Facebook The Sims Social Gift Requests Guide

Facebook The Sims Social Gift Requests Guide Accepting and Sending by cutelilkittie

Possible solutions to not being able to receive or send gifts and requests:

It helps substantially if you “wait” for the page(s) to load before clicking the next button/link/page. The Javascript for Facebook will be less likely to be faulty.

Note that some of the requests are FOREVER lost. For gifts you have to wait until it is deleted in a few hours or the next day before you can send another gift. For relationships you will have to wait until the 3 day expiration to post a fresh new invitation.

  1. Accepting with a clean browser
    • Log out of Facebook
    • Clear your cache
      • For Firefox it’s Tools>Clear Recent History, make sure Cache is checked , then click “Clear Now”
    • Relogin to Facebook and start accepting the ways mentioned below
  2. Accepting VIA wall post
    • Click the “Claim the rewards” “Accept and Decide” or whatever the link says.
    • Click “Continue” when the reward goes through and let the game load
    • Do NOT make your Sim do anything, wait at least 5 minutes. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes but you don’t have to wait that long if you’re impatient.
    • Hopefully, the message/gift/request window will pop up. If not try the other ways to accept
    • With accepting via Relationships on the wall, the person who sent the request has to resend the invitation a few times before it goes through. Luckily you can get the rewards in each invitation.
      • To resend invitation, is the person whoever sent it must go to their friend’s house and talk to them until a message pops up going “Hey, you want to send a reminder again to ___?” Say yes to it.
      • Another way is that you wait after 3 days for the invitation to expire and then resend the Relationship upgrade. I suggest that the other person sends the request this time around.
    • Accept the long way:
    • Get a notification on the top left of your facebook. Click it to see the notifications sent about “Sims Social”
    • It will transfer you to the “Game Requests” Make sure you let the page finish loading!
    • Under Sims Social, click any of the Accept button.
    • Let the game load.
    • Do NOT make your Sim do anything. Sometimes it overwhelms the game and the rewards do not pop up. It sometimes loads slower for certain browsers. It’s fine if your Sim moves by itself.
      • I would wait or leave the window open. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes but if you’re too lazy, close it at 5 minutes.
    • If it still doesn’t pop up, refresh and wait again, do NOT make your Sim, do anything.
    • Now if it STILL doesn’t pop up even after waiting again, make your Sim be in the best mood.
      • This makes the game less focused on the needs of your Sims to move around so much on their own when you start the game next time.
    • Refresh and wait one more time.
  3. Accepting the shorter way, skip the notification and just go to your game requests and accept.
  4. Try a different browser
    • It worked for me at first. I was using Firefox and it wasn’t popping up the window. I used Opera which loaded slower, but successfully had the window appear. I switch back and forth.
  5. Accepting/Receiving/Sending gifts
    • There is a limit of how many gifts you can send, send back, or accept. I do not know what is the limit yet. The -only- unlimited ones are “Claim Reward” “Get Social Points” “Accept Gift and Decide” links posted on your wall/newsfeed. “Get free simoleons” prizes has the limit of claiming 10-20 links. Just wait for the next day to accept them.
    • If you accept the gift but it turns out you already reached the maximum times you can receive one, it -will- disappear. Sorry.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How long do you have to wait to post another request to facebook? i.e for fear for one of the hallowe'en quests? I only need 2 more, but it finishes in 16 hours and the link for my friends to click on disappeared from my wall. :(

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