ChefVille Cooking and Crafting Stations Guide

ChefVille Cooking and Crafting Stations Guide by Pinky Chefcadero

Cooking Stations

Each Cooking Station cooks a different selection of dishes. For every dish, you’ll need different ingredients. Some ingredients are created on Crafting Stations, shown below.

Below you will find what is needed to unlock these new Cooking and Crafting Stations. They are unlocked by either completing Goals (shown on the left side of your screen) or by earning Mastery Stars. When you cook dishes, you earn Mastery Stars.

Cooking Stations Unlock
The Grill Starter Cooker
Brick Oven Purchase in Goal: “Inspired Italian”
Salad Station Complete “Freshly Chopped” Goals
Broiler 22 Mastery Stars
Soup Station Complete “Comforts of Home” Goals
Wok 39 Mastery Stars
Skillet 59 Master Stars
Griddle 79 Mastery Stars
Oven 85 Mastery Stars
Deep Fryer 188 Mastery Stars
Slow Cooker 207 Mastery Stars
BBQ 90 Mastery Stars

Crafting Stations

These stations allow you to create parts for your dishes from your own fresh ingredients! For example, you will collect Flour and Milk and that can make Dough, which can be used to make Pizza! Also, some of these ingredients will also be included in even more complicated items.

Crafting Stations Unlock
Mixer Goals: “Family Style” and Have 4 Mastery Stars
Toaster 12 Mastery Stars
Pasta Maker Complete “Lasagna Lead-in” Goals
Grinder NA
Broth Pot Complete “Whiz into Action” Goals
Food Processor 48 Mastery Stars
Bread Maker Complete “The Bread Approaches Goals
Western Sauce Station 134 Mastery Stars
Asian Sauce Station 147 Mastery Stars
Marinator 250 Mastery Stars
Steamer 260 Mastery Stars
Smoker 322 Mastery Stars
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