Glory of Rome Facebook Game Start up Guide

Start Up Guide for New Players

by Solar

New players in Glory of Rome struggle to learn all the nuances of the game quickly. This is to help you avoid making mistakes that can be costly latter on.

When you first log on:


When you start a new game on a server, you will be taken to the deity selection screen above after choosing your avatar. The only way you can change your deity once you’ve started playing
is by using specific items which are sold for gold in the “Shop”.

If you are a fighter, you want to consider Mars (attack boost) or Vulcan (Defense Boost)
– The sun deity, Apollo increases the benefit from your research. Researching technologies can improve building, attacking, transporting and more.
– The deity of growth, Ceres increases your resource production. More resources allow you to build, train and research more items.
– The deity of war, Mars boosts the attack power of your troops. Powerful troops will help you expand your empire and conquer far off-lands.
– The deity of love, Venus increases your max population. The larger your population, the more citizens you have available to train as soldiers or work in the fields.
– The deity of the forge, Vulcan forges stronger defenses for your troops. Strong defense increases the survivability of your troops, helping you win battles.

Select which ever deity fits your game style. If you want to battle, then Mars or Vulcan should be your first choice.

Name Change:
Look in ‘Inventory’ for your “beginner” chest. It is not actually a chest, just items dropped to your inventory. You should find several items including an item that will allow you to rename
your avatar.

Reforged Identity

Click on the Reforged Identity and enter your new name. Before you hit enter again, double check the spelling and capitalization. It is 15 Gold in the shop to change it again.


When you initially start, build, build, build. You need to get to Level 7 which requires only 7500 glory points. Building your city a few levels will help. This will drop the deed to your 2nd
city. You will need resources. Collect resources hourly.

Building your fields first so you have a steady supply of resources is recommended, but if you are in an alliance, you will be helped with resources. The more barracks you have the faster your troop training.

You need one of each building type. Most players have 6 to 7 villas, and the rest of the space is for barracks. The more barracks you have the faster your troop training.

In the fields to start with, have a good mix of the various field buildings. This will give you a good base of resources to get going with. Once you start to build troops, they must be fed or
will desert. Make sure you have enough food production to support your troops.

Research is very important. It proves you with buffs or bonuses to help your game play. Always have research going in every city and always work on upgrading your temple.

The Temple:
You can level the temple at the same time as your other buildings. A high-level temple, along with sacrifices, really helps with buffs for your city. With appropriate sacrifice, you can increase your resource production. The percentage of the increase depends on the level of the Temple. A level 9 Temple has a 10% buff to resource production for 24 hours when you sacrifice.

You can get more items for sacrifice by posting to your Facebook page and having friends click on the link. But be aware: Facebook will ban you for game posts if you use this feature too often

This building is important as you use it to “collect” taxes from your population. The tax is silver that you will need for research and scouting. Each level higher increases your population’s happiness by 1%. This increases the silver production. In the beginning you will need a Coliseum in every city but once you
have completed your research, you only need it in one city to generate silver for scouting. You can “Hold Events” by clicking on the Coloseum but the return for them is low.

Wilds are important. You should capture wilds to help with your resources. The higher the level of the wild, the higher the increase to your production. 10,000 Conscripts will take a level
5 wild or 35,000 for a level 6 wilds. As your research levels are higher you can use less. (See Tutorial on attacking wilds)

Swordsmanship (Same level as the level of wild) research and Conscripts are a good starting point for attacking wilds up to level 6.

Beware of owned wilds. You can not take them away from the owners by attacking them.

Beginner Protection:
Beginner Protection. Beginner protection prevents a new player from being attacked. It ends once you build your castle to level 5. Spend time getting your research, building and troops buildings as high as possible before you take the leap to level 5 Castle and become available for farming and attacking
by other players.

The general determines most of the outcome of a battle. Generals are assigned from your Facebook friends who play the game. The higher the level of your General, the stronger it is. You can level your Generals by attacking Barbarian camps, Level 3 barbarian camps give 100 skill
points. You also get 100 points attacking dead cities with 1 conscript. Lower-Level wilds will also give 100 skill points It’s good to use up your general’s energy each day to level up faster.

Energy for the Generals is LIMITED!! You get 8 Energy a day. It automatically resets once a day. Once your General reaches Zero Energy, it can not march.

There are two ways to replenish the Energy without having to wait for the reset. Go into the General Quarters and click on Details. This loads the page where you can Appoint Generals, check their Status to
the next level, and by clicking on the far-right green button , you can bring up the Refill Energy popup.

This gives you 2 options for Refill Energy. A token that you can purchase for 2 gold or posting to your Facebook wall. If friends click on your post, your general should get refilled, however, this works
intermittently at best. Facebook also frowns on multiple posts from games and has started to ban players who use it frequently.

General Levels.
Generals need to be leveled before you engage in any warfare. The higher your general is the lower your losses with barbarian camps and wilds. A general can reach a maximum of 225. A level 100 General
engaging against a 255 general will be decimated along with most of the troops. (Tutorial on Leveling Generals soon to come)

This tutorial was brought to you by Solar.

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