Grand Epic Online Equipment System Guide

Grand Epic Online Equipment System Guide by GEO

Summary of Weapon and Armors

In Grand Epic, weapon has five-element attribute damage. They are metal (damage), wood (damage), water (damage), fire (damage) and earth (damage). Armors have five-element attribute resistance. They are metal (resistance), wood (resistance), water (resistance), fire (resistance) and earth (resistance). These attributes can be enhanced in the Blacksmith’s and Tailor’s. However, attributes enhancement are limited to materials. And of course materials can also be enhanced. The attack power of weapon directly affects the attack power of character. And five-element attributes have significant impact during battle, too.

Metal attribute of weapon and armors can enhance the strength of character, wood attribute reinforces character’s stamina, water attribute contributes on intelligence and fire attribute helps increase character’s luck index while earth attribute strengthens defense power. The augment of weapon attribute won’t show in character’s attributes column but they actually take effects in fighting. For example, the metal(damage) of one player’s weapon is A. The total metal(resistance) of his opponent’s armors is B. When A>B/5, the player’s weapon will generate additional harm to his opponent. The situation is the same for other five-element attributes.

Sum up every five-element attribute of weapon and armor the character has equipped. The one five-element attribute with the greatest value stands for the character’s principal five-element attribute. If the value of every five element is the same, then the character’s five-element attribute is neutral. Rules of five elements conquering and generating with each other: Metal conquers wood, wood conquers earth, earth conquers water and water conquers fire while fire conquers metal. Though there is an opposite relationship among five-element attribute, five elements generate each other: Metal generates water, water generates wood, wood generates fire and fire generates earth while earth generates metal. If a character with principal five-element attribute of metal attacks a character with principal five-element attribute of wood, he will cause additional damage finally. If an earth attribute player attacks a wood attribute player, the damage will be reduced. That is to say, player will prevail over his opponent if his five-element attribute conquers the opponent’s. However, neutral player will not be affected.

The total sum of attribute value for weapon or armor determines the star number of the weapon or armor. The higher the value, the more stars it gains.
You can forge your weapon at the Blacksmith’s in Chang’an City. See picture below.(Forge your armors at the Tailor’s in Chang’an City)

Forge Equipment
Forge equipment can increase equipment’s attributes so that make character more powerful. Weapon can be forged at the Blacksmith’s while armor can be forged at the Tailor’s. To forge weapon needs Cold Siderite and to forge armor needs Sky-patching Stone. Players can gain them from questing, killing monsters, in-game trade, or just buying them in the mall. The amount of inlay socket on equipment is the maximum cap of inlay accessory amount. Players can inlay accessory into weapon and armors. Weapon accessories are various kinds of beads, while armor accessories are cloth or threads. To inlay equipment, just left-click an equipment on character interface, choose “Inlay” to open inlay panel. Drag the accessory you want to inlay into the equipment from inventory to inlay panel.


  • Character level must reach accessory’s inlay requested level to inlay it(except character has experienced reincarnation).
  • Inlaid accessory will be put in inventory after equipment is taken off.

Forge Super Weapon
Star weapon can be upgraded to super weapon. The maximum cap of material will be augmented and character gains extra attributes bonus after weapon is upgraded. Attributes bonus includes attack and defense power, max HP and max MP.

There are 6 levels of super weapon: Earth Weapon, Special Earth Weapon, Super Earth Weapon, Sky Weapon, Special Sky Weapon and Super Sky Weapon. Each level of super weapon adds extra attributes to character.

Character must be at least level 60 or have experienced reincarnation and equiped with Star weapon, or it is not allowed to forge super weapon.

Related NPC
Newer, Blacksmith in Chang’an City

Extra Attributes Bonus Details

LevelEffectAlteration of Maximum Cap
Earth WeaponAugment max MP and defense powerMaterial cap 82
Special Earth WeaponAugment max HP and defense powerMaterial cap 85
Super Earth WeaponAugment attack powerMaterial cap 88
Sky WeaponAugment max MP and attack powerMaterial cap 92
Special Sky WeaponAugment attack and defense powerMaterial cap 95
Super Sky WeaponAugment max HP and MP, attack powerMaterial cap 100

Here listed are the locations and monsters from which you can get equipment set of Wind-chasing, Cloud-riding, Crescent, Clear-jade, Sun, Sunset and Star.

Level 1-15 (Yanbo Island)
– [Ring – Level 5] & [Shoes – Level 5] Monkey
– [Wind-breaking Weapon – Level 5] Quest of Wind-breaking Legend
– [Silver Necklace (inferior)] Leech Goblin/Carp Goblin
– [Silver Necklace (regular)] & [Silver Bracelet] Pirate
– [Weaponry – Level 10] Cateran/Chief of Cateran
– [Armor – Level 10] Pirate Chief/Chiang Dashow/Giant Sea Monster

Level 20, Wind-chasing Equipments (Raoyun Town)
– [Wind-chasing Broadsword] Small Rat Goblin/Instance of Demon Lord’s Cave
– [Wind-chasing Sword] Big Rat Goblin/Instance of Demon Lord’s Cave
– [Wind-chasing Bow] Centenary Rat Goblin/Instance of Demon Lord’s Cave
– [Wind-chasing Rod] Treant/Instance of Demon Lord’s Cave
– [Wind-chasing Clothes] Devil Fox
– [Wind-chasing Hat] Instance of Demon Lord’s Cave
– [Wind-chasing Shoes] Crab Goblin
– [Wind-chasing Pants] Master of Devil Fox
– [Wind-chasing Necklace] Fish Thief/Instance of Demon Lord’s Cave
– [Wind-chasing Bracelet] Shrimp Goblin/Instance of Demon Lord’s Cave
– [Wind-chasing Ring] Giant Dragon/Instance of Demon Lord’s Cave

Level 30, Cloud-riding Equipments (Chang’an City)
– [Cloud-riding Broadsword] Wild-goose Goblin
– [Cloud-riding Sword] Chang’an Robber
– [Cloud-riding Bow] Devil Wild-goose
– [Cloud-riding Rod] Ancient Devil Wild-goose
– [Cloud-riding Clothes] Devil Lord of Wild-goose Pagoda
– [Cloud-riding Hat] Devil Lord of Wild-goose Pagoda
– [Cloud-riding Shoes] Chang’an Gangster/Chief of Chang’an Gangster/Mad Dog
– [Cloud-riding Pants] Devil Lord of Wild-goose Pagoda
– [Cloud-riding Necklace] Stele Forest
– [Cloud-riding Bracelet] Thief/Chief of Thief
– [Cloud-riding Ring] Happy Hall

Level 35, Crescent Equipments (Flowers Valley)
– [Crescent Weaponry] Instance of Mad-bee Mountain
– [Crescent Clothes] Loveless River God
– [Crescent Hat] Howling Golden Money
– [Crescent Shoes] River Robber/Chief of River Robber/Shorebird Goblin/Millennial Water-snake/Instance of Mad-bee Mountain
– [Crescent Pants] Flying-fish Monster/River Robber Ghost/Loveless River God
– [Crescent Necklace] Huge Devil Flower/Instance of Flower Grave
– [Crescent Bracelet] Flower Thief/Chief of Flower Thief
– [Crescent Ring] Instance of Mad-bee Mountain

Level 40, Clear-jade Equipments (Herming Mountain & Tianmu Mountain)
– [Clear-jade Weaponry] Tianzhu Demon
– [Clear-jade Clothes] Desert Robber/Blood-thirsty Guard/Crazy Swordman/Yellow-sand Evil Dragon
– [Clear-jade Hat] Tailless Fox/Babu Ghost Soldier/Babu Ghost General
– [Clear-jade Shoes] Bronze Monster/White-jade Monster/Millennial-stone Monster
– [Clear-jade Pants] Blood-thirsty Guard
– [Clear-jade Necklace] Incarnation of Liu Demon/Soul of Liu Demon/Babu Ghost General
– [Clear-jade Bracelet] Demon Archer/Taoist Wooden Soldier/Taoist Paper Man/Ape Guard of Peach
– [Clear-jade Ring] Taoist Magical Soldier/Taoist Fairy Soldier

Level 45 Sun Equipments (Tianmu Mountain)
– [Sun Weaponry] Instance of Chiyou’s Secret Room
– [Sun Clothes] Instance of Chiyou’s Secret Room
– [Sun Shoes] Taoist Copper Man/ Instance of Chiyou’s Secret Room
– [Sun Pants] Yellow-sand Evil Dragon/ Instance of Chiyou’s Secret Room
– [Sun Necklace] Desert Robber/Underground Water Ghost/Soul of Tianmu Disciple/Tianmu Malicious Ghost/Giant Crab/Martial Eagle
– [Sun Ring] Instance of Chiyou’s Secret Room

Level 50, Sunset Equipments (Tianmu Mountain & Shu Mountain)
– [Sunset Weaponry] Sword Spirit
– [Sunset Clothes] Devil Sword
– [Sunset Hat] Tianmu Framed Ghost/Giant Smilodon
– [Sunset Shoes] Big-foot Sword Demon
– [Sunset Pants] Big Devil Sword
– [Sunset Necklace] Shu Robber/Shu Highwayman
– [Sunset Bracelet] Tianmu Malicious Ghost/Sword Soul
– [Sunset Ring] Swords Soul

Level 60, Star Equipments (Instance of Huangdi’s Secret Land)
– [Star Weaponry] Instance of Huangdi’s Secret Land
– [Star Clothes] Instance of Huangdi’s Secret Land
– [Star Hat] Instance of Huangdi’s Secret Land
– [Star Shoes] Instance of Huangdi’s Secret Land
– [Star Necklace] Instance of Huangdi’s Secret Land
– [Star Bracelet] Instance of Huangdi’s Secret Land
– [Star Ring] Instance of Huangdi’s Secret Land

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