The Settlers Online Roaring Bull Adventure Guide

The Settlers Online Roaring Bull Adventure Guide by Alorean

Roaring Bull is my favorite adventure, big loot, 3-players, low losses and possibility to use many Bowman instead of Recruit, big spaces to locate generals for blocking.

I use Bowmans instead of Recruits where possible because Bows are 2-3 times cheaper than BronzeSwords and many players have tons of it. Used on correct camps can even reduce total troops loss for about 5-10%

For this setup you will need Veteran, one normal or fast general, and 4 normal generals for blocking (or wait 4h after first one block to recover if you have only 3).

Version for using only Veteran, one normal or fast general and 3 normal generals with the same losses is durning tests now, if you will like this one then i will post new one after finishing tests. Im happy to hear your opinion about my work – that will help me in next projects and correcting this one as well

I write setups for every blocked camp at the end of post if someone don’t want block that camp or dont want block at all (but of course losses are much bigger then).

For all my blocks:

1. Place garrisons EXACTLY as shown on the small maps with purple border.

2. Assign units.

3. Make block and attack in quick succession.




After G5 >>> 9 Block with G6 >>> 10 Attack WAIT UNTIL ATTACK WILL FINISH THEN MAKE G7 >>> 9 Block with G8 >>> 10 Attack

If you prefer not to use blocks, or want to attack one of blocked camps instead blocking it, then here are setups for blocked camps:

G1 >>> 5 158R 92E (158R)

G4 >>> 7 199M 51E (199M)

G6 >>> 9 156R 94E (156R)

I have hope that everything is clear and helpful.

I’m waiting for your opinion



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