Heroes of the Storm Ability Utilization Guide

Heroes of the Storm Ability Utilization Guide by khilair

In Heroes it is very important to know what your role is and what is needed from you

In this game there are three general roles:

1) Attack –

There are people that assassinate and others that put up consistent pressure. It’s important to know what your class is.

For instance, Zeratul is a pure assassin and should roam from lane to lane looking for weak targets. He is meant to hide at a distance and strike when an enemy is vulnerable. Classes like him should not be in long fights unless it’s a full on team fight. You need to choose your targets well and they should be ones that you can kill or nearly kill each time.

Then there are heroes like Raynor that are meant to be in the fight and apply constant pressure. With these heroes it is important to be constantly using your abilities to harass your opponents as much as you can.

You also need to be really aware of what is going on around you because you need to stay alive to be the most effective. More often than not you’re going to be applying constant damage over time to get your kills. You don’t go for an all out kill but instead work with your team by harassing the enemy and laying down the hurt when they are cc’ed or low.

Whether you’re a burst or sustained attack class it is important to save your Ultimate abilities for maximum effectivenes. Don’t do things like use Triple Tap (one of Nova’s ults) on a merc or Hyperion (one of Raynor’s ults) in the middle of a bunch of minions. Know you ultimate and use it to the best effectiveness.

2) Control

Mostly Warriors fill this role. Warriors mostly forgo raw damage for the ability to control the enemy heroes. These heroes are built tough so they can get in to disrupt enemy heroes to either save allies or set up kills. It’s important to work with your team when you’re a warrior to keep them protected and help them set up kills.

For instance, ETC can use his Powerslide move to stun a group of enemies so your allies can get away or to keep them pinned down for a takedown. Face Melt can be used in between your an ally and and enemy to help an ally get away or it can be used on the other side of an enemy to push them to your ally for a kill. It’s important to know what is needed in each situation because your abilities are used in numerous ways.

Do you need to use your Stitches’ Gorge ability to get and enemy hero away from your teammate or do you want to drop him off in the middle of you allies to kill him? Should you use Diablo’s Shadow Charge then overpower to get a melee enemy off of your ally or should you use overpower then Shadow Charge to get them closer for the kill. It’s important to read the situation and react accordingly. Know that more often than not you’re not going to be straight up killing enemy heroes but instead saving your allies and help set up kills.

3) Support

If you’re support then your job is purely to work on keeping your team alive by mitigating/healing damage or by controlling enemy movement. You should be constantly aware of where you’re needed on the map and what the status of the allies near you is. you need to know which heroes to heal and which can wait. You have to keep track of what your allies have for defense abilities and if they have used them or not.

Out of all of the classes support needs to know the most about other heroes’ abilities than any other class. You’re next to Raynor and he’s at 35% health. Do you heal him or wait for his Adrenaline Rush to kick in? Has his Adrenaline

Rush already been used? Is your Demon Hunter about to die or can she still use Vault to get away? Is your teammate over extending and about to die or is the rest of your team on their way and you just need to stall for time? You’re low on mana, do you grab a well or do you have time to hearth back?

As a Support class you have to pay attention of what’s going on more than any other class and you should never be inactive. If an ally doesn’t need saving then help damage the enemy or move to where an ally does need you.

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