Azur Lane Equipments To Use Guide

Azur Lane Equipments To Use Guide by Shipflow


> If your DD has low FP/Efficiency but a good Barrage or a skill that procs on main gun fire, use 76mm (eg. Ayanami, Yuudachi, DDs with around 60FP and/or 75-85% Efficiency);
> If your DD has good FP/Efficiency and a good Barrage or a skill that procs on main gun fire, use 100mm (eg. Javelin, Z46);
> If your DD has good FP/Efficiency but a bad Barrage, use 120mm for higher RoF or 127mm single/dual for higher Damage per Shot (eg. most other DDs);
> If your CL/CA is a gunboat (ie. can mount DD secondaries), use 120mm for higher Rate of Fire or 127mm single/dual for higher Damage per Shot (eg. Cleveland, Wichita).

> Note 1: because of her absurd Reload stat, Laffey is better off using the 127 dual rather than the 100mm.
> Note 2: if your DD can somehow equip CL guns (eg. Z23, Z25), DO NOT; while a DD gun’s modifiers are worse than a CL gun’s, their damage is pretty close and take MUCH longer to reload, meaning that by the time a CL gun has fired and reloaded, the DD gun has fired twice to four times already, resulting in considerably higher DPS (and more barrages).


> If your CL is going to be deployed in a clearing fleet, use Tbtsk for a quick-firing, long-range, precise gun capable of dealing damage to multiple targets.
> If your CL is going to be deployed in a bossing fleet, use 155mm 3-barrel for a more powerful, DoT-inflicting, DD/CL melting gun with longer cooldown and a looser pattern.

> Note 1: either CL role can use the other side’s guns with little impact on performance; in fact, often enough it comes down to personal preference rather than any more specific reason.
> Note 2: if your CL can somehow equip DD guns (eg. Atlanta-class, Isuzu), ALWAYS DO. Reason’s above.


> If you have a Gunboat-CA, use 203 SKC for longer, piercing sustained fire.
> If you have a Torpedo-CA, use 203 HE Dual / 203 Type 3 for shorter, DoT-inflicting and barrage-friendly burst fire; the lower cooldown leads to a higher volume of fire, which they desperately need as they lack the second gun mount Gunboats have.

> Note 1: either type of CA can use the other side’s guns with little impact on performance; in fact, you may see better results if you outfit them for a specific type of enemy (ie. using the 203 HE against a DD boss, using AP guns when playing on Manual).
> Note 2: all other CA guns are worthless, don’t bother asking.


> If you have a DD, use 113mm or 105SKC; their longer cooldowns are better reduced by a DD’s natively high Reload, and the higher Damage lets them get around the typically lower Efficiency.
> If you have a CL, use any gold AA but the QF2; their mixture of high AA, AA Efficiency and Reload lets them get good results with pretty much all of them.
> If you have a CA, use Bofors or 105SKC; their shorter cooldowns help CAs get more shots off, as their Reload stat is a little lower than that of DDs.
> If you have ANY BACKLINER WITHOUT significant AA and Efficiency (250+, 110%+), use 37mm; while these guns aren’t good at shooting down planes per se, they fire very quickly and thus help the actually good AA guns fire faster.
> If you have ANY BACKLINER WITH significant AA and Efficiency, use any gold AA; tailor which one to your needs, according to the equipped ship’s Reload stat.

GUIDE TO CV/L planes – WHAT DO I USE ON <shipfu>?

> CV/Ls can be broadly divided into two categories: damage dealers and supporters.
> Damage Dealer CV/L are most of the available CV/L, possessing skills that directly or indirectly boost their damage output (ie. Enterprise’s x2 dmg on Airstrike, Ranger’s chance for instant second airstrike, etc.).
> Supporter CV/L are fewer in number, possessing skills that buff, heal, shield and generally support the rest of the fleet (ie. Unicorn’s heal, Shoukaku’s dmg+def buff, etc.)

> If your CV/L is a Damage Dealer, use F6F/Seafang/Reppu (Fighter); SB2C/Stuka (Bomber); Tenzan/Ryusei/Barracuda (Torp. Bomer). Slower planes, but with heavier payloads to properly capitalise on their DPS focus.
> If your CV/L is a Supporter, use Type 52/ME-155 (Fighter); Suisei/Fulmar (Bomber); Barracuda (Torp. Bomber). Faster planes, with lighter payloads (or none at all, as is the case for the ME-155) and quicker launch times to maximise skill uptime.

> Note 1: if a CV/L possesses both supportive and offensive skills, its role can be determined from its loadout; for instance, Saratoga and Lexington have 1 Fighter and 2 Dive Bomber slots, giving them enough offensive power to overshadow their support potential.
> Note 2: the planes are listed in order of launch speed, starting from the slowest and going to the fastest.


> If your BB/C has a skill that procs on main gun fire and affects your fleet / your enemies, use 283mm SKC34 for maximum rate of fire or Hood Gun for slightly inferior RoF and significantly better shelling (eg. Hood, Arizona). If lacking a spare Hood Gun, you can use a 380 AP as a substitute, but beware its AP modifiers;
> If your BB/C has a skill that procs on main gun fire but only affects herself, use 410mm for a balance between damage and rate of fire (eg. Rodney, Renown);
> If your BB/C has a skill that enhances her damage output (either by proc or passive), use 406MK6 for maximum damage (eg. South Dakota, Tirpitz);
> If your BB/C has any other kind of skill, use 410mm or 406MK6 according to personal preference (eg. Queen Elizabeth, North Carolina);

> If your BB/C is massively overleveled and/or would oneshot most enemies even without its most powerful guns, consider using 410mm or Hood Gun instead. Big numbers may be fun, but they’re also inefficient.

> Note 1: while 410mm vs 406MK6 can be a matter of preference, the 283mm SKC34 cuts deep into your ship’s DPS and should only be used for skills you need to keep proccing.
> Note 2: All other BB guns are subpar, gold ones in particular (barring the 380 AP and 381 HE).


> If you have a DD, use Toolboxes to shore up her HP or a Gyroscope for more speed and accuracy (worthless in PvE, useful in PvP);
> If you have a CL, use Toolboxes to stack HP higher, one Torpedo Bulge for a further torp damage reduction and decent HP, one SG radar if no other ships in the fleet has it;
> If you have a CA, use Beaver Badge for a lot of Evasion and a fleet-wide Speed boost, Camo Paints/Steering Wheels to raise their Evasion, one SG radar if no other ships in the fleet has it; Autoloaders may be used on Torp-CAs, but it is not recommended to do so.
> If you have a BB/C, use Autoloaders to increase Reload (only one under nomal circumstances, two for certain proc-on-fire BB/C skills), one Fire Control Tower to add more Firepower and raise Accuracy, one SG radar for more Accuracy and Evasion (mostly relevant for PvP)
> If you have a CV/L, use Catapults to increase Airpower (two for PvE) and Fuel Tanks to raise Airpower and grant more HP to your planes (mostly relevant for PvP)
> If you have a Monitor, use Toolboxes. Just toolboxes.
> If you have a Repair Ship, use Toolboxes or AA radars according to specific necessities.

> Attack stat-boosting items like Oxygen Torpedoes are best used on ships who can multiply said stats and/or ships whose base stat isn’t particularly high (eg. Laffey Kai would enjoy an OxyTorp).


[Louis Gun (Mle 1934)]
Almost a direct upgrade over the Type 3, loses out on a bit of DPS but gains better accuracy, better reload speeds, better per-shell damage, better volume of fire.
It’s good on literally every CA, but considering how limited PR guns are it’s better used on proc-on-fire CA, CA with good barrages, or Torp-CA who need every shot they can get off.

[Roon Gun]
A direct upgrade over the SKC203, it is considerably faster to reload due to its pattern and has better per-shell damage. The only downside it has is a slight drop in accuracy due to it firing three shells in a tight line instead of just two. Especially good on Roon, whose main skill can turn its shots into HE.

[Neptune Gun]
Almost a direct upgrade over the ol’ faithful, the Tbtsk; better per-shell damage, better armour modifiers across the board, better reload speed, better range. Same downside as the Roon gun and fires one shot less than the Tbtsk, but the rest of the gains make up for it.
Good on literally everyone.

[Izumo Gun (410 AP Triple)]
It’s a 406MK6, but AP.
Has a place in 2-3 BB/C lineups, as Ignition procs do not stack and it’s those Ignitions that let BB HE outdamage AP; remains an iffy pick otherwise, as it retains the usual AP weaknesses.

[Hood Gun (381 HE Dual)]
The gold standard for proc-on-fire BBs. Just a little slower than the fastest BB gun in the game, the 283mm SKC34, but actually capable of inflicting considerable damage to what it’s firing at. An absolute must.

[Monarch Gun (381 HE Triple)]
It’s a slightly faster and weaker 406MK6, still HE. The drop in base damage doesn’t make up for the 1s shorter cooldown nor its steeper price tag, so it’s a pretty bad deal all around.
Duke of York and any BB/C with x2 damage procs can get some use out of it, as well as any BB/C that needs to fire before other 406MK6-equipped warships do, but they might as well put a regular 406MK6 to better effect.

[Twin Bofors 40mm Autocannon STAAG]
Free Accuracy, decent damage, good range and the highest rate of fire among AA guns? Yes please!
Since it boosts Accuracy and BB accuracy is notoriously low, they get first picks on this.

[100mm Twin High-angle Cannon]
It’s a 105SKC with a minor increase in damage and cooldown. Why does this exist, again?
Completely interchangeable with a 105SKC.

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