The Settlers Online Block Methods Guide

The Settlers Online Block Methods Guide by Killste

Always use your block general, as normal general.

If you don’t use block methods, there is box that tells you what troops you need to defeat that camp.
Order attack is still same, Top to bottom.

Battle Hardened General

I want point out there is small lack in Battle Hardened General description.

Battle Hardened General also can fight twice as fast as normal general.

Normal general fights 5 rounds. 1 rounds takes 3 second. 5 rounds x 3 second = Battle takes 15 seconds.
Battle Hardened General fights 5 rounds. 1 rounds takes 1.5 second. 5 rounds x 1.5 second = Battle takes 7.5 seconds.

Same information lack also in Veteran General description


As you can see our destination is leader camp number 2, destroying this camp, camp 1, will disappear. We cant attack camp 2, because we got intercepted camp 1 (see the red zone) and we must fight or block it, to reach leader camp.

Normal camp and traps have red zone
Leader camp have not red zone.

We take A general and send it with 1R, and attack bandit camp number 1.
When A general is fighting, red zone will disappear, and you can send B general to Leader camp, number 2.
Block gives 3-5 second to time, before general will loose battle. Normal general gives more time, than Battle hardened general.
You can send 2 or more general to camp 2, and if they reach destination, before red zone appear :
1. First general, who arrive start fighting in camp.
2. Second and third general is waiting in camp, and will not intercepted, when red zone appear.
3. Second and third general wait until First general is finished battle. 1. If first general wins, all generals return in own camps. 2. If first general loose, second general that arrive in camp, start fighting next. Third general fight if second loose, or return with second general.

If general wins and there is still bandit camp with redzone, general is not intercept, because general is already reached destination and is returning.

As you can see, our block is going to fail, because general B cant reach Leader camp, number 2, in 3-5 second. General A will loose battle. Camp 1 got red zone back, General B got intercepted and attack camp 1.

You can practice First Block method in The Dark Priest.

Attack general A to block camp 1, (blue circle)
Send general B to camp when blocked 1 (lilac circle), when general A reach inside red circle.
Assing both your general 1 Recruit and send them like in picture. You loose battles and you need recover 4 hours and loose 2 recruits.
(A general must bee normal general)
(B general can bee normal, battle hardened or veteran general)
Your block is successful, when your both generals reach difference camp and fight in short time, same time.

Your both generals fight in difference camps.
When you have practiced this enough, you can attack next time seriously.

General A lost his battle, and is retreating. Camp 1 is still left.
General B is still fighting in camp 2 and is winning battle, camp 1 is removed, when B general wins battle.
(failed to take screenshot and “fixed with paint”. I add correct picture when I have a chance.


We attack General A to Camp 1. When general A is fighting, we send General B to Camp 2. B general start fighting and fight faster and destroy camp 2, before blocking general A loose or wins battle. When leader camp is defeated, bandit camp is automatically removed, and your block general A is not going loose any troops. Technically, block general A fights never finished so is same that it never started.

Some of those blocking method can do with both normal general, but there is high risk to fail block.
For example, pirates blocking method 3.
Player A used normal generals and was successful with blocking.
Player B used normal generals, and used same timing with A, but fails block

Some of those attack(s) general can be normal general, but you have chance fail block, in worst case scenario.
For example: The Island of the Pirates blocking method 3, (last block)

Player A used normal generals and was successful with blocking.
Player B used normal generals, and used same timing with A, but fails block

If you didn’t understand text, please watch pictures:

Block general is fighting while another general is travelling to a bandit leader camp.

Both generals are fighting in different camps

Both generals are fighting, but general that attacks leader camp is faster and start destroying leader camp.

General destroyed leader camp, before block general looses battle or wins battle.
After leader camp was destroyed, both generals return back to garrisons. You see in middle that normal general battle still continue but he does not loose any troops.

More about blocking MrH4m Camp Blocking Guide

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