Heroes of the Storm Haunted Mines Guide

Heroes of the Storm Haunted Mines Guide by khilair

First of all let’s cover the side objective of Haunted Mines:

Currently Haunted Mines is a Two Lane map with a Subterranean Map called The Mines.

Your team starts out up top and fight just like in any other map. After a certain amount of time you’ll hear an announcement that The Dead are about to awaken. This is your cue that The Mines are about to open. The entrance to the mines is in the middle of each lanes and light up when it’s time to go down there.

The objective of this map is to go down and kill as many of the undead there as possible to get as strong of a golem as you can. The number of skulls you gain increases the health pool of your golem. There are 100 skulls to be collected in total, 80 from the undead and 20 from a mini golem boss.

Each team’s golem spawns in their base once all of the skulls are collected. The golems then push to the enemy’s base until they are killed. When they re-spawn again they do so where they died.

So now let’s talk about what you should do on this map:

Currently this map has one of the weakest side objectives in the game. The grave golem is ok but even having a 100 skull golem doesn’t mean much especially later in the match.

Currently the strongest strategy I’ve seen as of now is to send your best assassin down into the mines. Send someone that can make quick work of the Undead minions down there but can duel 1 on 1 well against another enemy hero if need be. The task for this assassin is to collect as many of the 80 skulls from the small minions as they can while ignoring the grave golem in the center. Once they’ve collected the skulls they need to head back up top.

While one of your teammates is down below the rest of your team needs to be working on collecting merc camps up top. If done correctly you’ll start doing this right before the mines open. Having numerous people with the Bribe talent (http://www.heroesfire.com/hots/wiki/talents/bribe) does wonders on this map because it helps you capture mercs altogether so you can push in one good wave.

If your enemy is going for this same strategy then you need to fight over the mercs. It’s ok if you only get your merc camps and none of your enemy’s camps as long as your person designated to the mines does well on getting skulls. If it turns out that you get half of the mercs and half of the skulls then it turns out to be an even advantage. Your 4 man team up top needs to work together and try to stay together to be effective as possible.

If done correctly them most of the time you’ll end up with something like a 30-40 skull golem and most of the merc camps pushing their base. You push as hard as you can with your mercs while the golems start to summon. Once they’ve summon (or right before they do) you need to fall back, group up as a team and nuke down their golem. If done correctly their golem will go down before it can even take down both towers and a wall. If they support their golem then they’ll do around the same damage as your merc push did, it all depends on how well you guys team fight.

You just rinse and repeat this strategy over and over again for a fairly easy win. It’s all about timing with this map. You need your team all up and alive before the mines open up and you need to capture merc camps asap when the mines open.

Do note that this strategy is based off of the current map and is subject to change if they change the map. Also note that this is a general strategy and that things fall apart in game at times. It’s up to you to adapt to what’s going on.

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