Dota 2 Tusk Aghanims Usage Guide

Dota 2 Tusk Aghanims Usage Guide by jocoser

I would like to show you guys how to effectively use Tusk’s aghanims and why I think Aghanims on Tusk is a viable alternative item.

Batrider has lasso flame which effectively “kidnaps” one of enemy heroes to your allies, well Tusk can also do this with a Blink Dagger and Aghanims.

Here is a video showing how its done:

When a batrider dives in to kidnap one enemy hero, he is susceptible to any disable skills which would stop Batrider. As you can see in the video, nothing can stop Tusk if he is fast enough. You immediately go into Snowball which renders you invulnerable.

At the 3rd part of the video, I showed you how you can use ice shard to split the enemy hero from their ally and then kidnap them back safely to your allies.

Currently, as the game progresses to late game, Tusk would fall off and becomes more like a support, (snowball to help ally dodge skills). Initiation in late game is very risky and you mostly would die if there are no allies backing you. With a Blink and Aghanim you can initiate in yourself without worrying about dying.

I don’t suggest an Aghanim as a 3rd item after blink, perhaps 4th -6th item after you get other items. Aghanim should definately be for late game. This item should be considered, when you have a good lead and you want an extra tool of initation for the team for seiging highground or for more pickoff potential.

Why is this as good as Batrider?

I’m not saying this is better than Batrider, but is a very good alternative choice.

  • The combo only has a Cooldown of 12 seconds before you can use it again
  • You go in and out losing little to none health (Please notice my HP bar at the 2nd and 3rd demonstration of the video)
  • Makes tusk late game relevant other than a support
  • Contributes a lot more to teamfight

Say what if I fked up my combo? Or I blinked and found no hero?

  • Kick a creep and snowball to the kick creep to run away :D

Think about it this way, is bringing the enemy 900 units to your allies and kill them before they can react (Kick has 1 second stun, punch has a 1 second stun), thus making it instantly 4v5 not good enough for you? Also you can do this every 12 seconds, I think its absurd! With all those utility item people mentioned here, Greaves, Glimmer cape, Solar Crest, it speaks out loud that “I’m tusk and I’m staying behind, to snowball shield you guys” which I think is wasting tusk potentials as a Initiator!

Of course those items are great, I’m just saying that this could be a viable optionfor tusk in the late game for highground or picking off enemies.

I’m sorry, I should have mentioned, please pay attention to my Tusk health bar in part 2 and 3 of the video, you can see turn rate of this combo is almost instantaneously, the tower did not manage to hit me even once

What do you guys think?

Many comments saying that blinking behind enemy hero is hard as they are moving.. Use your ice shards that blocks them and when they move around the ice shard, use your blink to position yourself. All of this can be achieve with practice. Also say you can combo this with any long range stun hero, a good example like a Earthshaker fissure, to start for you!

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