Eden Eternal Martial Artist Guide

Eden Eternal Martial Artist Guide by duskitup


So I was going to post on someone’s topic to help them, but then realized I was writing so long, that I might as well make it it’s own topic. I haven’t seen any guides for Martial Artists so, hey, why not?

Current M.A: Lvl 50/46 So I cannot provide information on the last Class Skill.

The Importance of a Shield
Remember you can use shields! Remember they have DEF and Blocking and stats, and all these pretty things to help you! Martial Artists are made for attacking, they have nice base pa-atk as is. If you are fighting something strong, too many mobs, or a good pvp-er, use a shield to better up your chances of success. If you are fighting some weak mobs, or something you know you wont die fast against, or a squishy pvp-er, use two weapons.

Please fellow Martial Artists, and for that case, every semi-melee dps out there (including Knights) if you’re going to use two weapons place the strongest weapon on the right hand (first slot) and the 2nd (weaker) weapon on the left hand (2nd slot, off hand). This gives you higher attack. I see so many people doing it opposite; having 7k atk, when just by switching arms they can have 8k atk.

Regular Skills
Lvl 30 or max
This skill is up to you, you have other strongest ones to choose from, but this one’s nice if you want to keep the skill spamming moving. You need at least 25-30 since you don’t get others skills until you’re higher lvl.

Sonic Cut
Lvl 30
This skill is nice for dungeons, specially as thief. But once you’ve gotten M.A, you really will not use it much since you don’t have time to spam it 5 times, as your basic attacks and crits do a lot of damage as is.

Lvl 10-max
This is mostly used in PvP (one on one, for now). Simple buff, if you want more attack (str) then upgrade it high; the decision is up to you since it’s very costly to max any skill. I keep mine at 35, giving me +102 str. Maybe that’ll change once more PvP things are implemented.

Fast Shadow
Same as about (Encourage), but gives Evasion. I keep mine at 35 atm, as well. Giving me +153 evasion.

Futy Hit
At least lvl 30 since it’s your only AoE move, and you want it to hit decent. I like to kill things fast, so I keep it max at 50.

Class Skills
Collapsing Blow
Lvl 20-max
This skill is good for battling against Defensive classes or any class that use a Shield. (as a martial artist, you will use shield sometimes, as well). It’s good mostly for PvP, so lvl as you like. Mine is at 30 now and will probably max in the future for PvP.

This skill allows your criticals (if you hit any) to hit for 100% more dmg (so, x2) for the next 4 seconds. You will find yourself using it a lot, so lvl as you’d like. The increase in attack per level is not too high, but since I use it SO often, I like to keep it maxed for maximum damage. (Only the attack increases per level, not the % of crit-which stays at 100%, nor the seconds. Stays at 4 seconds.)

Charging Assault
Lvl 30-max
This is the famous skill that stuns with a charge towards the opponent. Same as above, pretty much, level as you’d like, but I use it so often that I like it maxed. Stun stays at 3 seconds no matter what level skill.

Vajra Roars
Lvl 25-max
This skill reduces some P-dmg received for 30 seconds, as well as reflect back 30% of received damage (30% at any lvl). So level as you’d like. It’s mostly used for the 30% reflect, the damage reduced does not increase too much per level. However, I like to pvp, so I keep mine at 45.

Defender’s Strength
Lvl 25-max
Defense buff, lasts 18 seconds. First 10 seconds = +320 DEF (at lvl 35) stacked per hit. Up to x10 hits = + 3200 DEF for the remaining 8 seconds. Also + 26 Evasion x10 stacked = +260 evasion for the remaining 8 seconds. As stated, mine’s at lvl 35. Each level increases the amount of DEF stacked, but not the evasion, which stays at 26. Will probably max for PvP.


Offensive buff, lasts 18 seconds. Same as above but the skill description is bugged so you cannot see how much is being added. I will update next time I’m on and see exactly how much is added. It’s around 150-200 P-ATK per stack. Also up to x10 to stack for first 10 seconds, and last 8 seconds to use as you please. Currently lvl 35, will definitely max for PvP.


Spirit Scar
Lvl Max
This is your strongest skill. Usually used after Suppress for chance to hit a mean critical hit (my highest has been 4.6k on a mob). This skill also randomly removes on buff of the opponent and does not allow them to be healed for 6 seconds. (A must have for future pvp)

Knowledge points
Pure DPS
If you plan on being a mean dps, definitely get Art of Boxing to AT LEAST 5 for a bit of a P-Atk boost. (1% per level). Also, Martial Art to increase the chance of your criticals. At least lvl 5, as well. Remember that if you have high crit chance mixed with the Class Skill: Supress, you have a chance of being one dangerous, mean dps.Martial Art Mind Game is up to you, as it increases ACC.

Pure “Evasionist”
If you plan on having pretty good atk, but want to be a ninja and make people/mobs miss on you, then get Adjusted Peace to the level of your convenience. Mix with whatever talents you’d like depending if you then want to take a lot of dmg or hit a lot of dmg.

Pure Tanker
If you plan on having pretty goo datk, but have the mindset of a knight or warrior, then get Physical Martial Artist,Defense Technique, & Silky Slot as high as you’d like. Then decide how much atk you want to add with your talents.

Look at your gear, what do you have a lot of, what do you lack? How much do you want to evade, how much DEF and Attack are you looking into? What really suits you?

This is really on your part. Sorry I’m saying so much is up to you, but this game has so many options (yay!) that it’s really up to you on what to use all these different things you’re presented with! Try out different things, see what you like best, stick with it or change it up.

Now. Please go do what we do best; be the best dps class.

If there are mistakes, opinions, comments, critiques, etc. Please do share.
I will update as more information is attained.

Thank you for reading and hopefully this will help you.

– Dusky

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