ArcheAge Trade Packs Guide

ArcheAge Trade Packs Guide by Legion

Hi there. In this thread I’ll write about trading packs in ArcheAge v1.0. How to transport them, where we can deliver them and all whats I know about them. So lets start.

How to make trading Trade Pack.

To make trading pack, first of all you’ll need 1 Quality Certificate (50 silver coins) and resources (that depends from pack, all available Trade packs for craft you can see in craft book(button O in game) and open section Commerce.
When you bought 1 merchant certificate and got enough resources you’ll need to find workshop of regional goods. (To find them you’ll need to open map (button M in game) and put tick on Important Objects -> Workshops in Region

After that go to workshop of regional goods and craft your pack.

Trade Pack transporting.

Regional goods you can deliver using any transport. Also you can drop your goods when you want:
1. On ground, but there is a chance that someone will take your goods
2. On protected ground (scarecrows, farms, houses). In this situation only you can pick it or depending on that, who is allowed to use your property. But there is also 6 day limit, If you don’t pick them in 6 days, goods will disappear.
3. In boxes, which you can find on merchant schooner (20), galleon(4) and tractor(4). In that case pick them can only party members.

Goods you can’t drop:
1. On foreign property, if you don’t have permission to use that ground.
2. In or On buildings (Houses, harbors, farms and other).
3. On deck of ship.
4. On sea or its bottom. (Only if someone kill you or destroy your ship, you got 6 days to pick goods)

Archeage v1.0 made huge changes, first of them is that gold you can get only for delivering packs on your continent, but gilda stars and special items for craft gives intercontinental trade. I made a few tables which you can see below:

Domestic trade.

east domestic trade


west domestic trade

Intercontinental trade.

east intercontinental trade

west intercontinental trade

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