Yu-Gi-Oh! Fluffals Guide

Yu-Gi-Oh! Fluffals Guide by adamtheamazing64

Hi there! I’m Adamtheamazing64! I’ve been playing Yugioh since the game started way back when in the TCG. While I’ve taken breaks during GX (entirety) and ZeXaL era (D Ruler Format), I’ve kept myself knowledgeable about the game and testing out things. Recently I was asked to post a guide on one of the newer anime archetypes from Arc-V, Fluffals and their pals, Edge Imps.

Summary: Fluffals and Edge Imps are Earth Fairies and Dark Fiends respectively. All the main monsters are level 4 or lower monsters that have synergy with each other in regards to creating fusion monsters (The Frightfurs), searching out their themed cards from the deck, setting up field presence, and creating walls your opponent has to use resources to break through. The deck is made mainly to fusion summon, but can easily be adapted towards using Synchros and Xyzs as well. The type of build you want is out there with these guys, and we’re going to cover as many possible, as well as talk about them with their current OCG Exclusive support.

Archetype support: We’ll start out by listing the current Fluffal and Edge Imp support, what should be ran, and what should be considered:


Fluffal Dog: A Level 4 monster with 1700 ATK and 1000 DEF with a strong ability. When he is summoned from the hand, be it Normal or Special, you can add 1 Fluffal monster or an Edge Imp Sabres. Arguably the best Fluffal main deck monster, as it is the Stratos/Deneb for the deck. No matter the build, running three of him is an absolute must.

Fluffal Bear: A level 3 monster with 1200 ATK and 800 DEF, Bear is able to search for two key cards for the deck. The first being a discard effect to add 1 “Toy Vendor” from the deck face-down onto the field. The second is tributing himself to add 1 “Polymerization” from your graveyard to your hand. He’s a strong 2-3 of due to his versatility early and late game.

Fluffal Leo: A level 4 monster with 1600 ATK and 1200 DEF, his ability makes him the strongest main deck Fluffal monster, allowing himself to gain 500 ATK when he declares an attack against your opponent. Unfortunately, that’s as far as his use is, and quite frankly, the Fluffal monsters themselves don’t go for battle as often as their Fusion counterparts do. Early on he was ran as a name but since then his face, while adorable, hasn’t shown itself in the deck. Never run him.

Fluffal Sheep: A level 2 monster with 400 ATK and 800 DEF, he has the effect of Special Summoning himself while another Fluffal except himself is on board. On top of that, by returning a differently named Fluffal, Sheep can Special Summon an Edge Imp monster from the graveyard or your hand. Combined with Dog’s search, you’re able to summon out Dog, add Sheep, and then return Dog for another search next turn and bring out an Edge Imp to secure a nice wall and some stability and planning out. He’s a strong 2-3 of and essential.

Fluffal Owl: A level 2 monster with 1000 ATK and 1000 DEF, he is Fusion Sage in monster form. When summoned from the hand, he is able to add 1 “Polymerization” from your deck to your hand. On top of that, if you’re lacking Polys in your deck to search, or the situation arises of your opponent having a card like “Naturia Beast”, Owl is able to instead have you pay 500 LP and fuse without Poly for a “Frightfur” Monster. Always ran at 2-3 due to his powerful effect and versatility.

Fluffal Rabbit: A level 1 monster with 300 ATK and 1200 DEF, he is able to bring back 1 Edge Imp Sabres or Fluffal monster from the graveyard to your hand when he is sent to the graveyard as a Fusion Material. This can be used to bring back Dog for more searching, Bear for more “Toy Vendor” or “Polymerization”, Sheep for Edge Imp revivals, or Owl for more fusing. Overall though, he has his gain when used for a Fusion summon and isn’t immediate in help such as the other Fluffals, so he is optional at 0-1.

Fluffal Cat: A level 1 monster with 700 ATK and 300 DEF, Cat is similar in Rabbit’s ability except that instead of bringing back a monster, he brings back “Polymerization” from the graveyard to your hand. This is fine, but we have cards that are already able to do so in the form of Fluffal Bear and some more Spell and Trap support that we’ll be looking into in a bit. Mediocre at best, he’s not to be ran, so a 0 of.

OCG Fluffals:

Fluffal Mouse: A level 1 monster with 100 ATK and 100 DEF, Mouse has a swarming effect that, when you control him you are able to summon out up to 2 more copies of him to your side of the field in any position. However, in doing so you are limiting your Extra Deck summons to Frightfur monsters exclusively. This is fine, as his point is to build up Fluffal monsters as Fusion fodder for Frightfur monsters, and he can create quite a wall against your opponent. The number you run depends on your build, so either 0 or 3.

Edge Imp:

Edge Imp Tomahawk: A level 4 monster with 1800 ATK and 800 DEF, he is the strongest main deck Edge Imp, and also has one of the more powerful effects. During your turn, you’re able to use both effects, the first one is discarding 1 Edge Imp monster from your hand to the graveyard to inflict 800 LP of damage to your opponent. While it might not seem as great, remember that Cowboy can win games, and Tomahawk allows you to push for further damage when needed. The second effect is always something you want to play, as you’re able to send 1 Edge Imp from your deck to the graveyard (barring Tomahawk) and then having Tomahawk’s name change to that monster, essentially being the deck’s Elemental HERO Prisma. Not only does this allow you to set up for Fluffal Sheep revivals, you’re able to easily call forth any Frightfur monster using him. Definitely a 2-3 of monster.

Edge Imp Chain: A level 4 monster with 1200 ATK and 1800 DEF with two effects. The first is when he declares an attack, you can add another copy of him from your deck to your hand. You gain advantage from it and it’s helpful. The other effect is if he’s sent from the hand or field to the graveyard, you can add 1 “Frightfur” Spell or Trap from your deck to your hand. This is powerful, as you’re able to add theme support from your deck to your hand. Keep in mind that you can only activate one of these abilities a turn, unlike Tomahawk who is able to play both of his effects in a turn. The choice is yours to make, but having the ability to search for a S/T is more powerful than adding another copy is most cases. Run 2-3.

Edge Imp Sabres: The original Edge Imp. It’s honestly boggling to a lot of people as to why the first batch of support only stated in searching for Sabres himself, as being able to search for all types of Edge Imps at will would have been powerful. Regardless, his Frightfur Fusions are by far the strongest of all the Edge Imps. A level 3 1200 ATK and 800 DEF monster, Edge Imp Sabres has the ability to place a card in your hand to the top of the deck to revive himself from the graveyard in defense position. You can create a wall, or use him to make any Extra Deck summon with another monster. His ability to stack your deck combines well with “Toy Vendor” as you can place a Fluffal on top and get the benefit of Vendor’s Special Summon ability. He’s a great 2 of, as he is easily dumped by Tomahawk and self-reviving for more fusion summons. Keep in mind his revival effect is a hard OPT clause.

Edge Imp Saw: The weakest Edge Imp but with one of the most frightening Frightfur fusions, Saw is a level 3 monster with 500 ATK and 500 DEF. His effect is on his normal summon, discard 1 Fluffal and draw 2 cards. Afterwards, you either stack a card from your hand on the top of your deck or the bottom. This creates more synergy with “Toy Vendor”. Other than that, there is nothing much to say about this monster. Tomahawk copying his name, he is a 1 of.

Edge Imp Frightfuloid: Remember how I said Saw is the weakest? At least Saw is playable. Frightfurloid is another story. A level 4 monster with 1300 ATK and 1300 DEF, Frightfuloid is always treated as a Frightfur Card. Why is this? To be used to summon out “Frightfur Chimera” easily. Unfortunately, that’s where the use ends with this card. Having another effect to copy the ATK and DEF of fallen Frightfur fusions in your graveyard is cute, but Frightfurloid just becomes a terrible beatstick. Run 0.

Frightfur Fusions:

In this section, we’ll break down the fusions based on the required Edge Imp monster required for its summon. It’s important to note that the Frightfurs are all DARK Fiend-type monsters.

Sabres Variants:

Frightfur Wolf: A level 6 fusion monster with 2000 ATK and 1500 DEF. Wolf has a continuous attack ability, as he gains extra attacks based on the amount of monsters used to create this beast. So if using an Edge Imp and 1 Fluffal, he has 2 attacks. Increase the amount of Fluffals used and he gains an additional attack per Fluffal. Very destructive to your opponent’s LP and can acquire a fast OTK for the deck if your opponent has no answers to it. A 1 of due to being used to end games.

Frightfur Bear: A level 6 fusion monster with 2200 ATK and 1800 DEF. Bear has the effect to equip a monster he destroys in battle and sends to the graveyard as an equip spell card and gain 1000 ATK per card stolen. Note that he sends them to the graveyard first, so cards such as Mystic Tomato or Yang Zing monsters will still gain their effects. The important thing is that he requires Bear as his specified Fluffal monster and the only Frightfur Fusion monster that has as specified Fluffal monster. He Is a 1 of.

(OCG) Frightfur Tiger: The balls to the walls best Frightfur fusion monster. At level 6 with 1900 ATk and 1200 DEF, Tiger’s summoning requirements are the same as Wolf and his ability feeds off similarly to Wolf. Depending on the amount of monsters used to create his fusion, he will destroy up to that many cards on either side of the board. If you use 3 monsters, three cards are popped, but you can destroy less if you’d like. It’s important that he’s able to clear your side as well, as you can destroy your own “Toy Vendor” or “Frightfur Factory” to gain some advantage off their destruction effects. On top of that, he boosts all Frightfur Fusions ATK x 300 for each Fluffal and Frightfur monster you control. This, combined with Wolf, enables a fast kill against your opponent. Tiger is a 3 of, as you can never have enough Frosted Flakes, they’re great!

Saw Variants:

Frightfur Leo: The only Saw required Frightfur, Leo clocks in as a level 7 fusion monster with 2400 ATK and 2000 DEF. His ability is similar to Number 61: Volcasauraus, in that he is able to destroy any face up monster your opponent controls and inflict damage equal to that monster’s original ATK. However, he is unable to declare DIRECT attacks that turn. Regardless of that, he is able to get over some powerful beasts, and is a great 1 of.

Chain Variants:

Frightfur Sheep: The only Chain required Frightfur, Sheep is a level 5 fusion monster with 2000 ATK and 2000 DEF with some ludicrous effects. When it declares battle, it gains the ability of Armades, Keeper of Boundaries. This means your opponent cannot activate cards until the end of the damage step. This includes effects such as Mirror Force, Forbidden Lance, Yang Zing monsters, etc. It is incredible. On top of that, if it’s destroyed in battle or by an opponent’s card effect, once per turn it can revive itself with an 800 ATK boost. This is a hard OPT clause, meaning if 2 Frightfur Sheep are Raigeki’d for example, only 1 will return. A 2 of.

Non-Edge Imp required:

Frightfur Chimera: The technical boss monster of the Frightfurs, Chimera is a level 8 monster with 2800 ATK and 2000 DEF. He must be Fusion Summoned and cannot be summoned by any other way. He is similar to Sheep in the sense of when declaring battle, no effects can be activated by the opponent until the end of the damage step. On top of that, when it destroys a monster by battle, it can revive that monster to your side of the field with its ATK halved. This is a hard OPT clause, and also Chimera gains 300 ATK for each monster stolen this way. It is a 1 of. You will never go for this monster, but there is the situation of him being your last resort. It is essential to bring him out only when desperate. In all the duels I’ve tested, I’ve only brought him out once and it secured me game.

Themed Spell and Trap Support: In this section, the themed Spells and Traps will be divided as such. These card cards that specify Fluffal, Edge Imp, or Frightfur exclusively. Generic support that can be splashed in will be talked about in another section.


Frightfur Fusion: Let’s start off with one of the best Spell cards for the deck, the themed Miracle Fusion. F-Fusion is able to take monsters from the field and graveyard and use them to fuse for a Frightfur Monster. The materials used, regardless of where they came from, are banished. Only 1 F-Fusion can be played a turn. Doesn’t matter, it’s incredible and a great 2 of. Searchable off Edge Imp Chain, and you don’t want to have too many in hand with a lack of monsters.

Frightfur Factory: A continuous spell card that allows you to banish 1 “Fusion” spell card from your graveyard to fuse for a Frightfur monster using materials from the field and hand to the graveyard. It’s brilliant. On top of that, when destroyed, you can bring back a banished Frightfur Fusion. A 1-2 of. Always tested 1, but because of Toy Vendor, it’s handy to have 2.

Toy Vendor: Just saying it right now, 3 of. A continuous spell card that allows you to pitch a card from your hand and draw 1 card. However, you reveal it to your opponent and if it isn’t a Fluffal monster, you send it to the graveyard. It’s important that the card is placed in your hand because if you top Edge Imp Chain, it’s effect will go off because it was sent from the hand to the grave. Also, if the monster you reveal IS a Fluffal monster, you can Special Summon ANY monster from your hand. Finally, if sent to the graveyard by any means necessary (hand, field, deck) you can add 1 Fluffal monster or Edge Imp Sabres from your deck to your hand. Absolutely powerful and searchable via Fluffal Bear.

Suture Rebirth: Welp, the themed spell card goodness comes to an end. Suture Rebirth is flat out terrible. It revives any Fluffal or Frightfur monster from the graveyard but negates its effects. Effects are the powerful thing about Fluffals. Yes you get a material back to the field, but with Frightfur Fusion, you’d rather just keep it in the graveyard anyways. There are shenanigans with  Sheep being able to bounce back the reborn monster to your hand, but Suture isn’t searchable and it’s too gimmicky to have that work. Run 0.


Fluffal Crane: A trap card that isn’t that bad, but isn’t that good. When a face-up Fluffal monster(s) is destroyed by the opponent’s attacking monster or effect and sent to the graveyard, you can add 1 of the destroyed monsters to your hand and draw a card. It’s too situational and it’s use is “My Fluffal is going to die, better use this.” It’s fine if your Fluffals die. They have use in the grave due to Frightfur Fusion and you’d rather have other cards in your hand for summoning out your big bad Extra Deck monsters. Run 0.

Frightfur Customization: Gaaah! It’s Leo coming out of Leo! That’s adorably terrifying stop it! Its use lies in Chimera, as you’re able to revive any Edge Imp or Fluffal monster and treat it as a Frightfur monster. It’s great that it doesn’t negate the effect of the monster like Suture Rebirth, but it would have been better as a Spell card. Run 0.

Now that we have listed the core Fluffal cards, hopefully you have an idea on how you run them. Now we get into the fun part, the variants of deck types and their cards. These cards are non-themed support that can help further your game. If a card is listed that seems off, it is because it is for a specific build. At the end, there will be screenshots of some of the decks I’ve tested with those variants and choices.


Summoner Monk: You all know him, he’s infamous in rank 4 decks, Masked HEROs, and overall just an incredible monster. His use in this deck allows for fast setup and plusses. He works best with Toy Vendor. Pitch Vendor and summon Tomahawk from the deck. Vendor search a Fluffal. Tomahawk send an Edge Imp. Overlay to Xyz summon Lavalval Chain. Send Tomahawk to send another Toy Vendor with Lavalval’s effect and gain another search. Summoner Monk is a great 2 of in ALL BUILDS.

Glow-Up Bulb, Dandylion, Spore, Lonefire x3 (The Plant Engine):  This engine is if you’re running Fluffal Plants. The focus is to make Fusions, destroy your opponent’s cards with Leo and Tiger, and have additional power from Synchro monsters such as Crimson Blader, Naturia Beast, Black Rose Dragon, or Scrap Dragon. It’s incredibly powerful, and can make heavy Synchro and Xyz plays for the deck. The tuners and Dandy are great Toy Vendor costs, and Lonefire just does his job on summoning them out fast. Glow-up Bulb can also be thrown into other variants by himself to make Dog + him = Naturia Beast to stop Nekroz and Qli early. Fluffal Plants only for the engine as a whole however.

The Fabled Cerurrel: In Fabled Fluffals, one of the first variants of the deck, he is great discard fodder for Vendor. Early on, the deck focused on making Fabled Ragin to draw cards and keep advantage. While the deck isn’t as strong as the other variants, there are many ways to play this game. Run 2-3 FABLED FLUFFALS ONLY.

The Fabled Catsith: Discard it, pop a face up card on the field. Turns Toy Vendor into a destroying, searching, drawing menace. Run 2 in FABLED FLUFFALS.

Archlord Kristya: Fluffals are Fairies. She’s 2800 and Vanity’s Emptiness on legs. She also stacks herself back on top when sent to the grave and even brings back a Fairy to the hand. Works well in Fabled Fluffals and Synchro Fluffals, but the amount you run is up to you. 0-1 at best.


Polymerization: Duh. We’ve talked about this card for so long. No need to explain except that it’s recycled with Bear and searched by Owl. Run 2, OR have 1 of it and then 1 of:

Fusion Substitute: Most of the time, Fluffals and Edge Imps are on the field. Searchable and recycled the same as Poly, this card allows you to fuse with Fluffals and Edge Imps, and then banish it to draw a card if your fusion is in the graveyard. It’s extremely handy to have and how can you say no to a free draw? Run 1 if running 1 Poly.

Fusion Conscription: Reveal a Fusion from your extra deck and add a material listed on there from the deck or graveyard to your hand. Can’t summon monsters with the name added for the rest of the turn. Extremely versatile and a great 2-3 of in ALL BUILDS, due to adding you any Edge Imp minus Tomahawk or a Fluffal Bear when you require a Fluffal monster in a hand of Edge Imps. It’s also banish material for Factory, or a discard outlet for Monk.

Mystical Space Typhoon: You need this card. Be it for removing Floodgates such as Skill Drain, Vanity’s, Re-Qliate, Lose 1 Turn, this card is essential. Discard outlet for Monk or even that rare instance of having to pop your own Vendor  (I’ve done it before, it’s dumb but it helps when your opponent is backrow less and you need monsters). Galaxy Cyclone is also a good choice, as it’s banish effect can affect your own Vendor or Factory as well as Floodgates your opponent has, but being able to respond to them is important! Run 2-3.

Dark Hole, Raigeki: It is fact that no matter what, Fluffal is not Tier 1. These cards help a lot. Clear monsters and go for Wolf. Run 1-2 Dark Hole, 1 Raigeki. The choice is yours, but it’s good to feel safe with the destruction you can accomplish.

Foolish Burial: Yes we have Tomahawk, but we want to send Edge Imps as early as possible. Plus it’s Monk food. Run 1.


Fusion Reserve: I like this card. Bring an Edge Imp or Bear from the deck to your hand and add a Poly from the grave if you’d like. Run 0-2 just not in Plant Fluffals.

Fiend Garnishing: Wow. Just wow. I love cards that disrupt and give you advantage. It’s Foolish Burial and Foolish Return put into one card. First you bring a monster your opponent has in the grave to the deck, then you CAN send a Fiend (Edge Imp HEYO) from the deck to the graveyard.  Run 2 of them. Graveyard based decks are the rage these days, so disrupting an Altair or CotH or Cir target is really great.

Extra Deck:

Synchros (Plant and Fabled Fluffals):

Crimson Blader: Stop Shadolls, Nekroz, and Qli with this 2800 ATK destroyer of high level summoning. Run 1 in Plant Fluffals.

Scrap Dragon: Pop backrow, Pop your Factory and Vendors, get plusses and minus the opponent. Run 0-1 in Plant Fluffals.

Black Rose Dragon: Nuke board, gain Vendor Factory insurance benefits. Easy-peasy to make with Glow-Up Bulb and a Level 6 Frightfu fusion monster. Run 1.

Black Rose Moonlight  Dragon: Bounce special summoned monsters and give the middle finger to Nekroz and Shadoll. Run 1.

Goyo Guardian: Seriously, so many 2800 beaters in this game from the Extra deck. Steal monsters for Xyz and Synchro summoning. Run 1.

Armades, Keeper of Boundaries: Basically a staple for any deck that can Synchro summon level 5s. We have Sheep and Chimera with his effect, but gotta stick with the OG. Run 1.

Naturia Beast: Holy smokes so good against Meta minus Tellars. Dog and Glow-Up Bulb make him so yeah. Can you make him early game? If yes make it. If not, try to make it. Run 1.

Fabled Ragin: In Fabled Fluffals, you run out of a hand quickly. Bam. Solves it and is a 2300 beater. Run 1-2 in Fabled Fluffals.

Xyz (All builds):

Usual line-up: Castel, Exciton, Lavalval Chain. Rarely you’ll make an Xyz except early game. This is your stuff. Self-explanatory with Monk and Tomahawk. 1 of each. They do their jobs.

Rank 3s: Either Alucard or Leviar Dragon. You’ll rarely make rank 3, but Sabres + Bear/Saw/Sabres is hilarious in its own right. Fluffal Plants make Rank 3s easier.  Extra deck gets tight at this point, and you usually have room for one or none. Alucard takes care of facedowns, Leviar brings back  Frightfur Fusioned monsters.

Welp. That’s honestly it in terms of cards. Wow this was long I’m sorry. There are still some things to consider, such as other hybrids (Thought about Fluffal Dolls while writing this all up and might pursue trying that out for Theory-oh) but otherwise, I hope this has helped you gain an understanding of the cards. Here are some decklists for each deck variant I’ve listed:

Fluffal OTK (OCG Legal): http://i.imgur.com/poN4iSr.jpg?1

Fluffal Plant (TCG Legal):  http://i.imgur.com/CqWqqpO.jpg?1

Fabled Fluffal (TCG Legal): http://i.imgur.com/oNboUFE.jpg?1

And that’s it really. Hopefully you walk away after reading this 4,200~ word guide on Fluffals and the possibilities they can achieve. Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed this guide, let me know and I can work on a Raidraptors Guide for next week. Until then, enjoy this replay of Post CORE Fluffals Vs Lightray Sworn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsC6fziOh50&feature=youtu.be

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