Arcane Legends Promo Codes List

Arcane Legends Promo Codes List by BadWolf

I know, the current promos arent very good unless ur a beginner, but heres a list anyway in case u want them. if ive missed any, post below and ill add it to the list.

droidgamers111312…….Astral Staff of Aptitude (lvl1)
kotaku111312……………Celestial Staff of Grace (lvl1)
mmorpgkraken………….Bluewater Staff of Aptitude (lvl1)
gameskraken……………Darkwater Staff of Aptitude (lvl1)
kotakukraken……………Astral Staff of Aptitude (lvl1)
tuawkraken……………..Deepwater Staff of Aptitude (lvl1)
onrpgkraken…………….Celestial Staff of Grace (lvl1)
appletellkraken…………Ethereal of Tactics (lvl1)

aol111312………………..Ravagers of Lethality (lvl1)
mmorpgkraken………….Mutilators of Fatality (lvl1)
gameskraken……………Scimitar of Quickness (lvl1)
kotakukraken……………Cutlass of Quickness (lvl1)
tuawkraken……………..Corrupters of Quickness (lvl1)
onrpgkraken…………….Longblades of Quickness (lvl1)
appletellkraken…………Ravagers of Lethality (lvl1)

androidcentral111312…..Lloyd’s Mighty Arm of Will (lvl1)
stsvip111612……………..Valorous Sword of Force (lvl1)
onrpgvip12612…………..Honorable Sword of Stability (lvl1)
mmorpgkraken………….Battleaxe of Will (lvl1)
gameskraken……………Twohander of Will (lvl1)
kotakukraken……………Honorable Sword of Stability (lvl1)
tuawkraken……………..Courageous Sword of Security (lvl1)
onrpgkraken…………….Battleaxe of Will (lvl1)
appletellkraken…………Zweihander of Will (lvl1)

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  1. cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  2. Pet promo codes pls

  3. I want to get egg promo code arcane legends!
    If you do I give a hundred stars for you on my tablet!
    C’mon! Please!

  4. Add me at Anniesboo!!

  5. I Want codes for pets plss

  6. Add friend me strikepvp jaanefed and buttwillow plz

  7. Plise a promocode forma vanity! No promocode amazon plise:-)

  8. I need a code for platnum

  9. Type in for an arcane item: /promo sameeightarcane its glacians egg it worked for me |:3 GLACIAN EGG! WOOOOO! ARCANE BANNER RANK UNO! HAHAHHAHAHA!

  10. just type /promo and then the code, it works

  11. What promi code plstinum

  12. Here is a vanity promo code that gives you fire vanity /promo amazon it gives you vanity armor and helm…. i want a mythic or arcane so i can get the achievement and banner and title.

  13. Does this realy work reply to me if this work

  14. Plizzz 200 platinum

  15. I need a code for a kindle

  16. Guys type this in game /promo amazon

  17. All of them don’t work why?

  18. i need promo code my name in arcane is muphellisem ty

  19. Type /promo code Amazon or /promo amazon


  21. Anyone know promo for kindle fire. No promo for platinum because they use that for game funds. Put /promo Amazon for tiki stuff lol

  22. Hey guys put /promo amazon it will be awesome

  23. WTF all the codes u guys say all dont work

  24. How i can do it…my promo fkr halloween event:promo amazon…xd recrive…august egg and 6 vanity…nkt trade ball… xddd …ty for u read it

  25. pra que servem os promos codes???

  26. New vanity promo code: /promo amazon
    Works for all classes but only once for each account

  27. pls add me im lockatron thts it lockatron is my charcter name in arcane legends hi and bye

  28. How do you put a promocode on a iPhone?):

  29. Add me :

  30. a vanity amor set

  31. hey any hacks add me to game

  32. 111312

  33. can you give me golds pls

  34. Good

  35. Where to put the codes?

  36. In the sorcerer promocodes is there a gun i really want to a twink(which is what we call them) in the game oh yeah if there is pls add hammer


  38. How do u find this wpn?

  39. Fuuck guys, type /deletemycharacter, got it n had lots of platinum, belive me,

  40. Pukipukirpg promo code platinum

  41. Who knows promo codes top

  42. Lol

  43. /Promocode compaqkraken111312 its plat and gold
    and /Promocode bbrats11312 for mythic egg :D wish you luck its works on me how about urs?

  44. add me Nelamy, give me a items/gold plz

  45. promocodes of plats and golds

  46. Why would they make a promo code for plat? If they made promo for plat no one would buy theirs!?!?!

  47. Awesome but if u have a promocode for hundred of platinum excellent but m this is great bro

  48. Promo kode telor arcane ada gak…..?

  49. I need promo for mythic anyone have for me?

  50. if there r promo codes 4 plat ,gold, pets then this is cool the codes here r of cheap quality but thx :]

  51. Kotaku1112312 or code for FEE Fantasie and arcane in tem

  52. Add me llordmagnusz

  53. Its all fake guys that platinum promocode or any gold

  54. i wish it was free vanity

  55. Holaaaaa no se comp se ponen los codigos cpmo se hace porfa diganmelo en espanol?

  56. i got a promocode for mythic:- mythicslash it didnt work for me check if it work for u:)

  57. ….. Promo code baitolaakeki

  58. Hope to have promo codes for mythic thingy.

  59. Pls if somebody finds gold/platinum promo code,pls share it, is there actually a promo code for them?

  60. Is there promo codes for pets or gold

  61. Btw add me Shreikan

  62. In the chat box type in /promocode

  63. Any gold promo codes if so please hook me up :)

  64. where can i put my code in the promo code?


  65. Promocodegameskraken

  66. I need promo codes they’re cool I need them please give!!!!

  67. Why its not work with me please give me a guide

  68. Guys.. there aren’t any Promo Codes for Platinum… i know its dissapoiting… but thats how it is…

  69. platinum is how they help fund the game. why would they give it to you?

  70. Promo codes pls

  71. What is the code for platinum..? Plz

  72. Y is the weps only lvl 1 :'(

  73. Any. Promo code for pets

  74. Ok before calling people idiots make Sure you Use the right way to spell a word.

  75. And when there are plat promo code? And you typed your sentence wrong, yoda.

  76. idiots their are no plat codes never will be


  78. I want promocodes for platinums

  79. what is the promo code for platinum and gold.

  80. mi nombre en ARCANE LEGENDS es Marvado
    agregenme:) porcierto me fueron bien los codes

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