Apex Legends Tips and Tricks List

by Fluffy_Fireman

Its your boy FluffyFireman, after having no-lifed the fuck out of Apex for the past day and night, hoping I could offer my continually growing knowledge of the game, just because I had some questions, and my lazy ass had to walk over there to find it out. If yall got extra tips, feel free to share so we can all be legends together.

  1. See the blue glowing pillar on drop? Thats the hot-zone, cage match inside the cage where a ‘guaranteed’ orange/fulled decked out gun is waiting for your grubby paws.
  2. You can land on the supply ship mid-flight. Just don’t miss and accidently let your bloodhunter wait at the bottom for you. He gets pissed.
  3. Need to haul ass or gotta go fast? Seriously put your weapon away, you will f l y.
  4. Krabers 1-drop. Just don’t miss because then you gotta wait 2 years to pull the damn bolt.
  5. The tank-dude’s orbital bombardment is friendly to allies, feel free to dance in the hell fire while your enemies are smited by god.
  6. Wraith can literally sense when someone sees you on their screen, feel free to smash that down/D-pad button to tell your friends someone is staring at wraiths oh so nice ass
  7. Tank-dude’s arm shield can only take a small amount of damage. But that might be just enough to let you scream ” BRUDDAH” and shotgun a punkass marvin.
  8. Look for the blue supply drops on your map. This loot crates can drop some kickass purple shit and Gucci orange clothes
  9. Medic’s super literally calls one in on yout location, its fucking ridiculously awesome
  10. If someone goes medic, you owe them.
  11. Ffs, recharge your shields guys, I can only be awesome for so long before I need you to tank bullets
  12. Chain your abilities!!!! Bloodhunter going full ass predator on a group inside the buff lesbo’s smoke is like watching that scene from Venom in the lobby.
  13. Chain supers and hunt those supply drops like they’re a fine piece of Wraith ass, you will do substantially better
  14. Wraith’s teleport can be used by enemy and ally. Use this knowledge as you please
  15. Wraith’s teleport can also be used to bungie jump. Hop your ass off a tall ass bridge and teleport back up so you have a new walkway. Thats the only use I’ve found for it tbh.
  16. You can ping loot you find while you search the chest. Instead of writing off what you dont need, tell the bloodmutt to get his grey ass shield over here and take a blue.
  17. Friendly Caustic gas doesn’t do friendly damage.
  18. Friendly bullets are very friendly. Enough so that you just eat them and get a marvin yelling at you for blocking his shot.
  19. EVA looks good and all for the first five minutes, but drop it. The REEEEEE 45 is better, I swear.
  20. Mirage is invisible to you, but not Blood Hunter and grenades.
  21. Use the fucking grenades, except the star. Fuck the star.
  22. Executions are badass, but not always worthwhile. Your Soldier may need you while you’re highfiving the enemy to death and then you get shot in the ass trying to show off.
  23. Executions can be stopped with bullets. Shoot the fuck out of the executor. (This applies to everything)
  24. Just because two groups are fighting, does not mean you have to join, at least not before one group dies. Easier to kill 1 hurt group than 2 fighting groups.
  25. Phoenix packs are worth the space and legendary status. Spam the fuck out of those during a firefight and piss off the other dude when you’re at full health again

Coming from Carlos Pineda’s Twitter–

• You can wall-climb like Hanzo from Overwatch. Run and jump against the wall and hold the jump button to climb

• If you want to roleplay the swat team, you can kick open doors with the melee attack

• If your poor and cant find ammo or mods, you can ping the gun/equipment slot in your inventory and it’ll tell your teammates you’re looking for that type of mod or ammo

Leave comnents if you got more tips Lets go wraithgang

Edit: Added more words

Edit 2: Lyinked says- potential are:

  1. Putting it down and letting teammates loot more in a certain area for longer then drop it on em. (could be used when low on loot and storm closing in or could be that one friend who loots for way longer than everyone else)
  2. If your squad cannot get out of a sticky situation, try having your teammates hide while you ult then Q and get as close to safety as you can then drop it for an easy escape for your team 3.Use it to duke teams for longer survivability, Ult + Q, drop it somewhere, go back to original point, etc…

People are also saying Wraith can teleport downed teammates

Edit 3: People keep saying the star is good and works to destroy shields. Havent tried it too much, but go nuts

Edit 4: 

– You can wall-climb. Jump and hold forward.

– You can kick a door in. Press melee when in front of the door. Useful when something is blocking the door.

– If you need extra ammo from teammates, open the inventory, highlight the weapon that you need ammo for, then ping it.

– Gold equipment has the same stats as Purple equipment, but with a bonus perk: Helmet- Faster Tacticals and Ultimates; Armor- Refill shields after an execution; Backpack- Health and shield consumables take half as long to use; KO Shield – One-Time Self Revive

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