For Honor Dominion Scoring Guide

For Honor Dominion Scoring Guide by LordVoltaine

How to score points like a pro!

  • Each control point gives your team 1 point per second passively, so long as your team owns it.
  • Standing in a non-minion control point gives you an additional 1 point per second, unlocking your feats anddoubling the point gain for your team. Stay on point!
  • Killing enemy minions gives you 1 point each, and contributes to unlocking your feats. Farm up!
  • Kills are only worth 5 points. While killing enemies is important, contesting and capturing control points is far more important. Don’t chase the Orochi off control points!
  • Keep in mind that when you stop contesting a control point with enemies inside, they will begin to regenerate HP as soon as it stops being contested!
  • Since it was asked, if the opposing team has 1000 or more points, your team breaks. If they dip under 1000, your team stops breaking and can respawn.
  • When a point is controlled, it gives a flat 100 points to the team who controls it. Points given by holding the point, and the double bonus for sitting on it cannot be taken away when it is captured by the opposing team.

Strategy tips, because I see these mistakes a lot.

  • While standing in a control point that you own, you regenerate HP surprisingly quickly. Take advantage of this!
  • Heroes cannot capture the minion lane; your minions have to do it for you. Keep your eye out for that one enemy minion holding back your entire wave for an extra few seconds; if you’re going for a quick point flip to give everyone a respawn in a close match, this can be the difference between winning and losing!
  • Be smart about applying pressure! If you see your teammate in a winning 1v1 over C, do not go for the gank unless it’s needed. Go push the minion lane or help A!
  • If your team controls a non-minion control point, one person should stay behind to guard it at all times. This generates 2 points per second, and makes it so that your enemy cannot instantly flip the point. Get yourself a lead!
  • As far as roles go, they’re much more flexible than in a game such as a MOBA. As a rule of thumb, though, you should have two people who sit on the minion lane, one who sits on one of the non-minion control points to generate points, and another who roams around applying pressure like a jungler in a MOBA.
  • Tanks have a place in dominion; if you’re playing a heavy in a group, consider building defense and revenge gain to help hold teamfights together!
  • If you plan on roaming, movement speed is vital to keep up harassment. It’s like playing a MOBA and never buying boots. Yes, Orochi-kun, that means your favorite strategy is actually useful… sometimes.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your environment, and also be afraid of the environment! It can be a free instakill to chuck someone off a ledge for a quick point cap. This isn’t a duel, it’s a war!
  • The rez speed feat can win you games; if you’re building like a tank and don’t feel the need to take a tanky first feat, grab it!
  • If your team is breaking, keep in mind that it is possible to “unbreak” your team until they have 1000 points (without any control points), as each control point is worth 100 points. You can try to quickly cap a zone, even if only for a brief moment, to allow your team to respawn. This can win games.
  • If the enemy team decides to stick together rotating between and capturing all three points using strength in numbers, try splitting up and avoiding them, while capturing the points they aren’t at. If they continue this strategy, and you continue with this response, they will lose.

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