AFK Arena Hidden Mechanics Guide

by StrugglePotato

· All Hastes stack, All Shields Stack:

– This means Lyca Haste Buff will stack with all other Haste buff (including Lab’s drops), Lucius and Nemora Shield stacks on top of each other. This also makes Lucius’s special drop in Lab and PoT a disgusting skill (Remove his shield timer). His shields stack with each other, and now it will never expire, pair him with energy buffers and watch your team become immortals.

· Soren’s guild boss:

– Lucius’s shield prevent charming CC. This makes him the best tank for Soren guild boss due to his AOE charm skill which can wipe your team. Nemora Shield will also prevent charm CC.

– Soren will always prioritise attacking units behind him first. This makes Baden, Grezhul, Silvina, Numisu and Warek good units to distract him and taking his charm skill as they can position themselves or summons behind the boss.

· Non-Ultimate skills mechanics:

– The cd of these timer skills seem to be based on the number of attacks performed by the hero. (This will need further testing)

– This means haste buffs will allow heroes to dish more of these skills out. I’ve notived that my Arden tends to roots more often with haste buff on.

· CCs (Disabling skills) mechanics:

– CC skills in AFK Arena are very OP as they prevent the enemies from doing 2 things: dealing damage AND recovering energy (via attacking). Freezing, stun and root will also prevent enemies from moving.

– This is why Wilders are OP as they possess the most CC skills out of all factions in the game.

– Single target CCs can be dodged. This include Fawke’s coffin, Arden’s roots and Tasi’s banish. This is why Kaz is such a disgusting hero late game.

– Tasi’s ultimate cannot be dodge, making it the most powerful CC skill in the game as of right now.’s

– If a character get CCed in the middle of a skill animation, that skill will not deal any damage and will be put on cool down. This is most evident by observing Tasi banishing Khasos while he is throwing his axes. Even though the axe has left his hand, it will not do any damage to your team. This further emphasises the importance of Haste and especially early battle Haste (Lyca’s skill, Lab drops). If your Arden manages to root the enemy Arden in the middle of his root skill animation, his root will be put on cd and you will likely root him again before his root is off cd.

– Lyca can mini stun with her passive skill (every 10 hits), which scales upward with attack speed. This becomes a 3 targets stun with her special drop from Lab and PoT. This mini stun will also cancel skills and put them on cd

– Farael spirits can mini stun, making him one of the strongest CC and dps carry in late game. Farael’s special drop skill make his spirit last forever. This means that with a well planned opening, you can permanent stun the enemy team before they can do anything.

· Energy mechanics:

– Energy is gained in AFK Arena via 3 means: Dealing, Taking damage and Killing enemies

– Dealing damage gains energy per instance of hits, not the amount of damage dealt. A level 160 and lvl 60 Saveas will gain the same amount of energy per spear thrown. This is why Haste buffs are so powerful as they effectively increase the overall energy gain for your team. This is also why Lyca is OP

– As energy is also gained by taking damage, front line heroes will always recover energy faster than backline. This is why an overleveled Shemira on the front line is a viable strategy mid game. This also means that your front line heroes will recover less energy when the enemy team is CCed. Take this into account when activating your skills.

· Shemira’s ultimate mechanics:

– It is not a separate identity from Shemira (ie not a summon), rather it is an extension of Shemira’s attack that target all enemies. This means that if Shemira is CCed, her ult will not deal damage. Edit: Only charm will prevent Shem ult from dealing damage, not other CC.

– Shem’s ultimate can be stacked, even though the visual does not display it. This makes her one of the ideal DPS carry for energy focus teams. A prime example is the Shemira + Light Bringers (Rowan, Rosaline, Estrilda) for guild boss.

– Shemira’s ultimate can deal damage in the middle of other team mate’s ultimate animation. This will require some timing and practice to perfect, but imo, aim to activate another team mate’s ultimate about 2 seconds after Shemira’s ult leaves her body. This effectively turn the ult’s animation of another team mate into a free 3 seconds AOE CC. This is especially powerful with Fire/Ice bringer as it will allow you to apply 3 debuff stacks before the enemy team get to do anything. Edit: This mechanic will can be further chained with subsequent ultimate animations activating at the right time, which requires even more practice but is absolutely worth it!

· Rowan’s mechanics:

– Rowan’s mana shield allows him to use energy to take damage. This value is capped at 80 energy which means that even if you hit him for 99999999 damage, he will only lose 80 energy (given that he has 80 energy to spare)

– Recall that energy is also recovered by taking damage. This makes Rowan a viable tank late game. He lose energy to take damage, then gain energy from taking damage.

– Couple this with his energy steal (flying duck skill) and his signature item and ultimate, both are energy giving skills, making him one of the most durable and annoying support in the game.

· Tasi’s mechanics

– Tasi’s teleport/blink will allow her to dodge that instance of damage. At level 2 this skill cd is reduce each time Tasi is struck, making her a super annoying unit given enough hp and def. Tasi would still recover energy for the damage instance that she dodged.

– Tasi can heal with her Dream Spirit

– Tasi’s banish skill will steal up to 40% of the target’s Attack Rating. This makes her an ideal unit for fighting enemies above your level cap. She hits like a truck if she banishes the right unit

– IMO Tasi is one of the strongest and most versatile unit in the game right now. Let’s recap what she can do:

§ Single target CC

§ The strongest AOE CC in the game that doesn’t require any positioning (as compared to Mehira) + is undodgeable + 30% of TOTAL damage enemies received while sleeping when waking up. This skill is broken. Edit: Tasi’s ultimate is undodgeable but could be counter with immunity via skills (Brutus ult. Warek passive, post-ult Ulmus) or animation frame invincibility (ie: Athalia’s ultimate)

§ Guaranteed dodge with diminishing CD as she takes damage

§ Haste buff for team (From her friendly teleport)

§ A freaking 13 seconds Self Haste buff (Dream Spirit) that doesn’t require energy and is useable more than once per battle. Recall that Haste= Energy gain, this allows Tasi to dish out a lot of skills per battle as compared to other units.

§ Healing

§ Damage Steal

· Eironn’s mechanics;

– During the battle opening phrase, Eironn’s suction pull get prioritized before most other skills, making him a mage destroyer.

– With enough haste he will also slow the mages with his ice sword before they can do anything. Recall that Speed = Energy gain and Slow = less energy gain

– Eironn’s signature item allows his ult tornado to freeze enemies. Frozen enemies will also be rooted, preventing them from getting knocked back by his ult and his wind sword (which is a bad thing, you don’t want enemies to get knocked away from your DPS). This will allow grouped enemies from his suction skill to stay frozen in front of him, and continue to receive ass whoopings from the Baratheon god.

– Eironns suction skill and CC works very well with Belinda’s ult (which amp damage based on how many enemies it hits)

– Eironn suction skill work very well with Safia’s Spectral Disruption. Effectively allowing you to apply a 40% damage debuff on 3 enemies before the battle even started.

· Lorsan’s mechanics:

– Lorcan’s Inner Sight increase all ultimate ability damage from your team by 220% UNTIL THE END OF THE BATTLE Edit: Many people has pointed out that this will only last for as long as Lorsan is alive. If he dies the debuff visual will persist but the dmg amp will be gone.

– This makes him an S tier guild boss hero despite the faction damage disadvantage against Wrizz. Shemira’s ult melts faces with this skill.

– Lorsan Gale Force link effectively increase the damage received by the enemy team by 48% (120+120/5)

– The link is especially strong with AOE skills. This is similar to warlock link skill in Dota.

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