AFK Arena Celepogeans After Chapter 34 Guide

by XapySlenderman

So we all know that building celepogeans is a very expensive thing. So knowing how everyone of those celepogeans is used FOR PVE could be essential info while building em.

I have delayed this for atleast 4-5 months as I wanted opinions of several other people. So after talking to several whales, guide makers, experienced players, this is the conclusion of how every celepogean works and their priority of building.

Note:All the people I talked to had slightly different opinions about this but with predictions for the fate and potential of all these heroes with newer heroes is discussed below.


Contrary to popular belief she is actually more useful that Ezizh for multiple stage battles. While Ezizh is definetly better than Athalia overall and Ezizh should always be built before her, her utility is nothing to ignore.

While Ezizh is irreplaceble in the God comp, the god comp itself is a very expensive and a risky thing to use for 5 stage team or higher. Even with just using Twins, Rowan and Ezizh in 1 team, thats a lot of your supports used in 1 team leaving the other 4 significantly weaker. (There are rare exceptions where God comp is used in 5 stage or higher teams, But they are are rare for a reason)

Now Ezizh isn’t useless everywhere except God comp. But his utility is significantly lower than Athalia’s utility.

Common question:

But Ezizh has both energy regen, hypo buff,ult lock and is really tanky with +9 FI and +30 SI while Athalia only has her initial dive. So whats making Ezizh worse?


While it is true that Ezizh has a lot of usage but when even Arthur barely survives at minimum power at those levels, don’t expect Ezizh to last long. If he can’t live he can’t provide any buff except energy regen.

Now this energy is abused in Thoran cheese and since Ezizh can die without worries, that opens up 1 slot of extra strength gear for some other Hero. But excluding God comp, Thoran cheese and match up specific usages of Ezizh, there isn’t much more.

As for Athalia, she has her initial dive, energy lock due to the dive, good cc and decent damage.What makes her better is her ability to be put in any team and function well.

She can be put the following common comps:

•Gwyneth team •Celetials and wilder •Celetials and graveborn •Match up specific

In the Gwyneth Team Athalia replaces Ukyo’ utility. Ukyo pushes the frontline enemy but keeps them stunned for the longest time compared to Esteilda or Hendrik.

Athalia+ Estrilda perform the same thing Ukyo can do. But why is this essential you may ask?

Well because Antandra exists. Her spear skill 1 shots Gwyneth and activates after 8 seconds(Can’t be dodged or interrupted) but if she was already in a state of cc and the 8 seconds pass, she will trigger her skill only after the cc has ended. Hence Athalia buys Gwyneth enough time to Kill Atanadra before she throws her Spear. Estrilda behind Athalia ensures that Athalia knocks Antandra toward’s Gwyn’s Arrows.

Cele graveborn and Cele wilder are very similar in that they use variations of (Orthros, Talene, Wu kong, Flora and Athalia) with Ferael, Nara or Tasi etc.

The comp works well but lacks cc which is what Athalia brings.

She also can be used in any team and work decently when targeting the right enemy. Don’t make her dive on a Tasi or Ferael…

Enemy Solise is a serious bitch from 34+ and you will appreciate how good Athalia is when is used against mages and correct enemies. Her 5 second energy lock is invaluable for this purpose.


His main utility is being part of the energy cycle( Ezizh, Rowan and Twins)

This makes him irreplaceable for 1 stage battles like King’s Tower.

While Ezizh is irreplaceble in the God comp, the god comp itself is a very expensive and a risky thing to use for 5 stage team or higher. Even with just using Twins, Rowan and Ezizh in 1 team, thats a lot of your supports used in 1 team leaving the other 4 significantly weaker. (There are rare exceptions where God comp is used in 5 stage or higher teams, But they are are rare for a reason).

He himself isn’t tanky enough even with +30 SI and +9 FI at minimum power at these later chapters.

His main utilities are:

•Energy Cycle with any other 2 heroes •Thoran cheese •Match up specific

His energy after death is abused in Thoran cheese and since Ezizh can die without worries, that opens up 1 slot of extra strength gear for some other Hero.

As for match up spefic interactions, he can work with any team ranging from Wilder and mauler to teams with celestials and Hypogeans. His hypo buff with another Hypo is also a very good boost.

His feeble mind is very good to change hero’s postions but more importantly interrupts their current skills(Like Tasi banish).

It all relies on how long he can survive as he is still quite vulnerable to mages.

Wu kong:

Wu kong is quite interesting as he becomes quite op with his +30SI and +3 FI. Those 2 skills guarentee that he can’t be bursted easily and his damage on long battles is similar to Khazard’s damage.

Wu kong is crazy good for his distractions and his damage is nothing to laugh at. He fits in several teams like:

Cele wilder: Wu kong with cc or heals for the clones. He is mostly used as either the carry or tank in this set up.

Cele graveborn: Mostly used as a tank than dps in this one.

Match up specific:Wu kong can also fit into many other teams but always make sure to use him in stall teams or slow teams.

He doesn’t do well against teams with heavy invade, cc or burst comps as he still relies on his team for most of the battle and is kind of a secondary unit excluding some comps.


She is in the lower category of celepogeans but that doesn’t mesn she is bad.

She has usage in any team that can survive as a 4v5 teams.

Like Thoran cheese, or stall comps with Orthros,Mezoth and Talene etc.

Any enemy team with non burst heroes is a good matchup for her as she can slowly kill em without having to worry about her team getting 1 shot.


The second best celepogean in the game…

There really isn’t much to say. Put em in any team and see them dominate. Using them in teams where their constant haste can be abused is good for them.

They are stall buffers while Lyca is a burst buffer.

So using Twins in build up teams is the best use for them. Like using em with build up carries like Talene or Saurus.

Twins also must always have atleast 1 good healer in their team for them to perform decently.


Many people say she is over hyped cause people expected her to be put in any team and insta win…

But people understand Talene’s true value from chapter 31+ where she is a second Rowan.

Not having Talene means no progress beyond chapter 31.Always build her first!

She fits in any team ranging from God comp to wilders to Orthros comps to Gwyneth or Daimon to even Thoran cheese comps.


Another celetial who is irreplaceable in many comps.

His most important abilities are his +30SI and +3 FI and Inertia skill. Without them he isn’t good. So abusing them is priority.

So any team that groups up enemies(Eironn comps), requires 1 hero to be energy locked like a Lucius or Brutus, stall comps and Talene comps are where he works.

Stall and Talene comps (Like celegraveborn or celewilders) rely on Talene and Orthros living till the end and abusing Orthros’s +3 FI while Talene kills all and keeps Orthros alive.

His SI cirlce ensures he can’t bursted by any melee hero meaning a higher change he sirvives the 45 seconds and becomes invincible.

But is he really required? Yes! He is mandatory for most Celestial comps or stall comps as without him no other hero can replace his unique abilities.


She is Tasi 2.0

She gives energy and haste increase instead of Banish by Tasi.

Both have 5 second (Sleep or charm)

Tanky(Bat lives or Teleport)

Would you like 2 Tasi to use in your comps? Then Mehira is essential to build. She is more consistant for God comp in pve and just like Tasi can be put any team that needs the cc and be very useful.

Can be used in any team ranging from Daimon comps to God comp or wilder comps etc.

Just don’t put her against invade heavy teams


He is mainly a utility based hero in pve.

His signature is useless for pve as he is never higher health than his enemies but it does kill brutus really fast.

His utility comes from his +3 FI and a free reset.

It is usually very consistent for him to die last and give a free restart.

Why is a free restart good? Well because it might have been team 5 and you finally reached it after hours so a second try at it can be crucial. And Zolrath can usually burst the entire enemy team in seconds if he uses Deva vu after 30-50 seconds.

His initial slow down works like Lyca 2.0 but instead of speeding up allies, he slows down enemies and we all know how 1 lyca haste can win us a game.

He works in many team but mainly used with other hypogeans, graveborn/Wilders and celetials.He works great in semi- burst or full stall comps in camapign.

He can do very good in King’s tower with the full Burst comp of Eironn, Gwyn, Lorsan, Lyca and Zolrath and sometimes its the best team for 600+ Towers instead of God comp or Daimon comp.

Mezoth and Khazard:

Both Mezoth and Khazard are good heroes but mostly aren’t essential.

Before people couldn’t finish chap 33 without all celepogeans but with newer op heroes like Saurus and Daimon, it becomes possible to do 33 without em.

Lilith has always and always will release more carries than supports or Tanks. And while a team can do with 1 or 2 carries you require 3-4 tanks/supports

Hence Mezoth has more utility than Khazard as a very thick tank (Not that thick though).

He can tank and cc so there isn’t much strategy to use him.

But he is Orthros 2.0

Orthros has cc and tanky overtime

While Meozth has cc and is insanely tanky initially which becomes weaker overtime so he works better with faster comps with semi-burst or burst comps.

Khazard has a sad story as he used to be best hero for pve after Mehira but with Zolrath furniture and more carries like Saurus and Daimon, he lost relevance.

He is still essential for 6 team + stages but he will eventually fade out from that too as there will always be more good carries coming out than supports or tanks.

His freeze cc is useful and with Arthur can have 100% crit. Its a sad reality but he goes from being an essential carry to just being a flex that is used with Gwyneth team to stall a bit longer.

Now this strat works but isn’t essential for most stages.

He works against heal heavy team due to his reduction and slow damage but when Wu kong does similar damage to Khazard in the right situations it becomes sad for Khazard.

His 60% debuff increase also being a very unique and good ability can’t be abused that hard cause Khazard being so squishy usually dies before it can be abused.


Athalia does better than Ezizh in multiple stages but Ezizh should still be the first ascended from the store as he is better for single stage battles in King’s tower, twisted realm etc.

Flora is non-essential for most stages but some stages as really hard without her so ignoring her is a bad move.

Wu kong: Quite versatile as a brawler who does good damage and tanks decently.

Mezoth:Tanks twice as well as Wu kong for lower damage but a bit of cc.

Orthros: Very unique skill set that can’t be replaced and hence is essential for several comps.

Zolrath: More of a utility hero with his +3 FI than a dps for pve.

Khazard:Kinda sad but he lost relevance and will only lose more relevance overtime with newer op carries being released in the normal factions.

Mehira:Tasi 2.0. Want another tasi for multi fights? BUILD HER!

Twins and Talene: Why would there even be a question to not build them?





Wu kong

STARGAZER:(For pve only)


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