Eden Eternal Dungeon Boss List

Eden Eternal Dungeon Boss List by xRedPandax

Of course, there need to be a dungeon boss list for those who want to hunt trophies and too lazy to run through the whole dungeon to see if they have what the collector need. I (have to0 much free time) decided to make a list, and a little guide on the bosses’ weakness, where they are, and some map (mostly for Shark HQ). It’s still in the working, and I’ll post each map’s dungeons separately.


Limestone Mountain

Angor Quarry:

Herak’s Drop List
Herak’s Imprisoning Staff
Herak’s Power Pendant

MoriMori’s Drop List
Mori’s Gilded Toxic Root
Mori’s Horror Ring

World Boss: Justin Allspore

Justin’s Drop List:
Justin Allspore’s Destruction Root
Justin Allspore’s Determination Wrap
Justin Allspore’s Boot

Tranquil Hill

Fort Vendure:

Quade’s Drop List:
Quade’s Heirloom Staff
Quade’s Eagle Strike

Ketak’s Drop List:
Ketak’s Black Eagle Wing
Ketak’s Forgiveness Mace

World Boss: Papineau:

Papineau’s Drop List:
Papineau’sSharp Tooth Belt
Papineau’s Soft Belt
Papineau’s Smoke Belt

Rainbow Forest

Tasos Channel
Note about Tasos: Angela and Juan stands together, attack together, and you can’t get one without getting the other, so the best chance is to kill Juan first, since he stun, and get Angela after. Since both of them have totally different BP weakness, you can either invite a high level person to DPS tank, or Kill Juan, then reset Angela and break her after.

Angela’s Drop List:
Angela’s Prayer Sword
Angela’s Priest Hold
Angela’s Tree Soul Nail
Juan’s Forgiveness Ring

Juan’s Drop List:
Juan’s Blue Sky Tooth
Juan’s Doom Hunting Bow
Juan’s Battle Mace
Juan’s Death Ring

World Boss: Mandragora

Mandragora’s Drop List:
Mandragora’s Sharp Tunic
Mandragora’s Membrane Coat
Mandragora’s Fast Vine Skin

Goss Mountain


Salvio Drop List
Salvio’s Lucky Coin
Salvio’s Attach Axe
Salvio’s Punishment
Salvio’s Ambition Ring

Jiro’s Drop List
Jiro’s Dragon Scale
Jiro’s Dragon Death Bow
Jiro’s Comfort


Gun-RX79 Drop List
Gun-RX79’s Fuse
Gun-RX79’s Lullaby
Gun-RX79’s Cold Steel Sword

RoboVT080 Drop List
RoboVT080’s Driver Chip
Robo VT080’s Functional Sword
Robo VT080’s Magnetic Staff

Kison’s Droplist
Kison’s Dry Stigma
Kison’s Battle Tactic
Kison’s Belief Robe
Kison’s Killer Hand

Beluga Bay


Edwin Drop List
Ulicul’s Compass
Ulicul’s Turban
Ulicul’s Dirty Belt
Ulicul’s Misery Boots
Ulicul’s Distorted Ring

Guillame Drop List
Guillame’s Demon Tail
Guillame’s Skull Broken Shield
Guillame’s Blood Gloves

Vile Shark HQ:
Notes about Shark HQ: Kedar is the easiest to reach since he’s the only one that doesn’t require anything to summon. Axe Moss requires you to kill all Vileshark Fighters before he appear. Charles is the last boss after you turn in the quest, head over to the Jellies to kill them, then he’ll appear. I’ve put down the location of the bosses.

Kedar Drop List
Kedar’s Old Nautical Chart
Kedar’s Tsunami Spell
Kedar’s Helmet
Kedar’s Sea Monster Garb
Kedar’s Cruel Wave Step

Axe Moss Drop List
Axe Moss Pure Gold Bullet
Axe Moss Deck Breaker
Axe Moss Whale Skin Tunic
Axe Moss Silver Shirt
Axe Moss Star Night

Charles Drop List
Charles’s Magic Crystal
Charles’s Dragon Eye Helmet
Charles’s Swordman Brigandine
Charles’s Demon Belt
Charles’s Crow Boots


Branda Root:

Null Heart Drop List
Eyes of Null Heart
Null Heart’s Flesh Tooth
Null Heart’s Style Firearm

Acilino Drop List
Acilino’s Trophy Claw
Acilino’s Doomed Mark
Acilino’s Hammer
Acilino’s Funny Side
Acilino’s Recovery Stone

Malice Palace:

Valley of Kings

Note for Rotten: Abby have a debuff (similar to Garson) that allows her to heal when she’s being Physically attacked, so the tanker/melee class need to check the debuff and stop attacking when she’s debuffing, she’s also keeps on healing unless the party is doing enough damage, so I would suggest find a thief as a DPS, and have the tank AoE the summons the moment they pop up to prevent them running to the healer. Also, Abby is weak with a hammer, so have the tank use a hammer to prevent her from debuffing too much. Jesse is the last boss, and he’s not much of a boss, but more of the average normal monster, so you don’t have to worry at all about Jesse.

Jinny’s Drop List:
Jinny’s Trap Fire Net
Jinny’s Off-Key
Jinny’s Blood Hook
Jinny’s Thin Wing Gloves

Abby’s Drop List:
Abby’s Crystal Toxic Staff
Abby’s Mother Hug
Abby’s Horror Stare
Abby’s Abyss Shell

Ulta Hall:
Note about Ulta: Let’s face it, it’s a pain in the bum @__@ Kenny is First Boss, kill him, then head over to the Quest NPC, Next is George(Tiamat), kill him, head over to the Quest NPC. Gamera is last boss, this guy have healing debuff (gains HP if attacked) and damage debuff (tank/melee loss HP if they attack him), so please watch your debuffs; there is a pretty high number of monsters there you have to clear, not to mention hidden monsters. Most of them hit hard, so beware. I’ve included a map as to where the bosses are. Also, Tiamat like to wander around, so watch out you don’t run into him while cleaning mob. One last thing, don’t make the mistake of killing bosses before you get the quest for them. It WILL be annoying.

Kenny’s Drop List
Kenny’s Hidden Black Robe
Kenny’s Harquebusier Helmet
Kenny’s Secret Magic Control
Kenny’s Shell Hat

Tiamat’s Drop List
Tiamat’s Shout
Tiamat’s Belt
Tiamat’s Dragon King Totem
Tiamat’s God Belt

Gamera’s Drop List
Thunder Attack-Camera’s Sword
Camera’s Tooth Greaves
Camera’s Night Tooth Shadow
Camera’s Leader Gauntlet

Avila Volcano

Baram Chasm:
Note about Balta: Watch your debuff, Quiller have damage debuff that damage the physical attacker if they attack him. He also have large range of AoE, so you can’t stay at max dist, but have the Cleric AoE heal or Purifying Wind. Quiller break aggro, so have the tank watch the debuff and reuse the Provoke skill.

Quiller’s Drop List
Quiller’s Recoiless Pistol
Quiller’s Peace Hammer
Quiller’s Dragon Tail Thorn
Quiller’s Fire Bow

Miller’s Drop List
Miller’s Axe
Miller’s Ancient Law
Miller’s Evil Spirit Staff
Miller’s Trap

Baltaroi Core:

Haslett’s Drop List:
Haslett’s Demon Stell Shield
Haslett Executor
Haslett’s Doom Touch
Haslett’s Confession

Ebaster’s Drop List:
Ebaster’s Rapier
Ebaster’s Lament Ashes
Ebaster’s Black Flame Dagger
Ebaster’s Ash Hammer

Golden Plains

Mayor’s Dream:
Note about Mayor’s : Dana sleep and have the debuff that make the tanker take 4x damage, so if you can, get an Engi to do DPS, Engi can stun Dana and interrupt her casting so she won’t kill the tank in one hit. Alice, at 3/4 HP, will spam a debuff that make tanker take damage if they attack her, it’s best to have the DPS switch to mage to break her and DPS while the tank stand still and keep aggro.

Dana’s Drop List

Alice’s Drop List

Notes about Venifang: Chino is the last boss, and he AoE with a big range, you would need to have 2 healers with you to heal everyone. Break him fast, kill him fast, or he will wipe out the whole party (if you’re not careful that is).

Han’s Drop List:
Han’s Bizarre Mask
Hans’ Static Belt
Han’s Military Boot

Karen’s Drop List:
Karen’s Personalized AKT Fire
Karen’s Beat Training Heart
Karen’s Mirror Turban

Ram Blood’s Drop List:
Ram Blood’s Tiger Skin Robe
Ram Blood’s Tiger Skin Glove
Ram Blood’s Piercing Ring

Chino’s Drop List:
Chino’s Wolf Howl Pendant
Chino’s Fancy Magic Vestment
Chino’s Wolf Skin Boots

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