Grand Epic Online Pet List Guide

Grand Epic Online Pet List Guide by Steven203
Soul-seizing Skill level up method:
Players can catch wild monsters as your pets, but your Soul-seizing Skill must be  higer than the monster level. Below is a convenient way to level up Soul-seizing Skill.^^
Open pet window,[and]click “Release” to let pet fight with you or watch fight.
1. Go to the Amah Rock on Yanbo Island.
2. Use Soul-seizing Skill on Giant Sea Monster. (This monster cannot be caught as a pet so player can use it to level up the skill.)
3. Set a hot key at the screen bottom as MP restoring potion; Use something to hold this key so that it keeps the pressing status;
4. As Soul-seizing Skill is consecutive using skill, once player uses this skill to monster, it won’t stop until the monster is successfully caught.
So in this way, player can level up Soul-seizing Skill like using auto-fighting mode.
Tips: players are suggested to buy as much as possible MP restoring potion, at least 100 bottles. Or a more convenient way is to use MP Self-restoring Card which can be bought in the Mall in-game.
Note: If you are using pet egg in the mall to incubate pet, please don’t log out game or change line, otherwise, the luck index will reset to 0. 

Monster list which can be caught as pet :
Tips: Attack the monster to lower its HP will make it easier to catch it. It may take dozens of times to catch it even if your skill level is higher than monster level.(Skill level can’t exceed character level.)
Rabbit level 1 [Yanbo Mountain]

Monkey level 2 [Yanbo Mountain]

Carp Goblin level 6 [Riverside of Yanbo Village]

Leech Goblin level 7 [Riverside of Yanbo Village]
Small Devil Rat level 13 [Raoyun Town]
Big Devil Rat level 14 [Raoyun Town]
Golden Macaque level 18 [Raoyun Town]
Crab Goblin level 20 [Raoyun Town]
Mane Mad-dog level 23 [Chang’an]
Bee Spirit level 29 [Mad-bee Mountain of Flowers Valley]
Flying-fish Goblin level 37 [Loveless River of Flowers Valley]
Millennial Water-snake level 37 [Loveless River of Flowers Valley]
Giant Crab level 48 [Tianmu Cave of Tianmu Mountain]
Giant Smilodon level 51 [Shu Mountain]
Big Stone Tortoise level 52 [Shu Mountain]

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