Black Desert Online Warrior PvP Skill Combos Guide

Black Desert Online Warrior PvP Skill Combos (Pre-Awakened) Guide by NexG

Let me begin by telling you that the path you have chosen is a dangerous and tedious path. It is a path where in every battle, in every war, you will find yourself with a mouthful of dirt and grass, sprawled on the ground in a weird display of game engine physics. Yet don’t let yourself be discouraged, as in the end, you will reap the reward in the form of your enemy’s blood and crushed bones.

Let us begin in your training to transform you from a measly peasant into a mighty lord.

Leveling: This is not the guide for you, please refer to the “LF> Wizard/Tamer to party with” forum posts to find out how to level efficiently.

The Essentials: These are your bread and butter skills.

Spinning Slash / Smash + Double/Extra Spin
Your #1 skill as a Sword/Board Warrior. It takes the “not” out of the garbage-can of a class we are. With this, we finally can (lol). Use this as often as possible aka when you knock them down to deal maximum damage.

Shield Charge + Double + Ultimate
Another must have skill. Will stagger your opponent and should pretty much be used off cool down to try to catch your opponent. Your shield is up during this time, so you’re safe from those pesky counters. It travels a short distance (also in whichever direction your camera faces when your shield is up).

Chopping Kick + Cancel

A great skill. Use it to speed up your Spinning Slashes (Smashes), knock down your opponent, and even travel a short distance when you cancel into it. Note: There is an associated cool down to this skill. When off CD, you can knock down. If on CD, it won’t knock your opponent down.

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Grab + Instant, Double Grab recommended
This skill is essential. In KR, there is a knock down chain immunity which doesn’t let you continuously knock down your opponent. Grabs aren’t factored into that equation so use this as a reset to knocking them down after you’ve knocked them down once already. Double grab is considered optional by some, but will help your DPS and give you time to think on how to continue your combo.

Scars of Dusk/Twilight Scars
Your zoning skill. You’re shielded during the entire animation but you can get attacked from behind and grabbed. Regenerates your man power when you hit something with it. Also causes an insane bleed and does a bunch of damage too. With lower ping and no lag, you can use this after you knock someone down/stagger them.

Ground Smash
AOE Knock Down that applies slow. Nuff said. You use this like a kamikaze pilot does when in large scale battles. Also useful for slowly annoying classes like Ranger.

The Basics:

Deep Thrust/Piercing Thrust + Cancel
When this skill is maxed, the range is insane. Great for catching, but the animation is a little on the slow side IMHO. Some may consider bread/butter, but I personally think you can do just fine without it. Then again, before awakening comes out, you better get this skill.

Forward Slash + Cancel
Basically a must have anyway. This is that cool skill you see people use to zoom around in their YouTube videos with the red flashy stuff. Regenerates your man power so you can use the man spin more. Don’t recommend using this to gap close classes that can knock you down when you’re not guarded

Piercing Spear
Ranged stagger that gives you a smoke screen so you can pretend to be a ninja. Not the greatest skill but will help you catch Wizards and Rangers. Use carefully though as you are vulnerable during the animation.

Charging Thrust + Quick + Double
Expensive in terms of SP so you should wait til last to max this. But it’s amazing for traveling and gab closing. Unfortunately, it sucks once you hit something since it automatically goes into the Chopping Kick animation which doesn’t actually knock down and leaves you vulnerable. You maintain shielded status while charging though if you max this skill. Note: If your shield bar is empty, use this to help yourself regain some shield pts back.

Ground Roar get a point in it to de-buff the melee DP of enemies. That’s it.

Honorable Mentions:

No pics for theses cause I’m lazy.
Shield Uppercut great skill but slow and easy to read. Plus side is you’re shielded during the animation and if you do land it once in a blue moon you get some free combos.
Counter/Force Slash actually not a bad skill since you can use a variety of skills to cancel the long back step animation and basically gain a ranged knock down. Expensive though and Warriors need a lot of SP.

Most of the other skills aren’t as important. If you’d like an exact skill build, please sub to my YT channel or leave me a comment here. It’s a lot of preference really.

Anyway, let’s get into how to use all these great skills.

Dirt basic combo:
0d374b2350fe3df30671f7de8be7789a.png OR ANY KNOCKDOWN -> 9c2b49d0e83d2767674f0e520e6949d9.png -> b0b36887e541c133e53c66a366c98787.png -> bd917ec9efc95b39ea21b7c620cda7db.png -> 05fd621ad05a6996d2c91c72e7bdb2b8.png -> bd917ec9efc95b39ea21b7c620cda7db.png bd917ec9efc95b39ea21b7c620cda7db.png -> bba9fba0cb0190cd4c01454e9af7c66c.png
Knock Down using whatever skill -> Forward Slash -> Ground Roar to debuff -> SS once -> Grab -> SS twice -> Ground Smash to debuff.
There are plenty of variants to these combos, but the basic idea is Knockdown -> Debuff -> Damage -> Debuff and then repeat.

Advanced combo:
57fff55b0d2e53f8658e040ab2c4c2c3.png OR 7d29ffab9418e0b3efcd720f4a70d1e1.png -> 723b006590ba281060ee7900aae59a09.png OR 9c2b49d0e83d2767674f0e520e6949d9.png 9c2b49d0e83d2767674f0e520e6949d9.png OR 6e4a37d9287892bfc0d1ef99b34a8b13.png -> 0d374b2350fe3df30671f7de8be7789a.png -> 9c2b49d0e83d2767674f0e520e6949d9.png -> b0b36887e541c133e53c66a366c98787.png -> bd917ec9efc95b39ea21b7c620cda7db.png -> 05fd621ad05a6996d2c91c72e7bdb2b8.png -> bd917ec9efc95b39ea21b7c620cda7db.png bd917ec9efc95b39ea21b7c620cda7db.png bd917ec9efc95b39ea21b7c620cda7db.png ->  bba9fba0cb0190cd4c01454e9af7c66c.png -> 7cceb25322fe1c83946488447f70f8f9.png (not guaranteed)
Basic idea is to stagger, follow up with a gab close and immediately knock down, then debuff, reset with grab, damage, and debuff. Scars thrown in for damage/WP regen if they don’t get up guarding. Bad idea if they like to grab you though.

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