Yitien Skills Guide

Yitien Skills Guide by pinkpunkpanda4evr

Now, I will start off by saying any and all of my Guides are from the point-of-view of someone playing the game without VIP, so I’m sorry VIP players if my Guides are not as helpful to you.

Skills are a vital part to playing Yitien. If you do not keep up with them, then it does not matter how impressive all your stats or equipment may be; skills are the key to overpowering your opponent’s own stats and equipment.

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1. Here we see the first skill, and it should be in the same spot for all classes. When it shows an upwards arrow, it is ready to be upgraded because you have reached the level required for the next skill level.

2. Everyone should have a special skill in the bottom-left corner of the Skill window. That is the special skill cast when your rage reaches 100/100 (full). You can watch your rage fill up as you successfully hit an enemy, or if an enemy hits you.

3. After clicking on a skill, you should see the description of it, name, and what level you need to reach to be able to upgrade it.

4. Most skill books after level 4 cost Honor, or a lot of silver (see further on for more information).

5. The skill cast order can be rearranged at the bottom of the screen or in the skill window. It is recommended to change it depending on the situation, such as putting a wide-affecting attack first if you are going to run a dungeon or the Heavenly Peak, or putting a protective skill first if you are going to fight other players.

It is important to carefully think about your strategy both in single battles and party battles, such as if you want to compensate for your low attack stat by raising your basic attack skills higher, or if you want to focus on healing skills (if you are a Healer), or something completely different.

The point, though, is that Honor is not easy to rack up, so most players — such as myself — go through a process of saving up skill books and silver.

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1. These are the skill books available for silver. Easy-to-access skill book sellers include the Skill Book Vendor in the Royal City and the Miscellaneous Items Vendor in the Velvet Harbor.

2. Each one also sells books to unlock more skills early; however, you can unlock all 4 for your class through quests early on, so if you don’t want to spend silver, you can just keep doing the main quests.

Once a skill gets to level 5 and beyond, you want to start saving silver and all kinds of skill books. I’ve made a chart to save you the trouble of calculations if you need:

Skill Level No. of lvl 4 books needed Silver needed

Obviously it gets crazier in the later levels, so it’s also important to save up honor not only for the exclusive skills purchasable in the Honor shop, but also for lvl 7 and lvl 8 skill books. You can also earn silver by selling unbound equipment, materials, and other items on the Trading Post.

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Enchanting and upgrading your equipment is somewhat a different topic, but through this you can also get boosts for your skills. Once you convert an epic equipment piece of at least level 51+ to legendary, it gives you a new skill level. Through this, you can get your skills past the last level and all the way up to lvl 14. To read more about this, please read ~Theos~’s Guide on equipment.

So to recap everything, skills are very important and you should think carefully about which ones you want to upgrade. Saving up both Silver and Honor and using my handy calculations chart should get you on the track to higher-leveled skills, and ultimately more power and Battle Rating (oh, I forgot to mention that? Yes, your BR starts to sky-rocket along with your abilities!).

Hope my first Guide was beneficial, and thank you for reading! Cya later.

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