How To Grow Any Instagram Account Guide

How To Grow Any Instagram Account Guide by wantepreneurtoday

This will surely help any business/social media manager/individual etc who is looking to grow their Instagram account. If Instagram is one of your marketing channel then growing it in the right way is very important, there are tons of services offering so called ‘organic growth’ solutions which I highly suspect to be the case. So, I will share with you some methodology/tips/tricks using which any Instagram account can be grown.

I have divided the guide into phases corresponding to which I have explained the strategies you can try. This is from my experience of growing accounts for almost 2 years now. I am not saying this is the only way to grow accounts but this has worked for me time and again, so without further ado let’s get started!

INITIAL PHASE (0-10K Followers)

So the baby is just born and it is time to nurture it,

Find a neat profile image and an awesome description is very important because that is all you have to show off when you begin. Then also post 4-6 images and you are good to go.

Growing the Baby

Make a list of 5-10 huge accounts in your niche(100k+ Ideally)

  1. Follow them and keep notifications on so that you get notified when they make a post.
  2. Since they are big accounts they tend to get tons of likes in first few minutes.
  3. Go to the list of people who have liked their recent picture and follow them!
  4. These people get a notification, they tend to come to your profile and check it out(this why having a neat bio is imp) and if they like it they follow you back, Voila!
  5. Rinse and repeat the process to get the first big push.

Do this until you reach 10k Followers, Depending on your niche this may take anywhere between 4-10 months. Now, Congratulate yourself because your baby is a teenager now!


  1. Many of them asked which app do I use for scheduling posts, I know hootsuite is considered to be the best but my problem with them is they do not post it for us but only remind us. So, I use Gramblr as all I have to do is schedule posts and make sure the PC is on during the posting times. The disadvantages are that we have to login to Instagram and also there is no app version for this.
  2. Myth : Use Hastags to grow! Please do not use hashtags when your account is so small. The whole point of using hashtags is that your post will make it to the top of those hashtags which is highly unlikely since your account is so small, in return you end up getting fake likes and followers because most of the bots will be configured to follow users who use ‘x’ hashtags. This will degrade the Quality of your account.


Now the baby is a Teenager and you can try more things.

  1. Continue Follow/Unfollow but you can reduce the number of follows you do at once. May be instead of following 6k people reduce it to 3K and do it in two cycles.
  2. Start Looking for accounts in your niche with the same following as you and frorm a group. This is called as engagement groups, but I advice you to only like each others pictures just to give it a push. Do not start commenting yet because it will start looking spammy. Do it at a later stage, for now this group must only focus on liking each others pictures.
  3. Start using hashtags now because now atleast you have considerable amount of following and the probability of your post getting into explore page is high (Because of the engagement activity)


By now I am sure you would have formed a good network of like minded accounts. Continue the Group engagement activity and also start occasional comments activity (Allot random days for commenting), Please do not do it everyday because it will look spammy.

You can also start contacting pages with 100k+ followings and ask them to like your picture as soon as you post them. This will give you boost and there have been instances where I have got 200-300 followers in hours because of this. But finding accounts who would do it for free is the though task. This concept is called as power likes.


This pretty much sums up the complete guide, I know you will have many questions about this which is why this thread can be AMA types. Feel free get all your doubts cleared before building your accounts! I would love to add more content and make it more structured, if I see a good response again I may consider making a very detailed blog post on this! Waiting to hear from all the entrepreneurs! Lets keep crushing! :)

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