Cities Skylines Building At Partial Elevations Guide

Cities Skylines Building At Partial Elevations Guide by taihw

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This actually short guide shows how you can force half-elevations to fit paths, roads, and rail into smaller areas. It’s also good for tweaking curvy mountainous roads so that they don’t turn into crazy rollercoaster humps, or for making arched bridges.

I created a path from yonder that I wanted to end at this road. The rail gets in the way if I try to start the ramp from the far side.

2 - 2

And from this side my slope is too steep. Looks like I need to lower that last pillar a tiny bit.
(In this case I could wind the path or move the road, but for aesthetics and purposes of this guide I will pretend that that’s not reasonably plausible.)

3 - 3

I build a perpendicular guide ramp. I’m trying to have my existing path intersect the 2/3 point of the guide ramp as that seems to be the minimum clearance height.
It might take some trial and error after trying the next few steps to get the guide ramp just right.

4 - 4

High enough to clear the rail,

5 - 5

Low enough to connect to the ground.

6 - 6

That flat bit will automatically smooth itself out once you delete the guide path.

7 - 1mlswu5

I ended up rebuilding this entire path at a partial elevation with this technique. The path behind is at the standard single height for visual reference.

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