Valheim Boar Breeding Guide

by balls_man

I’ve extensively studied Boars in order to create the most efficient Boar farm possible. I’m here to share my results. I’ll keep this guide as short as possible.

There’s been a misconception that a larger enclosure is needed in order to breed more Boars but this is actually a very inefficient way of doing things.

Here’s what you need to know about breeding Boars:

  1. You need at least 2 Boars to breed (of course)
  2. At least 2 Boars needs to be “Happy” (fed) to breed
  3. Boars eat Raspberries, Blueberries, Mushrooms, Carrots & Turnips (they’re all equal)
  4. You can have a maximum of 6 Boars within 5 floor tiles before breeding stops
  5. Boars only breed when they’re in close proximity (smaller enclosures promote faster breeding)
  6. Boars do not breed nor feed if a player(any) is not within rendering distance
  7. Players do not have to be within rendering distance for Piggies to grow into adult Boars
  8. When Piggies are born or Boars render in, they sometimes clip through walls (I recommend thicker walls or digging a hole in the ground)

Image for visualization:
Screenshot of my Boar farm:

If we take my farm for example. I start by collecting and replanting my carrots which I use strictly for feeding Boars. All the food is the same but growing carrots makes it more convenient for me than searching the woods for berries. I then cull the Boars by only leaving 2 in each enclosure. As I do this I also throw in 2 carrots to feed the Boars. When I’m done feeding and culling, I collect and replant all my Barley. By the time I’m done, which usually takes me about 2min, my Boars have already given me 3 Piggies in each enclosure. I don’t have to wait for them to grow so I can safely leave the farm to do other things. By the time I return to my farm, the Piggies would have already grown into adult Boars and I can repeat the process.

I hope this helps you and clears up some things. Have fun with your farm. :)

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