Wakfu Water Saddy Build

Wakfu Water Saddy Build by JerryDB

This is my saddy build on 07.05.13 I may not update this.
Before we start, I do not have a saddy but I have been telling my saddy friend from day one what spells to cast and when. In my youtube show I gave you all a tip “learn every class” I have learnt some things about saddys.

I wrote this guide to help others, my good friend was worried about the revamp so I spent 4 hours testing out passives , spell combos and I am very happy with the results so is he.
I looked and tested what I could, basically this what I feel gets the most of the water branch in terms of damage and sick heals and makes you want to have a saddy on your team, I know I do.

This a water saddy guide without summons and to be played as a support character.
With the final stats 10 AP, 6 MP and 3 Range.

Benefits of this build

  • Good damage with great heals
  • Good support
  • Nice range
  • Does not use dolls therefore doesn’t need much leadership
  • Doesn’t suffer from headaches created by summons such as running on the FFFFF buff tiles

Bad points

  • Does not use dolls, so not maximum heals for example
  • Does not get the best damage possible as most of the characteristic points are spent to improve support MP/range
  • Can not tank
  • Doesn’t shine until high levels with 10 AP

Specialities (I only usually talk in terms of maximum level)
This is the order I levelled them, level them in any order you feel

  • Lone Sadida
  • Voodoll
  • Knowledge of dolls
  • Dolly sacrifice
  • Dolls
  • Sic’em more

The ones I used and why
This is the order I levelled them, level them in any order you feel

  • Lone sadida this is the core of the build, after 5 turns +150% damage/heals EPIC
  • Voodoll this is mainly to be used to do extra damage to a target of heal a team mate
  • Knowledge of dolls , maxing this will allow one summon and totem, also the totem will have more hp
  • Doll sacrifice this will allow you to replace the totem without line of sight at max.
  • Dolls when needed to spam dolls
  • Sic’em more to buff the dolls you spam

The ones I have missed out

  • Tree I believe unless you have lots of earth damage this is not worth the WP cost
  • Explodoll we are not using dolls
  • Doll link we are not using dolls
  • Green Guard we are not using dolls

Now I have been teaming up with my friend for a year and the amount of times the dolls AI failed is quite amazing (in a bad way). So you can now use sic’em more and vaporise and control all the summons basically I did some maths.
Dolls Vs Lone Sadida and found that using less than two summon Lone Sadida wins.

Stats at level 120 = 595 points

  • 1 AP 150 points
  • 1 MP 100 points
  • 1 Range 80 points
  • 1 MP 200 points
  • Total = 530 points (level 107)
  • The rest of the points chance/crit/initiative


This is the build at level 120 using Wakfu elements.

Main spells
Sadidas tear this is a great spell this is your main damage dealing spell. To get the most of out this spell cast a totem then hit the target directly so 61 base +20 base = 81 x 2 = 162 NICE. It is linear but doesn’t need line of sight so the iop who always block line of sight are not a problem, you can also increase this spells range.
Mudoll this is your second main spell, and your number one healing spell to get the most of this use a totem on a monster(with unnatural remedies) or allies 47 *3=141 NICE HEALZ.
Drain is the next most used spell, cast this on a target and people within close combat of the target will get some heals it can be quite nice healing and damage.
Rust for me the base damage got lowered too much mainly used for summoners.
Vaporize this is your longest range spell I left this one out as does less damage then tear and no heals. This could replace Tear if you find the line of sight to limited.
The main passives are Lone Sadida and Vodoo. You mainly want to not summon anything and in 5 turns stack Lone Sadida to maximum.

You will also find the way the stats have been set up help with the spells such as 6 MP+3 Range makes tear a lot easier to use.

Main Combos at level 100 without totem (10 AP+6 MP)
Sadida Tear 61*2=122
Mudoll 33*3 = 99
Drain (at level 70) 29*2=58

Main Combos at level 100 with totem (10 AP+6 MP)
Sadida Tear without totem 61*2=122 + 20*2=122+40=162
Mudoll 47*3 = 141
Drain (at level 70) 29*2=58 , drain does not gain any benefits of using the totem

Quick heal combo, totem 4 AP, Mudoll 47*2=94 which is 3 less base then 3 straight heals but next turn. You can do your healing base of 141.

General tips and useful spells

  • Gust this is a great spell 3 AP and lots of range this may become your best friend, used to be push targets away, yourself or team mates
  • Totem this is mainly used to buff YOU and mainly YOUR damage/heals alone, as the lovely vodoo runs of away from perfect team AoE damage. You can use gust to throw the voodoll back into the action. I would not rely on this to double a teams damage like the good old days.
  • Dolly sacrifice used to replace your totem and get rid of dolls
  • Dolls there can be used in many different situation, I mainly used them to tank hits so use either greedy (Can use vapourize to summon) or blocks using bramble/wild grass to summon. The other classic combo is two dolls seeds then rust on the target and the dolls seeds
  • K’mir with Sic’em more and vaporize sometimes you may want to move a target OR control a doll and move a target. I believe this can sometimes cheat the stabilisation of a target.
  • Bramble to take MP directly
  • The Inflatable with and without sic’em more again sometimes it may be best spamming healing dolls then heal directly especially if you simply do not have the range.
  • Earthquake in the rare occasions when the target has a few hp left and you have zero AP
  • Maka wand and tyse pick for when you want to mix it up


Easy to get starting set . (link to Wakfu Elements) Please note on Wakfu elements it does not count the RANGE or AP of the maka as if it were level 100 the build is without the stats as well.

I am not going to give advice on lowwer level sets as like most of by builds it does get its final stats until later levels , like 10 AP when the maka levels up to 100.

I have purposely left 1 ring spare so on the way to level 100 you could use a ring of satisfaction.

You basically want to get 10 AP and 6 MP

Final set (link to Wakfu Elements)
Yes you could use better rings.
The advantage of using 3 parts of the Admiral set it gives +1 range.

The best pet for this build would be a initiative or heals maybe dodge.

P.S All questions to be on this topic not in-game please.

P.S.S I may have screwed up the maths I don’t fancy double checking it, as well as countless spelling and grammar mistakes

Please tell me if I have forgotten anything especially little tips/tricks.

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