Destiny The Dark Below Raid Item Checklist

Destiny The Dark Below Raid Item Checklist by shep2442

I felt I would be a kind guardian and share with you the checklist I gave to my clan and my core-raid-group members.

The following is an item checklist for things to have in your inventory (if you have them) before descending into the Hellmouth at 1AM.

If you guys plan on tackling the raid at 1AM (barring no server issues), then you will want to have your raid group ready to go right on time with no one running to the tower and grabbing things at the last minute.

The raid will most likely consist of similar Hive enemies we’ve faced before, ergo they will have Solar and Arc shields, and Wizards will be vulnerable to Solar damage, and the items you bring will reflect that.

With that said, you always want to try and use the weapons that have the most damage upgrades. Try to use 300 weapons as much as possible.

Without further ado, the checklist…

Level 30 Armor:

  • Combination of Raid Gear, IB Gear, and Exotics
  • Wear whatever suits the current weapon loadout you have equipped.
  • Wear Exotics that are raid friendly (spawn more orbs & fast revive), like the Crest of Alpha Lupi or Light Beyond Nemesis.

Primary Weapons:

  • Vex Mythoclast (Solar)
  • Vision of Confluence (Solar)
  • Fatebringer (Arc)
  • Praedyth’s Timepiece (Arc)
  • Bad Juju (Normal)
  • Thorn (Normal)
  • Suros Regime (Normal)

Special Weapons:

  • Ice Breaker (Solar)
  • Patience & Time (Arc)
  • Pocket Infinity (Solar)
  • Plan C (Arc)
  • Invective (Solar)
  • Praetorian Foil (Solar)
  • Found Verdict (Arc)
  • Any legendary Solar/Arc Sniper & Fusion Rifle

Heavy Weapons:

  • Ghallarhorn (Solar)
  • Super Good Advice (Solar)
  • Thunderlord (Arc)
  • Hezen’s Vengeance (Solar)
  • Any legendary Solar/Arc Rocket Launcher and Machine Gun


  • 20x Primary Ammo Synth
  • 20x Special Ammo Synth
  • 40x Heavy Ammo Synth
  • 3x to 10x Jackolytes (aesthetic only!)
  • 20x Black Wax Idols (glimmer galore!)

Real Life Consumables:

  • Water
  • Energy Drinks
  • Snacks (nothing too “crunchy”, don’t be THAT guy eating into your mic)
  • Beer and/or Drink-of-Choice (if you’re of age!)
  • OPTIONAL — Piss Bucket

If you guys can think of anything else to add to the list, you’re more than welcome to. This is just a quick reference guide to grab the “best-in-class” weapons that are Solar & Arc.

If there is a need for any Void damage on the raid, a quick trip to the Tower to grab any and all Void weapons will transpire, but the Hive never really have a Void weakness so I do not see that being a requirement.

Good luck Guardians! Show Crota who’s boss!!

TLW: Be 30, bring weapons.

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