Dragon Nest Priest Guide

Dragon Nest Priest Guide by Jestr

This guide was made to help those that wish to pursue the path of the Priest class.
It is my hope that with this guide, such people can better understand what the class is, and why it is that way.
This guide will have limited information above the level 40 cap until we advance past it, so please bear with me.
This guide will also contain touches of personality and bad humor.


This guide will cover information about the Cleric, Priest, Inquisitor, and Saint classes.
Paladins will find very little useful information here.

Chapter 1: What is Love?

The Priests of Dragon Nest fill the role of Main Support. This includes healing, buffing, and crowd control.
However, Priests are by no means weak. They can take more hits than any class other than Paladin, and can even put out decent damage.
I would suggest the Priest class to anyone who wants to:

  • Have an easy time getting into PvE groups.
  • Be a great asset in Group PvP.
  • Play a spell-slinging character with great defense and support skills.
  • Blast your foes into oblivion with Lightning and Holy Energy.

However, not all is well. Priests do have downsides to keep things fair.

  • Priests are quite weak in terms of damage output. Even as an Inquisitor, you won’t be able to pull too much dps, just enough to be helpful while you’re not supporting.
  • Priests are generally slow. They try to make up for this with defense and health, but it tends to bite them if you aren’t experienced or in a group.
  • Priests typically have trouble in 1v1 PvP, especially early on. Their skills simply don’t combo too well, so you’ll have to chip away at your foe while trying to stay away from them.

Priests are overall easy to use so long as you keep enemy and ally placement in mind. Try to stay close to your allies in difficult fights so you can heal and buff. They should help protect you in kind.

Chapter 2: Divine Instruments

In Dragon Nest all characters use a large variety of equipment they can obtain and use.
Some of it is specific to your Base Class, sometimes it’s for everyone.
These can be split into 4 general categories, with a number of different types in each.

Weapons: The Cleric has a total of 3 Main Weapons and 1 Sub Weapon.
Their Main Weapons include the Mace, the Flail, and the Wand.
As a Priest, you’ll only have to worry about the Wand, as they have the highest Magic Attack and we get specific bonus for using them.
Flails and Maces are for the Paladin, though feel free to try them out before advancing.
The Cleric’s Sub Weapon is a Shield, so you’ll be getting extra Attack and Defense stats, as well as other stats for higher quality Shields.

Armor: Upper, Lower, Head, Gloves, and Shoes. These tend to give defense stats, and generally increase your survivability.
Accessories: Earrings, Necklace, 2 Rings. These give a variety of little bonuses. They also cannot “break” unlike Weapons and Armor.
Vanity: All of the above, plus more. Vanity items (also called Avatar, Costume, or Cash items) are special items received from the Dragon Vault (this game’s Premium/Cash Shop) and special events. They take up separate slots to your normal equipment and change the look of your character. Some even give stat bonuses. Vanity Items also lack durability, and cannot be broken.
Crests: Crests are a special type of equipment that fit onto a special panel of your character window.
Detailed information can be found here.
Crests can be found in dungeons , and can be purchased from a variety of sources. However, most newly found crests are in a state that is unusable, called “plates”.
You must speak to a Crest Scholar and provide them with materials, as well as a nominal fee, to unlock them.
They provide passive bonuses to stats and skills, though you cannot use two crests for the same skill or two with the same prefix.

As for specific stats, Magic Damage is a given.
Light Damage should be next for Inquisitors, then Intellect for either.
After those, survival stats like Vitality, Defense (both Physical and Magical), and HP are desirable.
Past that, it’s preference, and how you want to build your character.

Chapter 3: Specialization

You’ve gotten to level 15, done the Job Advancement quest, and become a Priest! What next?
As with any profession, you’re going to be working for your next promotion right away.
But how is that going to work?

Each Base Class divides into two “sub-classes” at level 15.
Each Sub-Class then divides into two “Tertiary Classes” at level 45.
The Priest (a sub-class) can become either an Inquisitor or a Saint.
Both have all the traits of the normal Priest, but are a bit more specialized.

Inquisitors build toward becoming more self-sufficient. Their skills are direct attacks on the opponent, and usually tend to work better on mobs of enemies.

Saints work toward becoming a better supporter in parties. Their skills involve the use of stationary objects called Relics. Relics have different effects on surrounding units, from zapping enemies to curing your allies.

Obviously, it’s very helpful to decide early on, so you can set up a structured build.
However, don’t feel bad if you can’t make up your mind.
Play the game, see how each of the roles feel, and then decide. You’re given a skill reset for a reason (and if you’ve blown that, there’s more in the Dragon Vault).

Chapter 4: Mad Skills (Basics of SP)

So, you still want to make an Priest?
Fantastic. Go create your character, grab some friends (or make some, these forums are friendly), and play!
The game is very good at easing you into the game, and even has a tutorial in case you’re still shakey.

However, one of the more confusing aspects of Dragon Nest is the SP system. Is it bad? Not at all. I’ll try to explain it here.

As you level up, you gain SP. SP is used to learn and upgrade skills.
If you’re new, feel free to mess around. You should be getting an SP reset after you advance, so if you mess up, you can start over without “starting over”.

Warning: Math!

Each character starts with 0 SP.
Each level, you gain 10 SP. (Except for lvl 40, where you get 20)
Thus, at level 40, you’ll have 400 SP to use.

Each skill costs an amount of SP to learn, and some can be upgraded.
Skills that require hotkeys to function (blue) tend to require more SP than those that are linked to specific actions (yellow).
For example, the Priest spell “Grand Cross” requires 10 SP to learn, and 4 SP to upgrade per rank.
On the other hand, the Priest’s “Mind Snapper” requires 8 SP to learn, and 3 SP to upgrade.
Grand Cross is used by pressing a key 1-0, Mind Snapper is activated when you left-click while using Sliding Step.

In addition, once you advance your job, you’ll be limited by the amount of SP you can put into either job.
Before job advancement, the maximum is equal to 10 times your level, effectively making it 10 points above the maximum you could actually put in.
After job advancement, things get complicated.
First, note that all jobs will have an equal amount of maximum SP.
Second, the amount of maximum SP increases by 6 each level, except for multiples of 4, where it increases by 7.
To clarify, at levels 17, 18, and 19, you
can put up to 6 of your 10 points into either Cleric or Priest skills.
At level 20, it increases by 7, meaning you can allocate 25 more points every 4 levels.

Is your head spinning yet? Just use this: mmosite Skill Simulator.

Enter the level cap you wish to plan for and go to town.

But there are so many shiny skills! Which should I choose?

The skills you choose are entirely up to you. Of course, certain skills are better, and there certainly is a “perfect build” that someone will devise. But the game is quite lenient. Get creative! Build around your own style of play.

Still, what kind of guide would I be if I didn’t explain the skills?

Chapter 5: Mad Skills (Cleric Skills)

This section will cover skills you can obtain as a Cleric, regardless of sub-class.
I will recommend how I would handle the skill, but feel free to do your own thing.
I am not an expert, just a member trying to share his knowledge.

Attacks with the following symbol can cause electrocution: [E]
Electrocution shocks the victim every few seconds, interrupting their actions.

Shield Blow
Unlocked at: Character Creation
SP to Upgrade: 3
Shield Blow is useful for the first few levels, but as a Priest, you shouldn’t be using it much after advancement. Level 2 for Block.

Struck by Lightning [E]
Unlocked at: Character Creation
SP to Upgrade: 3
Same as Shield Blow, but it’s one melee hit, then lightning strikes the enemy. Still not useful, and it’s not a prereq.

Roundhouse Kick
Unlocked at: Character Creation
A free skill. It’s what it says on the tin, right-click to unleash a little kick. Useful for breaking obstacles.

Stomp Kick
Unlocked at: Character Creation
A cleverly named skill that allows you to stomp on, then kick enemies that are on the ground. Not very gentleman-like, that’s for sure.

Unlocked at: Lv. 5 (Rank 2 Shield Blow required)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 8/3
A very good skill. For 15 seconds, it allows you to block attacks, taking no damage. Increasing the skill level allows you to block more attacks. Get this to whatever level you feel comfortable, though “Blocking” an attack will cancel any attack you’re performing.

Righteous Bolt [E]
Unlocked at: Lv. 3
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 8/3
Your first magic attack. Unfortunately, it’s best used at close range, but it’s quite powerful in return, with a rather low cooldown. This causes four streams of electricity to flow in four diagonal directions. Hitting at close range can make all four streams hit the opponent.

Dive Kick
Unlocked at: Lv. 4
SP to Learn: 6
An aerial kick. Self-explanatory. Not useful for Priests.

Sliding Step
Unlocked at: Character Creation
SP to Upgrade: 2
A great skill. It gives your character a way out of sticky situations by dodging out of the way. Double-tap a directional key (WASD) or press Shift along with one. Max this skill whenever possible to lower the cooldown.

Angelic Kick
Unlocked at: Lv. 6
SP to Learn: 6
Another kicking skill, this one targeting stunned enemies. Pass on this one.

Vengence Strike
Unlocked at: Lv. 5
SP to Learn: 6
If you get knocked down, this makes it so that you get up and slam any nearby creeps away. Recommended you get this.

Holy Kick
Unlocked at: Lv. 8 (Rank 1 Dive Kick required)
SP to Learn: 6
A second kick after Roundhouse Kick. It’s more of a Paladin skill, and it requires getting Dive Kick.

Divine Combo
Unlocked at: Lv. 12
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 8/3
An interesting branching melee combo attack. If you press the Standard Attack button, it ends in an explosive attack. If you leave it alone, it leaves the enemy vulnerable to a quick standard combo. Again, more of a Paladin thing.

Aura of Healing
Unlocked at: Lv. 10
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 8/3
Finally! As a Priest, you’ll be happy to find you’ll be able to start healing from level 10. This heals a % of everyone’s HP as well as a static number, and has a decent AoE around the caster. Just watch out for the 60 second cooldown, and try to keep your friends close.

Paralyze Bolt
Unlocked at: Lv. 9
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 8/3
Paralyze Bolt is your first ranged attack. It fires a ball of Holy energy, which explodes and binds all enemies it hits in place. Very useful, but the damage isn’t spectacular. More for utility, so I’d advise Rank 5.

Sliding Knee Kick
Unlocked at: Lv. 11 (Rank 2 Sliding Step required)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 6/2
Another kick? This one is activated while using Sliding Step. This one might be useful for PvP, depending on your playstyle.
At rank 3, you can preform an extra kick.

Aerial Evasion
Unlocked at: Lv. 16
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 6/2
Another recovery skill. This one allows you straighten yourself after being thrown into the air.
Another highly recommended skill.

Unlocked at: Lv. 20
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 5/1
A passive skill that reduces Physical Damage. If you’ve got extra points, this isn’t a bad skill to invest in.

Health Bolster / Mental Fortitude
Unlocked at: Lv. 20
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 5/1
Two more nice passives. These increase your HP and MP respectively.
Priests already have decent numbers in both, but more never hurts.

Attuned Mind
Unlocked at: Lv. 30 (Rank 2 Mental Fortitude)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 5/1
Another passive, this increases your MP recovery. Again, the choice is yours, but I’d definitely get this.

Redemption Aura
Unlocked at: Lv. 35
SP to Learn: 0
The Cleric’s free level 35 buff. It increases the healing any spells or items do for a certain amount of time to all affected. It’s free, get it.

Chapter 6: Mad Skills (Priest Skills)

15 levels as a Cleric, and now you’re a Priest. With a plethora of shiny new skills, let’s get started!
Forewarning, make your own path from here if you haven’t already.
I will not be giving recommendations.

Lightning Bolt [E]
Unlocked at: Lv. 15 (Rank 5 Righteous Bolt required)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
What it says on the tin. You shoot lightning lightning from your weapon. It hits multiple times and deals some nice damage. Inquisitors will need Rank 11 for Lightning Bolt EX.

Wand Mastery
Unlocked at: Lv. 15
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 5/1
This skill has two effects, both are nice.
First, it increases your Magic Attack when wielding a wand. However, it also has the added effect of changing your regular combo slightly. You will now attack slightly faster, with one more melee attack before shooting lightning. It also increases the lightning you shoot to three spreading streams.

Lightning Relic [E]
Unlocked at: Lv. 15 (Rank 5 Righteous Bolt required)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
You will love this skill, Saint or Inquisitor. It drops a relic from the sky that begins shooting lightning in every direction for several seconds. The duration is even longer than the cooldown, so you can have 2 of these out at a time! Saints require Rank 11 for their EX skill.

Mind Snapper [E]
Unlocked at: Lv. 17 (Rank 2 Sliding Step and Rank 1 Lightning Bolt required)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 8/3
The magical form of Sliding Knee Kick. You fire a ball of lightning f
orward that explodes. It’s always nice to have an offensive use for defensive skills.

Blessing of Light
Unlocked at: Lv. 19
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
A party buff that increases Light Attack and Resistance.

Protection Shell
Unlocked at: Lv. 19
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
Another buff. This one decreases damage taken, both Physical and Magical.

Chain Lightning [E]
Unlocked at: Lv. 19 (Rank 1 Mind Snapper required)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
An AoE centered on the Priest. It shocks surrounding enemies and can “jump” from the victim to enemies near the victim. Good at destroying super armor and hitting downed enemies.

Grand Cross
Unlocked at: Lv. 23
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
The Priest ineffectually slashes twice, and summons a giant X to slowly tear through enemies. Interestingly, you can fire it in whatever direction you want, even into the air.

Healing Relic
Unlocked at: Lv. 23 (Rank 3 Heal and Lightning Relic required)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
Another relic. This one heals allies around it, and works off of your Magic attack. It heals in multiple “waves”.

Blessing of Strikes
Unlocked at: Lv. 26 (Rank 2 Protection Shell required)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
The last Priest buff. It’s similar to Protection Shell, but it increases your allies’ damage by a %.

Unlocked at: Lv. 26 (Rank 3 Chain Lightning required)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
This skill dispels the electrocution debuff on enemies, but it also deals decent damage. Good for bombing groups.

Cure Relic
Unlocked at: Lv. 29 (Rank 3 Healing Relic required)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
Another relic. Similar to Healing Relic, but each “wave” cures allies of a debuff. It also increases the Light Attack of allies in it’s parameter.

Vengeance Wave
Unlocked at: Lv. 29
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 8/3
A nice skill that allows you to throw enemies off of you. Left-click while being attacked to knock enemies away.

Holy Burst
Unlocked at: Lv. 32 (Rank 4 Grand Cross required)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
This skill allows you to call down divine power in the form of lasers! It attacks enemies around you and deals some good damage.

Hold Relic
Unlocked at: Lv. 32 (Rank 1 Cure Relic required)
SP to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
Yet another Relic. This one acts like Paralyze Bolt, in that it binds enemies in place with every wave. Very useful in both PvE and PvP.

First Aid
Unlocked at: Lv. 35
Sp to Learn/Upgrade: 10/4
A passive skill that randomly heals you for 10% of your HP when hit. It has a 30 second cooldown and deals damage to surrounding enemies when activated. I have found little else about this skill.

Here we go, the last two skills. These are the “ultimate” skills of the Priest tree, and as such, you may only pick one. Pick and use which one you want carefully.

Inquisitors should pick up Heavenly Judgment. It’s a purely damaging skill that zaps anything around the Priest with lightning. It also decreases the Light Resistance of it’s targets.

Saints get another relic, the Miracle Relic. The Miracle Relic summons Holy Burst-like beams of energy around it, as well as shielding nearby allies and curing them of their ailments.

The ultimate for your Tertiary Class is required for all current skills except the respective EX skill.

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