H1Z1 Survival Guide

H1Z1 Survival Guide by H1Z1Insider

I will try to make this very simple format and avoid any complex tactics or explanation, I see some players having difficulty adjusting to the new hordes and zombies spawns and think zombies are difficult- fact it, the game just got easier. ( I will explain more below )


Now Gameplay has changed to the better, and it is more oriented towards survival and not KoS as many players got used too, PVP is still a very big part of the game but for the 1st time now you need to use the environment to your advantage , run and gun players are now the most easy kills and victims.


Act like a Ninja: No loud sounds, avoid running in the middle of the road ( like we all used to do ) always remember there are players / zombies you need to avoid and yes you need to worry about agro zombies.

Fire your weapon only if needed, use knife, bows to kill zombies silently. Use Crouch / Prone most of the time in cities to produce least noise as possible, will help you avoid both players and zombies alike. It is not easy to master stealth the 1st couple of times you play, but as soon as you learn how not to agro and kill zombies silently, the game will become much easy for you- in fact more rewarding since the more zombies you kill , the more loot you get out of them .

If things get out of control and you have many zombies chasing you, surviving the situation is very straight forward, and no it is not running ! it will make the situation worse since you will attract more zombies.

*Find a higher place with exit *

Remember zombies cannot use stairs, use this to you advantage, go inside a 2 floor house or villa close the doors behind you, go to the second floor. Try to find backside balcony or a way to jump to the next building. Try to break the line of sigh with most of the zombie chasing you Use the old tactics of going from the front door and exiting from the back door then crouch your way to the next building without making extra noise.

Be prepared for the worst scenario

So it takes couple of tries to start mastering how to stealth and how to break the zombies line of sigh, however in some cases you need to simply deal with the situation and kill the zombies fast and in the most efficient way

Use Punji sticks : will kill many zombies but not all , will still help. Use land mines and Gas Cans .. blow them up in the correct moment. Use IDS’s for the zombie hordes chasing you.

Use wild life to your advantage, attact bears and wolves, sometimes zombies will get distracted by them, or wild life will attack the zombies, most importantly try to shift the attention from yourself to something else.

All in all, use common sense when you are playing the game now , your actions will always have consequences, go Rambo style and you will not last long , you will need to become a survivor and last longer, be carefull not careless.

Zombie loot is heaven now, I spawned with nothing and I ended up full geared and killed 2 players in 2 hours, just by being stealth, outplaying the Rambo style players and use zombies to my advantage. Please let me know if this guide was helpful for you.

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