Dark Souls 2 NPC Achievements and Quests Guide

by JoeyTheSchmo


There are a total of 9 achievements linked to NPC questlines.

1: Curious Map

NPC: Cale the Cartographer

He can be found in the Forest of Fallen Giants; exhaust his dialogue and he will move to the Majula Mansion.

You must light all 8 fires on the map within the Mansion, each of which is lit either by defeating a boss or getting a key item.

  1. Kill the Last Giant
  2. Kill the Lost Sinner
  3. Kill the Old Iron King
  4. Kill the Rotten
  5. Kill The Duke’s Dear Freya
  6. Obtain the King’s Ring
  7. Kill Throne Watcher & Defender
  8. Obtain the Ashen Mist Heart

After completing every item on that list, go and talk to Cale. He will give you his equipment, and the Curious Map achievement will pop.

2: Change of Clothes

NPC: Rosabeth of Melfia

This quick quest is almost always finished during normal gameplay. Go to the Shaded Woods, and use a Fragrant Branch of Yore on Rosabeth.


After she recovers, talk to her. She will ask for clothes; give her whatever you like, but know that you cannot get back any equipment you give her. Although the option will always be in her Interact menu, you only need to give her one piece of equipment to satisfy this requirement. Upon doing so the Change of Clothes achievement will pop, and she will move back to Majula.

Go talk to her to receive your glorious reward: one Prism Stone! Try to contain your excitement.

3: Gathering of Exiles

For this achievement, you will need to find and send to Majula all 7 possible NPCs:

  1. Merchant Hag Melentia; exhaust her dialogue in the Forest of Fallen Giants and defeat the Last Giant.
  2. Cartographer Cale; exhaust his dialogue in the Forest of Fallen Giants.
  3. Licia of Lindeldt; exhaust her dialogue in Heide’s Tower of Flame.
  4. Carhillion of the Fold; with at least 8 raw INT, exhaust his dialogue and defeat the Flexile Sentry.
  5. Rosabeth of Melfia; unpetrify her, give her a piece of equipment, and exhaust her dialogue.
  6. Stone Trader Chloanne; exhaust her dialogue in Harvest Valley.
  7. Laddersmith Gilligan; kill Mytha the Baneful Queen and he will move to Majula himself.

Once all NPCs have been moved to Majula the Gathering of Exiles achievement will pop.

Note that all 7 of those NPCs and the 4 who start there must all be alive and in Majula at the same time.

4: Moonlight Greatsword

NPC: Benhart of Jugo

You will need to exhaust his dialogue in each of his locations, starting at the entrance to the Shaded Woods, while summoning him to fight 3 bosses, successfully i.e. he must be alive when the fight ends. If he dies, die or warp out of the fight to retry.

There are 4 places you will encounter him along his questline:

  1. Near the entrance to the Shaded Woods.
  2. Drangleic Castle, near the Central Castle bonfire.
  3. Forest of Fallen Giants, sitting near a fallen giant past the Pursuer’s boss arena
  4. Memory of Orro, near where you spawn in.

The bosses he can be summoned for:

  1. Prowling Magus
  2. Looking Glass Knight
  3. Elana, Squalid Queen
  4. Giant Lord
  5. Throne of Want fights; note that these don’t seem to count towards the quest

You can use Bonfire Ascetics to complete his fights. Prowling Magus is the easiest, while Giant Lord is the fastest. If he has trouble staying alive, you may consider using healing Miracles to prop him up, or using the Redeye Ring to keep aggro off him.

After satisfying the fight requirement, and exhausting his dialogue at each location, go talk to him in the Memory of Orro and he will give you his equipment, and pop the Moonlight Greatsword achievement.

5: Holder of the Fort

NPC: Captain Drummond

He can be found laying on some rubble at the beginning of the Memory of Vammar. Kill the Giant Lord, and exhaust his dialogue to receive his Drangleic Helmet, and pop the Holder of the Fort achievement.

6: Lucatiel’s Trophy

NPC: Lucatiel of Mirrah

This questline is much like Benhart’s; you must find and exhaust her dialogue at 5 locations, while summoning her to defeat 3 boss fights. As with Benhart, she must be alive when a boss dies for it to count.


Her locations:

  1. No-Man’s Wharf; Scholar: Found in the building up the first set of stairs, to the left; Base Game: Standing next to the bonfire.
  2. The Lost Bastille; in the tower straight ahead of the Tower Apart bonfire.
  3. Earthen Peak; Scholar: just past the entrance of Earthen Peak, in a room down in the poison water; Base Game: At the Lower Earthen Peak bonfire.
  4. Black Gultch; From the first bonfire, stick close to the edge. Before the first tar pools you can spot a small ledge below. Using a torch is strongly advised to see it. Drop down and follow the path to find her leaning against a wall.
  5. Aldia’s Keep; at the Foregarden bonfire. Again, do not speak to her unless you are sure you satisfied the fight requirement.

Her fights:

  1. Flexile Sentry
  2. Lost Sinner
  3. Smelter Demon
  4. The Rotten
  5. Burnt Ivory King

Again, Bonfire Ascetics can be used. Flexile is arguably the easiest, and the Rotten is the fastest. As with Benhart, you can prop her up with Miracles and/or use the Redeye Ring to keep aggro off her.

After satisfying her boss fight requirement and exhausting her dialogue in the first 4 locations, find her at Aldia’s Keep. Exhaust her dialogue to receive her gear, and pop the Lucatiel’s Trophy achievement.

7: Smith for Life

NPC: Steady Hand McDuff

Have him perform one of each type of infusion, then exhaust his dialogue to be gifted a Titanite Slab and pop the Smith for Life achievement.

Note: it’s unclear what the specific trigger for this quest is, but there are three likely criteria:

  1. Spend 10,000 souls on upgrade/infusion/repair
  2. Have him perform every infusion at least once
  3. Light the brazier in his workshop so that he moves to his anvil

Doing all three should ensure you get the achievement.

8: Garrulous Miser

NPC: Laddersmith Gilligan

Defeat Mytha the Baneful Queen so he moves to Majula, then buy his most expensive ladder. He will gift you his equipment, and the Garrulous Miser achievement will pop.

9: Reflections of Disembodiment

NPC: Head of Vengarl

Find Vengarl in the Shaded Woods; in the foggy area, hug the left wall until you come to a clearing with a round stone structure. Vengarl is on a pile of rubble. Exhaust his dialogue to receive Vengarl’s Helm and pop the Reflections of Disembodiment achievement.

Non-Achivement Questlines

There are 24 remaining NPC interactions, of which 3 are major questlines.


Kill all 3 Ogres in Things Betwixt (requires a Fragrant Branch of Yore in SotFS) then exhaust her dialogue. She will give you the Handmaid’s Ladle.


Speak to her after obtaining the King’s Ring and she will give you 6 Human Effigies.

Blacksmith Lenigrast

Spend 8,000 souls on smith services (upgrade/repair) and exhaust his dialogue to receive the Blacksmith’s Hammer.

Stone Trader Chloanne

Spend 20,000 souls and talk to her for a Twinkling Titanite.

Carhillion of the Fold

Speak to him with 30+ INT to receive the Northern Ritual Band +1.

Crestfallen Saulden

Die 100+ times and speak to him for the Ring of Steel Protection.

Send 4+ people to Majula then speak to him for a Soul Vessel.

Maughlin the Armorer

Spend 16,000 souls at his shop, then speak to him with 0 souls to receive the transparent Aurous Set.

Licia of Lideldt

Speak to her with 30+ FTH to receive her equipment.

After lighting 3+ Primal Bonfires and retreiving the Crushed Eye Orb from the Undead Crypt, use it in the Rotunda room to invade and kill her.

Mild-Mannered Pate

Completing this questline requires following Chreighton the Wanderer’s as well.

Speak to him in the Forest of Fallen Giants, then spring the trap by entering through the gateway that closes behind you. Come back and exhaust his dialogue.

Summon Pate for the Last Giant fight, and defeat the boss with Pate still alive.

Next, speak to him in Earthen Peak, and he will give you his armor. Retrieve Great Heavy Soul Arrow and open to one-way door in his room, then exhaust his dialogue.

If you have followed Creighton’s questline as well, the two can be found fighting in a room near the top of Brightstone Cove Tseldora.

You can help Pate kill Creighton, but if you already got his gear then you will not get any reward and will forfeit Creighton’s rewards.

Creighton the Wanderer

Completing this questline require following Mild-Mannered Pate’s as well.

Unlock the Undead Lockaway in Huntsman’s Copse, then exhaust his dialogue.

Find him in the Shaded Ruins, in a tower just before the Najka fight, and exhaust his dialogue.

If you have followed Pate’s questline as well, the two can be found fighting in a room near the top of Brightstone Cove Tseldora.

Help Creighton kill Pate, then talk to him to receive his gear and the Tseldora Den Key.

The key unlocks a door at the bottom of Tseldora, behind a breakable wooden door.

Open the trapped chest within to hear a line from Creighton and receive the Engraved Gauntlets.

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan

This questline is the most extensive and convoluted in the game, by a long shot.

Just go read the wiki for yourself. Seriously.

Blue Sentinel Targray.

Obtain a Token of Fidelity, then speak to him in the Cathedral of the Blue.

Speak to him while Rank 3 in the Blue Sentinels to receive his gear.


Buy 15,000 souls worth of goods from him, then speak to him for the Gyrm Greataxe.

Straid of Olphais

Unpetrify him, near the end of the Lost Bastille. He requires 3+ INT and 3+ FTH to initiate dialogue.

Trade 4+ boss souls, then speak to him for the Black Robe Set.

Felkin the Outcast

Requires 8+ INT and 8+ FTH to initiate dialogue.

Talk to him with 20+ INT and 20+ FTH to receive his Hexer’s Set and Sunset Staff.

Grave Warden Agdayne

Speak to him after obtaining the King’s Ring to get Agdayne’s Set and Darkdrift.

Titchy Gren

Speak to them while Rank 3 in the Brotherhood of Blood to receive their set.

Darkdiver Grandahl

Speak to him after defeating the Darklurker to receive his Dragon Chime.

Magerold of Lanafir

Spend 10,000+ souls at his shop then speak to him for the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +1.

Give him the Petrified Egg from the Dragon Shrine to unlock the Dragon Remnants covenant, which he leads.

Head of Vengarl

Kill his body (SotFS: past a petrified Lion Warrior near Manscorpion Tark. Base Game: Just past the Duke’s Dear Freya fight) then speak to him. He will add the Red Rust Scimitar, Red Rust Sword, and Red Rust Shield to his shop inventory.

Manscorpion Tark

Equip the Ring of Whispers when you want to speak to him.

Kill Scorpioness Najka then talk to him for a Fragrant Branch of Yore.

Kill The Duke’s Dear Freya then talk to him to get the Second Dragon Ring, and (in SotFS) the Black Scorpion Stinger.

Chancellor Wellager

Speak to him after defeating the Giant Lord to receive the Royal Dirk and Espada Ropera.

Speak to him again after defeating Throne Watcher & Defender for the Llewellyn Set.


After freeing the Milfanito at the top of Drangleic Castle, speak to the two in Shrine of Amana for a Fire Seed, and a Divine Blessing.

If you haven’t killed any of them, and have 0 Effigies in your inventory and storage box, you may use the altar in Shrine of Amana to become human.

Alsanna, Silent Oracle

Farm up to 50 Loyce Souls from the Charred Loyce Knights, then speak to her for: * 5 Souls = Loyce Gauntlets, Loyce Leggings * 15 Souls = Loyce Armor * 35 Souls = Loyce Helm * 50 Souls = Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle.

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