5Street Beginner’s Guide

5Street Beginner’s Guide by BombSTR

Street Map
To travel in 5Street, click Select Scenes, select any location icon, and click enter. You can also gain access to the dance halls by clicking on the ‘trap door’ with names such as ‘A Dreamy Ride’, ‘New Town’, ‘Old Town’ etc…
The Mall, Store, Dance Studio and Hip-Hop High School are places that you should head to first as a beginner.

How to Dance
Dancing in 5Street consists of pressing directional keys and then pressing the Space Bar at the appropriate time. You can also use special items and perform stunts during a dance by pressing the numerical key assigned to the particular item or stunt
There are three modes of dance; Single (one person), Lovers (two people or Group (up to five people). For every completed dance you earn a Score; the better you dance, the higher your Score. Your Score is tallied like currency and can be exchanged for certain items in-game.
You can dance to the popular music being broadcast, or you can request songs and tag it with a dedication in any dance hall!

Apart from clothes, you can also purchase dance moves and items – which are mainly used during dances to replenish Vitality, HIGH value, or perform special visual effects that add to your dance score.
In the game, these items can be bought with 5Street Points, Scores, or a combination of both. Items on the Online Store are bought with ShowUp Points only

Shopping in 5Street
You can purchase virtual items in the game or by using our online webstore. In the game, items can be bought with ShowUp Cash Points, Scores, or a combination of both. Items in the online webstore can only be bought with ShowUp Cash Points.
5Street Points is the in-game virtual currency which can be purchased online. Free ShowUp Points can be attained by participating in in-game events, competitions, or other special events.

Buying 5Street Points
You can buy 5Street Points for your account using PayPal.

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