Eden Eternal Leveling 37 to 40 Guide

Eden Eternal Leveling 37 to 40 Guide by luciferrate

With the lack of access to the new zones start at level 48, the last couple levels require a bit more patience to get through. Personally, 38 was when I began to feel the grind, so I’ve put together a quick leveling guide for levels 41-50. The last 9 levels feature the last two zones currently available, Golden Plains and Arid Wilds.

Solo Route
I’m honestly not a big fan of solo grinding in a game where party grinding with GQ’s is obviously a lot faster. For those of you that don’t understand how GQ’s are beneficial to you, read now. Guild Quests (GQs) are repeatable quests that are purchased from our guild town’s bulletin board. You can purchase multiple copies of the same GQ but can only active one of each type at a time. These quests require you to kill a certain amount of monsters, and after completion, you submit the GQ to the corresponding NPC to receive 10 Guild Fame (20 Guild Fame for Dungeon GQs), a small gold reward, and EXP (Typically more than a repeatable quest within the same zone). While in a party, all your party receive kills for all the kills you make, as do you receive kills on your GQ for kills they make. When you have 5 people killing monsters for the same GQ, GQ’s typically take anywhere from 5-10minutes. If you have a good group, GQ’s are done very quickly and the EXP, Gold, and Guild Fame RACK UP FAST!

Zone Party Leveling Route
41-45 Golden City Entrance (Gorden City Alert: Soldiers Needed)
– The guild quest and repeatable quests immediately outside of the Golden City are the way to go. Find yourself a party (of 5 if possible) and grind away. The submissions for repeatable quests and guild quests are a very short walk. Don’t forget about the legion bosses every hour. The +30% EXP/CP boost for trading in 10 medals will supplement your training greatly.

45-47 Flying Wolfs? The F…? (Desert Alert: Epidemic Control)
– This guild quest is a bit stretched in terms of distance but the submission is in the center of the map, which is nice. 45-47 may be too much of a grind, so you can choose to Veninfang (5-Man Dungeon) for a bit.

47-50 At last, the last zone GQ. (Desert Alert: Dead Zone Battle News)
– This is the last zone GQ available. You should be able to find a party in Ch.1 easily since most people are grinding out their last few levels. 5-Man parties will save you plenty of time. The GQ submission is fairly close as well. Keep up the pace, alternate with dungeons if necessary, and you’ll find yourself at the Level 50 cap in no time.

Dungeon Leveling Route
How to dungeon level you may ask? Simple, grab the Guild Quest for the dungeon (multiple copies) and then do multiple runs. Dungeons give good exp, class exp, drops, and are usually more fun than grinding it out in the zone. Also, each GQ gives 20 Guild Fame and a good amount of exp. Try running a dungeon in 10-15 minutes with a GQ each time with each GQ giving 75k exp. It adds up fast!

41-42 Baram’s Chasm (3-Man Dungeon) or Baltori Core (5-Man Dungeon)
– Both of these dungeons are very quick. As soon as you can enter them, I recommend grinding out until you can hit up Golden Plains. Don’t forget to grab the GQ!

42-45 Mayor’s Dream (3-Man Dungeon)
– Repeat with Guild Quest (Test Result: Mayor’s Health Issue)

45-50 Veninfang (5-Man Dungeon)
– Repeat with Guild Quest (Battle Alert: Wolf Battle)

46-50 Slain (3-Man Dungeon)
– Repeat with Guild Quest (Warning: Slain)

47-50 Dianack (5-Man Dungeon)
– Repeat with Guild Quest (Warning: Dianack)

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