Apex Legends Tips For Winning

  1. Playing the storm is key. You don’t have to worry too much about dying to the storm and taking the extra time to loot can be vital. When it comes to the late game, I prefer to find the edges of the zone and get to the highest vantage point possible. In Fortnite I found that I could be way more aggressive and was punished less for it. Apex, that is not the case, ammo is limited, and bullets will shred you.

  2. Pick a versatile load out that you find comfortable for your play style BUT sticking to an AR and either a shotgun/SMG/LMG is by far the most adaptable. You only get two guns so choose a combination that gives you reach as well as close range finishing potential. On top of this, pick up and USE any and all grenades (the arc stars are underrated because it also disorients on top of the damage).

  3. Make sure somebody picks Lifeline. It’s quite honestly a carry and the shielded revives are enough to convince me of this strategy. You can also preemptively drop your heal drone to allow you to “turret” briefly in a fight. Last, when it comes to Lifeline you want to use accelerators to get the maximum amount of drops for shield.

  4. Utilize your ults wisely. Popping a Gibraltar shield before a potential revive or healing too early can swing the battle later in the fight/game against you. Realize there are small counter plays like teleporting/zip lining away from mortar strikes or use Caustic’s gas to damage through bubbles. Additionally, remember that an air drop from Lifeline will give away your position to enemies.

  5. Get a mic. I know the ping system is amazing but nothing beats vocal communication. That isn’t to say the two can’t work well together. On console you tap the ping bumper twice and you can signal an enemy (this is crucial in quick reaction situations to get your team locked on a specific spot).

  6. As long as ONE of your squad mates grabs a downed banner then either teammate can revive them at a station. Ping guns/armor instantly to help them come back to full speed because they will come back naked.

  7. APX packs can be found in corners of buildings in game (they glow) and if you hit them they have a chance to drop a fully decked out gun!

  8. Slide…….It’s fun!

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