mobs will obviously proc this more.
  • Damage can be anything from 40-200k, 1% GWF damage output.

[Blacksmith] (Forgefire)

On damage taken: 15% chance to reflect 10% damage taken, if same target is hit 4x it will reflect 3x the damage taken

  • Adds around 1% GWF damage

[Wild hunt rider]

on encounter use 2% (green)/ 3% (blue)/ 5% (purple) chance to increase damage by 10% for 5s.

  • On average procs around 2-5 times a minute for CWs (have seen 7 procs a min), no internal cooldown, can overlap procs.  Not sure if duration refreshes or it stacks
  • In sustained fights can mean 30-60% uptime.
  • Some HR skills seems to be able to proc this on allies eg Split the sky/thorn ward

[Tomb Spider]

On encounter use 3% blue/5% purple chance to inject deadly poision to target

  • Haven’t tested personally, but forum CW mentioned it added 3-5% of total damage

[Slyblade Kobold]

+3% blue 5% purple damage to rooted or stunned targets

  • No data available

Fixed damage companions:

[Blink dog]

+2% green/ 3% blue/ 5% purple combat advantage damage

  • Some say it’s additive to combat advantage bonus, some say it’s multiplicative, no serious testing done.  Lodur’s tests with green dog shows no statistically significant difference

[Dancing Blade]

+3% blue/ 5% purple crit severity

  • Multiply by your crit chance for expected DPS boost.  Eg 50% crit = 2.5% higher expected DPS output.

[Fire Archon]

+5% damage to targets with less than 30% HP

  • stacks with Tiefling racial and CW Tempest magic feat
  • You could say +1.5% damage on average, in reality it’s more valuable as boss fights usually gets harder towards the end
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