Heroes of the Storm Pointers for New Players

Heroes of the Storm Pointers for New Players by ShadowBroker

Some important pointers for new players according to players:

  • Learn to NOT die. When ever you do die blame yourself, learn from it and don’t make that mistake again.
  • Make observing the minimap every few seconds a habit.
  • Soak lanes for exp, especially important in the beginning of a match. Mid/Late-game it is also important, try to soak whenever the team isn’t going for a push, objectives or mercs.
  • Stay with the team in the mid/end game.
  • Avoid team fights when you think the other team have the upper hand. You should only engage/encourage your team to take a fight when you’re sure you guys are evenly matched or if you are ahead of the enemy team.
  • Map objectives are very important, you need to help your team to complete these.
  • Disregard everything you know about MOBAs when it comes to strategies. The mechanics though are almost the same as lol, dota and hon.
  • Listen to pings and follow them strictly! If someone is warning of danger in most cases there is danger incoming and you should retreat asap. (If someone is ping spamming they are probably just angry, not trying to coordinate. Pay attention to legit pings and make your own pings matter)
  • Unless you know exactly what you are doing at endgame, stick with your team always even if they are doing something you don’t agree with.
  • Don’t save your abilities/ulties to last hit heroes. Last hitting heroes is useless in hots.
  • Try to focus your damage on one hero, so that there wont be 4 heroes with 10% after a fight. Every time one hero of the opposing team is down you’ve got an huge advantage.
  • Bosses should be downed only when the other team is weak or wiped. If you’re going for a boss be sure that you won’t get backstabed by the other team. If you’re 3 levels a head and they manage to backstab you at a boss the game will flip around and they will be ahead, that’s how crucial this is!
  • Read up a bit on a new hero before you take him/her for a spin. If your team mates manages to figure out that you are new on that hero, they will get frustrated. A frustrated team in combination with you being completely fresh on a hero, that is not a good combination.

Which heroes should I buy?

! – If you want to be able to join hero league asap i recommend this:(Without investing real money into hots) – !

  • Level all free rotation to 5 (gives you 500 g each)
  • Buy the cheap heroes with the earned gold and level these to 5 as well.
  • When you get 10 heroes start collecting the heroes that you’re really interested in. (You need at least 10 heroes to play HL)
  • Valla, Muradin and lili are cheap (2000g) and great, maybe start with those to get a great start in hots

I did this and with the free stimpack you get from the start I was in HL after 4 days and right away when I got to lvl 30 without investing any real money into the game.

! – If you don’t care that much about HL and just want to play for fun in QM. – !

  • Pick what ever hero you think you will enjoy and have fun with it regardless of price.

How does the maps work?

Read This


Do not be rude to other players. Blizzard is working hard to suspend players that are toxic and harass other players. People have been banned for what I consider pretty small violations, but I bet we weren’t presented with the full picture in those cases.

That is not important, what is important is that you’re an asset to your team and that you’re nice to your team mates. Being nice and motivating your team mates instead of being an asshat should work towards extra wins and a nicer community, therefor it should always be encouraged.

I hope these pointers will help some newcomers out a bit. If something is wrong or should be presented in a different way, please let me know and I will edit asap.

Have fun with hots, its a great game!

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