For Honor Breach Mode Attacking Guide

For Honor Breach Mode Attacking Guide by Nycto

Since you guys seemed to like it, ya boi Nycto is here with the sequel you’ve been waiting for: the offence guide!


As shit hits the fort, the match begins. First thing you’re gonna want to see is the really big rammy boi you brought along to politely knock on their door. You just wanted some sugar, but the boys in blue refused, so now you’re gonna huff and puff and fuck their shit up.

An important thing to do here is go take those archer points, because they’re practicing their FaZe montages on your men. Clear the point of all enemies and stand in it for a bit, and it’ll be yours. They’ll fire on the defenders minions, which’ll really help clearing them out. Speaking of clearing, be sure to have at least one person always on the Ram to clear those bad-touch pikemen out, so they won’t stop your ram.

Really, the attackers are the ones who control the flow of the game. The Ram moves and doesn’t move based on how well you can play the objective. That’s right, Breach isn’t Skirmish! Stick by the Ram to move it to the door, so it can open em up like an FBI raid.


The door breaks open and you realize “Awh fuck, we have to do it again!” Second verse same as the first, bring the Rammy Boi over to their door. Four minutes after breaking it down, the tribute will spawn. Go grab that bad boi and plug it into the back of your Ram. Just like adding one more toothpick to your sixth-grade diorama, it’ll make it stronger. Each addition adds one quarter of a shield, good enough for one splash of spicy soup.

The second phase is more likely where you’ll shit the bed, so you best play it smart. You shouldn’t go around looking to pad your KD. Attackers only have a set number of respawn tickets, and I’m sure your team would love to skin you alive for wasting them. My preference is usually splitting into groups of two, one for zone capping and the other for the Ram. Use this chance to get to know your ally, have some nice talks, maybe get married.

Once you get the downtime, go after the Guardian. Ya know, the big fuck who sits off to the side like the anti-social dood he is. I’d suggest bring you and two others, so the last guy can watch the Ram. His attacks are slow, but they are unblockable, so I hope you are at least competent at parrying. Sending that bitch to the shadow realm will earn you a shield, speed buff and damage buff. It’s really helpful in wiping the enemy team away.


The Ram hits the door and it crumbles. As you walk in, you shout “DAUBENY! SHOW YOURSELF!” At the top of your lungs, eyes resting on the Biggus Dickus, the lord of the fort. Before you quell your bloodlust, you realize you have to go do more of the same first. While it isn’t necessary to go cap the archer zone, but it will help in dealing with those pike fuckers.

Another useful tip is using the ballista. That baby can fit so much damage. Well, not as much as the ones on Sentinel, but you get my drift. They deal a bar or so on the lord, however he is normally positioned behind a protective statue. Because fuck you. Smart coordination will allow you to get some hits on him, because you’re either a coward or not confident with your gankbusting. The ballista also 2-3 shots players, so be sure to make them into pincushions.

Much like the Guardian, Biggus Dickus can get revenge and throws enough bombs to make Lawbringers jealous. Due to his explosive personality, he’s immune to his own bombs (man LBs, you should learn a thing or two from him). His revenge doesn’t come often, and his attacks are usually too slow to benefit from knocking you on your ass, but you never know who’s lurking, waiting to Incredibilis the shit out of you. One tip I have for the Lord is to utilize your feats. Popping damage buffs on yourself and debuffs on him can allow for some good damage, with a good combo even letting you heavy for one bar of his health (and I managed to pull that off by myself). Kill him, and the castle is free for you to pillage, finally giving you that chest piece you opened thirty crates for and never got.

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